The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]




This team overcame several obstacles throughout the Stanza and deserves credit for the work collectively put into this project. In a way I wouldn't even say this team had a project manager, but numerous project managers who took control at different points throughout the brainstorming. To me the project manager role works two ways, either you lead and continue to lead, or you realize your limits in such a time crunch and value your teammates input more than try to continue commandeering the direction of the project. I think this team balanced that act pretty well all things considered.

The Fantasyland designed as is has some very high marks and some that I'd consider more traditional or expected Fantasyland amenities. Beginning in the Castle Courtyard, Hunchback was an inspired choice given the darker content of the IP and also the paucity of attractions surrounding it. While I think it was a bit of a missed opportunity to not have the iconic Notre Dame be a bit more pronounced, especially given Brazil's religious iconography, I understand the reasoning for it being the forced perspective nature given the placement in the park directly behind Belle's Castle. The entirety of Cathedral Square I adore, including the custom art as well. Big or small, I'm a big proponent of artwork. We all aren't artists, but it's the customization that makes the project seem much more personal and less 'insert google image' here.

Speaking of placement, the map is exquisitely detailed and easy to read. And I love how you copied the design from before (gosh whoever made that map?) Kidding, you didn't have to copy it, but it's cool to see the continuity of it continue to evolve over the years of us doing Disneyland Brazil projects. This is more a brainstorming thing, but I feel like the team as a whole kept making minor changes to the layout, which in some cases helped, but the reason for pointing this out is credit to MickeyWaffle for having the patience to continue to make the edits. It's just something I noticed that deserved props. Aesthetics aside, I do wish there was a bit more attention paid to the transitions and overall visual experience within the land.

With the 'New Fantasyland' premise, I wish the name Castle Courtyard wasn't used, as that title was from the previous iteration. Instead I was hoping to see a bit of novelty, taking the reigns of Cathedral Square and put more attention towards the darker/mature European Fantasyland IPs if you're going with Hunchback as a foundation piece for a sub-land. Personal choice aside, the Cinderella attraction is well described in terms of the plot and scene by scene descriptions, though a few tips - try to avoid words like 'typical' or 'plain' when describing the ride. You're trying to sell the attraction to the readers, so you want to use diction that conveys a 'selling' market, even if it's a routine attraction.

Belle's Royal Guest Hall has an exquisite menu - a variety of items all elaborately conveyed in an organized fashion - great job! Maurice's is a charming shop, though on the map, seems to be pretty large? Basically the size of the Cinderella dark ride.

Now to my favorite part of this project - Storybook Gardens. While a bit close to the Storybook Forest name of the previous iteration, that aside, this is one of the most creative sublands I've ever seen in a Fantasyland project! From Adventures in Toyland to the Arboreal Boogie flat, this is such an ingenious choice for a land. Cookie Carnival Cottage is wonderful! I'd post-up there for a while and enjoy some of those sweets. I really don't have much to add other than being blown away by how inventive a concept this was for the park. It's something different, and that's what I was personally hoping to see out of this project. Not generic Fantasyland content, but using the opportunity to take the numerous properties available and create something new with it.

Fantasy Harbor to me is an odd mixture on the surface. When reading the individual components, they make sense, but I don't get a strong sense of cohesion between the IPs, in a similar fashion to Castle Courtyard. The preamble states this is the largest subland but is there a reason for that other than it has the most attractions? Could it have easily been a more quaint coastal village with a few attractions? I feel a greater purpose should have and could have been given to it its claim as the largest sub-land. For instance, the Caucus ride, is a wonderful transition from Storybook Gardens, and neatly brings the guests towards the beaches. Despite being a little derivative of past Little Mermaid concepts, the attraction itself would fit wonderfully as it does there. But then we also have German and British farmland aesthetics also in the same land. If the goal was to present something similar to World Showcase, which is how I'm picturing it, I wish it was presented as such - as it would have been a great visual aid to help for the future.

As with all of these attraction descriptions on their own however, they are wonderfully written and showcases the creativity of the writers on this team and the community environment this team gave off all chipping in to help bring this project home. Final thoughts on Fantasy Harbor, the Walrus and the Carpenter was an amazing restaurant and I feel like Fantasy Harbor could have been that much stronger if the IP choices centered more on those type of offerings.

Ultimately, there are some personal preferences here and there I thought could have been improved, but overall this was a total team effort and there were some extremely high water marks in this project, from Hunchback, to Storybook Gardens, to some custom art and map design - it's something to be very proud of, Garfield!

TEAM HOLLAND's review from me will be in the morning

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It’s been an honor working with everyone, & while I originally was gonna post this in Holland’s team thread, it’s been an honor to work with people from Team Mind, Team Reality, & Team Holland (except @tcool123) & I wish that we could all make it into the finals, but sadly we can’t, & while I hope to proceed, I don’t really think I deserve to, but if I do I can’t wait to face off against all the other competitors & I wish best of luck to them & everyone who’s been eliminated in future competitions, anyway that’s my dumb little thanks so uh yeah.​

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