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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]

Tegan pilots a chicken

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PerGron Joe Rohde's Reviews

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Team reality definitely had, in my opinion, the best concept. The entire idea was so unique and fits this part of Future World super well, unlike the other two pavilions. However, for me, where this pavilion falls a little bit flat is in its later iterations. Some of the decisions made here challenged me, honestly, but still were great additions, just maybe didn't fit super thematically well.

Also, @Tegan pilots a chicken your handwriting is very similar to mine and when I first looked at it, I was wondering how y'all got ahold of my writing, then realized I've never written with a pink pen. Neither here nor there, I just thought it was funny. Anyway, it's bullet time!

Beneath Our Feet
  • Honestly, out of everything presented in this round, this attraction was my favorite thing from any team. Geology is such a unique theme park concept and being able to do it without tying in dinosaurs as well is super great (as much as I adore dinosaurs).
  • The map and all of the other art pieces here are just phenomenal as well. I love seeing handmade artwork in these competitions, it just feels homemade, and that's an aesthetic I'm very into.
  • As you may know, I LOVE boring dark rides. Give me something that's just cruising past set pieces with a narrator teaching me things and I'm in love. This fits that so well. I can't commend this attraction enough, great job!
  • The 1998 redo is a-okay with me, though I would like to keep the Sherman Brother's song because even though it doesn't actually exist, it's still a treasure. The Christina Aguilera version will never do it justice smh.
How Our World Formed
  • The title of this one is a little clunky. It's not a huge detractor, but I feel like it's missing a "was" in there.
  • Overall, this is another thing that I freaking adore. Give me a boring movie about a topic that you learn about in Middle School Science, throw in a cute character, and Badda bing, Badda boom, you've appeased PerGron. This is not sarcastic, I adored this.
  • Editing this down, putting the educational stuff on the backburner, and increasing the slapstick is very realistic for Eisner-era, and because of that, I hate it. It's too realistic. Give me back my boring rock movie!
The Rock Works
  • These are some pretty interesting and unique games and interactive exhibits. All of these things are super neat, so good job.
  • My personal favorite thing here was the Quarry Gallery. It reminded me of the geology section of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum where you walk through this huge collection of precious gemstones. Of course, here there is no cursed diamond or anything (unfortunately) but it is still great nonetheless.
  • Earth's Crust is about the best pun for a pizzeria that I can think of and I hate you guys for coming up with me before I could.
  • I don't have a ton to say here, but I did just want to bring up how good of an idea this is. That's it. It's a great idea. Good job!
Storm Rescue
  • And this is where you lose me. Why did both amazing weather projects go into a pavilion that is so distinctly not about the weather? It's a funny double-up you guys did there.
  • Honestly, I'm not a huge coaster guy, I'll leave that up to the likes of Tiki and the others, but nonetheless I do like coasters well enough and this coaster is a well-themed one and I'm sure would be a crowd-pleaser.
  • This also feels very reminiscent of Dinosaur, which is my absolute favorite ride at Disney World (not counting Kilimanjaro Safaris as it's not a ride, it's animal viewing with extra steps), so kudos there.
ERS Labs
  • Just like with storm rescue, it's the shift to weather that bothers me here. Everything is excellently done and crafted and reminds me of weather-themed exhibits I've seen at different museums, but honestly, it's just not thematically consistent with the idea of being under the surface.
  • Rest in Peace to Earth's Crust :'(
  • It all fits. Good job. I like the Rocky merch.

Overall, I really liked the original version of this pavilion, but for me, the shift to weather and then just doing bullet points (yes I see the irony) for the 2020s is what took it down a bit for me. You guys should still be insanely proud though, because of all of the pavilions I'd be okay with taking over my beloved Living Seas, the 1982 version of this pavilion would get my personal blessing. Great job!
Thanks for the kind words and in depth review!!

Hah, I took two years of CAD courses in high school and part of that involved learning that “all caps” style of penmanship. And it just stayed with me, lol.


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I'm glad you decided to go with an original Disney IP instead of finding a way to stuff Marvel in here.
Ooh boy do I have news for you.

Dark PerGron

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Thanks for the kind words and in depth review!!

Hah, I took two years of CAD courses in high school and part of that involved learning that “all caps” style of penmanship. And it just stayed with me, lol.
That’s exactly how I adapted that writing style lol. Everyone I know who’s taken a CAD class writes all caps. I don’t know what it is, but it’s almost culty


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13 hours to go guys. Very excited to see the results. As usual results will be posted by noon on Saturday and then we’ll be handing the keys over to @D Hulk, @AceAstro, and @Outbound to finish this bad boy up. It’s been an honor serving as one of your hosts these past two weeks and I think that the work you guys have been putting out is stupendous. See you in a bit and good luck!

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