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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 6: ODYSSEY

Pi on my Cake

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Stanza I - Fantasmic 2000

With just 2 days left in the first Stanza, let's take some time for some behind the scenes info! Our plan is to have for each stanza (or most stanzas) to have a Fantasmic 2000 post that shares some fun facts and info about the making of this competition by @Outbound @PerGronStudio and me! It can also serve as a convenient reminder that the current stanza is almost done haha.

(Like many things in the modern Sorcerer's Apprentice Game, this idea was inspired by something @spacemt354 and the other hosts did back in season 4.)

Art Influences

For Stanza 1's Fantasmic 2000 post, I'm gonna talk a bit about some of the art influences for the comics!

For the first frame introducing Bob Iger was meant to mirror the "after credits scene" from Season 5 by @D Hindley! The pose, the design, the outfit... Even the line "Top Men!" Obviously, very different art styles haha. Wonder what the story behind that eye-patch is?

This one might be obscure, not sure if anyone else even knows this show. But Lincoln's design in the comics is based on Lincoln from Clone High! Clone High was an animated series from the early 2000s on MTV about the clones of famous figures from throughout history all in high school together. It was made by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Lego Movie, Spiderverse, Jump Street) before they got famous. Not sure if it still holds up, but it was hilarious for its time!

Take a look at what is on Bob Iger's computer in the first comic!

The Bottom Secret, Top Secret, and Top-est Secret stack and the Easter Eggs on the file names got covered up by text bubbles in the actual comic.

We haven't seen it yet in the comics, but the video communicator the agents use are modeled after Kim Possible's Kim-municator!

That's it for Stanza I's Fantasmic 2000! Next week we'll have a new topic for some more BTS info. If there's anything you're interested in learning about, let us know!


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Team Fantasy


La Ville Lumiere

Walt Disney Studios Park new entrance will pay tribute to the history and romance of the Film Industry as many key moments in the industry’s history originate in France and Europe in general. The current entrance area with the classic Hollywood arches and gates remain but will be painted differently, even introducing some Golden details on the gates, to add more realism and class to the park’s entrance. The park’s current opening land, known as Front Lot will be redone to become La Ville Lumiere in honor of the French connection to the origin of film and film production. France is the birthplace of cinema and was responsible for many of its significant contributions to the art form and the film-making process itself. The area will receive a lot more character and story during this renovation and will warmly welcome guests to the park. It is currently based on the glamorous administration areas of Hollywood movie studios from the golden age of movies in the 1930s. The central square known as Place des Frѐres Lumiѐre will maintain its name, yet it will truly have a different appearance.

Where formerly, Guests would find a bronze-effect fountain – The Fantasia Fountain -, we will now find a statue of the Lumiѐre Brothers themselves, in action with their old appliances. Although the start of the history of film is not clearly defined, the commercial, public screening of ten of their short films in Paris in 1895 can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected cinematographic motion pictures.


The current appearance of the buildings will be redone in style of the classic Parisian buildings and the Lumiere Brothers’ films, close to the architectural style of the Institut Lumiere in Lyon and the buildings on Boulevard de Capucines in Paris. The area takes Guests back to the turn-of-the-Century period and captures that with the classic Parisian lanterns, pavements and tree work.

On your right, you’ll find that the former building has been re-themed to a classic Train Station, where a historical steam locomotive releases steam and whistles from time to time. This Train Station will represent the 50-second short film by the Lumiere Brothers, L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat, and even lends its’ the original architectural style from several French train stations, like the one in La Ciotat, Vauvray Saint Pierre and Gare de Lyon in Paris.


Inside, however, Guests will find offerings for Guest Services, restrooms and Wheelchair and Stroller Rentals. The building on the left, the Walt Disney Studios Store, will be re-themed as a Museum exhibition about Film History where Guests will find dozens of collectibles, souvenirs and treats as they wander around a film props and familiar movie icons, like for example the moon from Le Voyage dans la Lune(1902) and old movie posters from for example La Tournée Triomphale. The building itself will boast the Art Nouveau style of Parisian buildings which characterize themselves by its natural forms such as the sinuous curves of plants and flowers, sense of dynamism and movement, often given by asymmetry or whiplash lines, and the use of modern materials, particularly iron, glass, ceramics.

Guests would normally be attracted to the sight of a large studio building known as Studio 1, which transports guests to the world of Hollywood laying behind it. The interior currently is a reconstruction of a street in Hollywood, where a number of services including Restaurant en Coulisse, a fast-food restaurant, and numerous stores selling gifts are provided. It is based on the first soundstage ever owned by Walt Disney himself, at the original Disney Bros. Studios on Hyperion Avenue in Burbank, California. The new focal point, however, will be themed to the Théatre du Vaudeville or the Gaumont Palace on Boulevard des Capucines, at the corner of Rue de la Chaussée-d’Antin, in the 9e Arrondissement.


This historical Art Deco building in France will re-tell the story of the origin of the film industry. Once Guests pass through the beautifully themed doors of this majestic building, they’ll pass through the tunnel where state-of-the-art technology of projections and sound transport and immerse Guests into the world of classic film. It is as if we are wandering off into a dream world, like how the Paris Waltz Scene in La La Land progresses during the score of Here’s to the Fools.

The interior of the Theater will maintain its goal to keep Guests warm and dry against the often cold and rainy European weather conditions. Instead of, however, walking in the coulisses of golden-age Hollywood, we are now wandering around a romanticized version of Paris in classic films, as if you step into a dream-world. Instead of the current set-facades, Guests can now walk by realistically detailed Parisian buildings, themed with care and attention to detail. The sounds of a Parisian street performer playing the accordion fills the air, as a star-filled sky watches over the City of Lights. The experience recreates a romantic and quiet evening stroll through the streets of Paris at night. However, the Paris we see here is based on movie scenes from classic films taking place in Paris, like An American in Paris, Gigi and How to Steal a Million. Smoke emerges from several rooftop chimneys and the lights seem to flicker as silhouettes of Parisians pass by the window openings.


On your left, Glamour Girl Cosmetics will become a classic Parisian Fine Jewelry Boutique, in consistency with its current offering, yet changing its’ appearance. Where you can currently find the Alexandria Theater, Hollywood and Vine Five and Dime, The Gossip Column and the Last Chance Gas Station, Guests will pass by beautifully themed facades of several separate Parisian buildings and businesses, yet still hosting the large shop, now known as Les Légendes d’Hollywood. The shop itself will be re-named to Les Légendes du Cinema and will be restructured to smaller rooms, in a similar way to what the stores on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland Park Paris offer, simulating the feeling of walking through several shops and boutiques.


Le Restaurant de Roy

The iconic image of the French cafe features tables and chairs spewing from the restaurant and onto the sidewalk where people enjoy their meals and watch the world develop around that. This sit-down cafe restaurant imitates this cuisine and dining style in the same way that the Plaza Restaurant imitates the class homestyle diner of small town America.

This restaurant serves a more casual variant of French cuisine, to distinctify from Chez Remy's, including burgers, roast chickens, and steak tartare appetizers.

Grande Boulangerie

Any area themed to Paris needs to have a bakery! This bakery has (fake) loafs of bread and baguettes sitting outside in crates to sell the aroma of the artisan bakery. Inside guests can choose from a variety of artisan breads and pastries like madeleines or macaroons. There is also a small seating area outside.

Crepe Stand

Across the street from these two establishments, there is a small stand where you can order a French favorite - the crepe - and watch the chefs prepare it for you live!

Rest of 5-Year Plan

- Studio 1 interior closes. Temporary walkways around the building are set up. Place des Frѐres Lumiѐre opens.

2021 - Gaumont Palace and Interior re-opens newly themed. Howard's Parc is renamed to Avengers Campus. Dining option added as part of Avengers Campus

2022 - 20th Anniversary of Walt Disney Studios Park. Porkchop Falls opens.

2023 - Frozen Land opens.

2024 - Galaxy's Edge opens. A second entrance to the park added.


Details of 5-Year Plan

Avengers Campus Dining

Dr. Strange's Sanctum Grill

With the name change to Avengers Campus, it also brings a new dining option. Here, guests can enter Dr. Strange's Sanctum Grill and get transported straight into the film. Expanding the size of the Sanctum seen in the films and making the second level larger provides a large dining space for guests to sit and take in one of the many Sanctums found around the world.

The cuisine consists of traditional cuisine you'd find in the locations of each Sanctum: New York (American), London (British), and Hong Kong (Chinese). Guests can find easter eggs from Dr. Strange as well as the other MCU films throughout the entire Sanctum if they keep their eye out.

Porkchop Falls

Part of the 5-year plan involves an expansion of Toy Story Land. While the version in Paris is lacking compared to it's most recent counterpart in Orlando, a new one-of-a-kind E-ticket Toy Story attraction will be added to further expand the land itself and in turn add a water ride that is sorely needed. With the closure of the Back Lot Studio Tour, the new attraction will be built up next to Ratatouille and extend back slightly towards Catastrophe Canyon with a path connecting to the other land's attractions, and allow the other expansions of the park to flow around the new lake.

Built in the vein of Splash Mountain & Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Fills, and entirely indoors, this themed ride follows the storyline of Andy's imagination and the many adventures he creates with his toys. In this latest episode, Hamm aka Evil Dr. Porkchop, has taken the orphaned trolls and guests join Buzz, Woody and Jessie on an adventure to save them from a variety of unfortunate traps and situations, like death by monkeys and the squeaky shark. The exterior of the attraction will be built from what else; toys. From lincoln logs, playing cards and an old Hotwheels track, Dr. Porkchop send you rushing down the rapids with a push of the button on an old water ring toss game (lifesize for the guests).


Galaxy's Edge

Guests are able to discover Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – a new land at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort, where they can live out their very own Star Wars story, fly the Millennium Falcon and explore a remote outpost where adventure awaits. At Disneyland Resort Paris, however, Guests will not be travelling to the Black Spire Outpost on the Planet of Batuu, but instead explore a more familiar world, The Forest Moon of Endor. It will be one of the most unique and expansive areas of the resort, mostly due to the multi-level experience the area has to offer. Guests are able to wander off into the Endor forest and even visit the Bright Tree Village, perhaps one of the most memorable locations in the Star Wars franchise. Surrounded by lush forestation and shrubbery, the Ewok Village will plant you right in the middle of Episode VI. These man-made towering trees with elevated walkways, consisting of a series of rope ladders, bridges, vines and catwalks, resemble giant Redwoods and Sequoias, characterized by how tall and wide they are. Inside and around these walkways, Guests are able to explore the village through different shops and eateries. On The Bright Tree Market Place, Guests pass by the many market stands offering out-of-this-world collectibles and souvenirs, sold by the various Endor vendors. While exploring these many locations, Guests will be able to uncover the histories and stories of the Ewoks and Endor itself through many hidden details around the area. At Chief Chirpa’s Meeting Hut, Guests are able to sit down and enjoy some of the Ewoks’ special meals, created to amaze the biggest Star Wars fans. On the menu Guests are able to choose from a variety of eccentric dishes, like one with Cambylictus Berry or even try one of the Air Cakes. Besides the Ewoks, many other species and creatures can be found on Endor. Passing through this land, would easily give Guests the chance to witness and encounter many of the indigenous creatures that make up the Forest Moon of Endor’s Wildlife like Bark lizards, Lantern Birds and Kurnbeasts. From time to time, Guests might hear a roaring noise and the sound of laughter and screams. Rushing through the dense forest are Speeder Bikes, driven by excited Guests. In Endor Speeder Bike Challenge, Guests are welcomed at a Rebel Outpost where they’re sent on a mission to infiltrate the Empire Base. Here they are then taken captive by the Empire, in a similar way to Rise of the Resistance, but luckily the Rebels help you escape and steal some of the Empire’s Speeder bikes, known for their speed and maneuverability. Guests are asked to board 3 rows of Speeder Bikes, two in the back and one in the middle, but more upfront. The ride’s system is very similar to Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland, especially when looking at the way Guests are placed on their vehicles.


The ride will then race around the base, where they are of course discovered by the Empire, who will do everything to stop you from escaping. Physical scenes are then interrupted by two spherical dome screen scenes, in which the feeling of hovering and hurling through the skies is simulated in a similar way to Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This will then result in an epic launch out of the attraction’s show building, where Guests will swift past trees and Ewoks trying to help you. In the end, the ride comes to a peaceful end at a small Ewok station, where we are able to land and get off to explore the rest of the land. Hidden amongst the flora of the Forest Moon lies an impressive Star Wars Icon, The Millennium Falcon. Inside, Guests will find Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, in which they ride in the famous cockpit of the ship on a daring flight – and whether they are a pilot, engineer, or gunner, every role is crucial when they take control of the fastest ship in the Galaxy.

Second Entrance

With all the new additions to the park, the park is getting closer and closer to AoK. Because of that, the hub in front of AoK is expanded to allow for a second entrance to be added into Walt Disney Studios (much like EPCOT has now or DCA used to have) that puts guests in between Galaxy's Edge and Avengers Campus​


Pi on my Cake

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Alright, teams! Stanza I is done!

Reviews shall be coming across the next 24 hours with results coming as soon as possible!
For two teams, Stanza II will begin right after the results are posted.
For whichever team comes in last place, the Project Manager and two other members of the team will be sent to the Fortress of Fate and may be eliminated!
With Stanza II beginning for them after the Fortress's session is complete.


Space's Guest Reviews

- Before we begin, I just want to congratulate all 3 teams on their accomplishments! It amazes me that we still have such a talented group of imagineers that is continuously involving with new players mixed in with the old. And as a small note, everyone chimed in to the team at least once on all teams, which is a wonderful way to kick off the season! Onto the reviews...(going in backwards order since it's the first I clicked on)

(sidenote Nate post with your team logo next time!)

Off the bat I think this group has tremendous potential as the game moves forward. I wouldn't be surprised if the ultimate winner of the competition comes out of this team! You all get along with each other, communicate (though there are ways to improve that!) and genuinely seem to want the best out of each other. One tip that might help in the future is that it might be a good idea to try and assign one person per challenge to be the nightly "summary" person. For groups such as yours that like to talk a lot, key points of the project can get lost in the sea of posts. I noticed a few times throughout people would come in and be a bit confused as to the progress. If you assign one person to post each night the recap of the day's discussions - that'll go a long way to keeping everyone on task when you pick back up the next day. You can even create a separate PM for the updates so everything stays streamlined.

Onto the project, the website was a great touch for a land-based/5-year expansion type project. Kudos to @NateD1226 for taking the lead on that! As to the site design itself - it's great and I think you'll only get better with practice! A couple things for next time - a map is needed for sure. A picture says a thousand words and with an expansive project like this, that helps the reader visualize what you're talking about because with this setup it assumes I know what's in WDSP already and can visualize it in my head. Secondly, I'd make more of an effort to distinguish your entrance land from the rest of the 5-year timeline since that was intended to be a main focus point in the prompt "Focus on the entrance land: the 5 year plan should be kept to a loose description." And a way to do that to me is a map! Or at the very least some visuals off google to drive home your concept.

Keeping the Production Courtyard theme but plussing it I think was a very distinguished choice - seeing as you could have taken it in any direction, you decided to take the DCA approach and zero in on an aesthetic that Disney does really well and steeps it in the film history. Your Great Movie Ride attraction sounds fantastic! Such unique choices and styles I really liked it. As for the foliage update to the entrance I am also totally on board with that. I think greenery while so simple adds so much to a theme park👏

As for the rest of the 5-year plan - Hoth was the stand-out to me. I appreciated how you could have easily just tossed in Galaxy's Edge - but instead took that approach into a planet that I think is vastly unexplored and has a ton of potential. Great job @TheOriginalTiki on that!

Lastly, I'll conclude by saying that this team has a lot of potential. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this team has in store going forward. Great dialogue especially from Tux, Nate, and Tiki - the "TNT" of the group, plus tcool's leadership mixed in with mickeyfan's knowledge and dedication despite being in Disney World... I think with just a spoonful of organization this team is destined to do well.

TEAM FANTASY and TEAM TOMORROW coming up next!


Space's Guest Reviews (part 2)

Hot dog - that intro video is pure gold. That's how you catch someone's attention right off the bat (kudos @Disney Dad 3000 for continuing to try new things and push the envelope!)

To start with the teamwork, the first few days of the project were met with some real world delays (or perhaps 1 too many screenings of Cats) that slowed the progress a bit. That being said, you don't need dozens of pages of brainstorming to be successful. While it's fun and exciting to be a part of, and 3 of the folks on this team know that feeling intimately on Team Brava in Season 4, as long as everyone is on the same page you can be just as productive with less talking and more doing!

Once the topic was picked things seemed to fall into place - but one special note in particular for this project was the production from @orlando678- whose insights and brilliant writing kept this project moving and helped conjure up what we see. Wonderful to have you back and hope to see more of it going forward!

I like the timeline and period setting you guys chose for the entrance land - it's very fitting for Paris and would be something very elegant to see as an entrance land! It's fleshed out well too with shops and restaurants galore. The maps are also very well represented and clear - great job!

As for the rest of the 5-year plan, I think it's nicely put together. Seems like Star Wars was the popular pick, but again I like how you chose a different setting. My one small quandary is the title of the Howard Park restaurant Dr. Strange's Sanctum Grill - I'm not sure why but it made me laugh. :hilarious: Why is it a grill? Why in the sanctum? That being said a nice small touch I like is the second entrance - very neat add-on for the second park.

Overall, I think there were some very bright spots to this project - the entrance video, the groupwork once things got rolling, that being said I do think a bit more could have been done to enhance the park. While aesthetically it will look nice I think part of the reason why the entrance land was a focal point was to see something out of the box a bit. For the next projects I'd try going bold and see where you land rather than take a safe concept and spruce it up (if that makes sense?) In the end though - solid effort, loved the video (3rd time's the charm), and looking forward to more!


Space's Guest Reviews (part 3)

Every time a google doc opens and the tab line keeps getting smaller I get flashbacks to Season 4😄 Only 55 pages!

When the teams were dispersed, I thought this one had the most to prove. While powerhouse players such as @D Hindley led the way, there were many on the team were new or hadn't played in a long time. Those types of teams ride or collide based on communication - and that starts with the leader. I think Doug did an excellent job as Rick Dalton from Bounty Law at corralling everyone together for a common goal. This team thrived due to his commitment to make sure everyone had a say, and everyone had a piece of the 55 page pie to complete. While it is eventually on everyone else to complete the products and work as a team to put it all together, the one in the shadows guiding can get overlooked on occasion - but this isn't an easy task and you did it in style! That being said - I actually think this team still has the most room for growth out of the three, and that's due to the untapped talent that will continue to grow through practice and getting back into the swing of things for folks on the team.

Disney's Wonder Realms - I like the name change! Overall, the plan is laid out very well. An excellent map by @Disneylover152 as well! My one gripe with the organization though, is while I know you did it by timeline, I would have put the focus of the prompt first so that I'm not 29 pages into reading the doc by the time I get to it. I want to read it while I have the most energy, and that's usually in the beginning. This being said the contributions from @Brer Panther also impressed me with the Nemo's Reef indoor concept and more! Glad to see another old face return to imagineering! Back to the entrance land, Duckburg is such a unique concept! While I'm not too familiar with the source material aside from a few episodes here and there, I appreciate the ambition and scale of the project.

The pièce de résistance naturally is the Money Bin Break-In. Before Guardians of the Galaxy - I would have said this idea is great but never gonna happen. Now I'm not so sure! The detail and striking visual of the overlay caught my eye for sure, this attraction sounds like it would be awesome!

Ultimately, everyone contributed to the final project which made it that much better. However, as I mentioned before, there's so much room to grow for this team. Next Stanza I would love to see someone else take the helm, someone else try artwork, etc because the more you branch out and try new things, the more you'll grow as a creative thinker. Consider these Stanzas open-canvas opportunities to grow and you'll go far!

-- Great job again to all teams!
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