The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 6: ODYSSEY

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So these reviews aren't gonna be very long because the projects were much more focused on artwork, and honestly, I don't feel one can critique art based on quality like you can with writing.

So, I'll break it down in a different way than I normally do. Piece by piece.

So the idea of having Pete scrounging up the "extra" villains up for a celebration is definitely an idea I wouldn't have come up with. I do think that not including the major villains like Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, etc. is a risky idea. However, I must say, you guys really knocked it out of the park in a way that I was worried about originally.

I also think the idea of a water parade is a great decision. The layout for Dark Kingdom is like Epcot where a street parade wouldn't really fit, so making this parade more suitable for the park was a really smart idea.

The music was great and may honestly go on to be some working music for me.

Pete's Invitation
This was a great way to include an original Disney animation character without including Mickey and friends. Pete is a character I've always wanted to be able to meet at a Disney park and somehow they just haven't added him in. @Puffs, you've come super far as an artist throughout the game, so I wanted to commend you on that.

Coachman of Pleasure Island
I really really like this idea! Pinocchio is one of my favorite Disney movies, and one that doesn't get as much love as I feel it should (besides When You Wish Upon a Star of course), so including this float would be a great idea. I like the inclusion of Foulfellow and Gideon being included here as I feel like they're staple walking characters in parades, so even if they can't walk here, it's a nice inclusion.

Laughter in the Elephant Graveyard
So as popular as The Lion King is, it doesn't really get as much love in the parks outside of Animal Kingdom really. I love the idea of having the hyenas, and I'm probably one of the few people on Earth who likes the walk around hyena costumes at the parks, so seeing them (I imagine) would be really neat!

Pain and Panic
So I really don't have much to say about this one. I love the artwork from @spacemt354, but the float itself is probably the more forgettable of the ones in this parade. That being said, the idea of a Cerberus puppet is a really good one and I'd love to see that.

A Pirate's Life
Peter Pan is obviously one of the most popular parts of a lot of parades, and Captain Hook's pirate ship is one of the more popular floats. I really like the idea of having Smee and Tick Tock being the Peter Pan reps for this one. I also once again want to commend @Puffs on their artwork here too.

Yzma's Empire
I adore the Emperor's New Groove and I think this would be a really popular float. Having the classic lever and the roller coaster cart is great, and I'm really glad to see Kronk get some love here! I was worried he wasn't gonna make the cut.

Victory of the Huns
So, admittedly, I haven't seen Mulan in years as I'm not a huge fan of it as a movie. That being said, the Chinese inspiration with the dragon wrapped around the float is a really cool visual that, despite not knowing if it appears in the movie, would fit the parade really well.

Wreck-It Ralph
This is the only float I'm not a big fan of, mainly because of the main joke that Ralph isn't really a villain. It's funny, but it kind of throws off the vibe of the parade in my opinion. That being said, the 3D artwork by @AceAstro was great and I must commend that.

Shadow of Toys
Stinky Pete can enter and exit his body?! That's terrifying!!

Pink Heffalumps on Parade
Reading this title, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, but it felt off. It took me longer than I'd like to admit for me to figure out that Heffalumps and the Pink Elephants are different properties. That being said, the artwork by @Brer Panther is phenomenal and is really showing you as one of the best artists in the game right now! This is easily my favorite float in the parade.

Darkness of the Wasteland
I'm so glad you stuck around for this round @Brer Oswald because without your involvement we wouldn't have gotten this phenomenal float. Not only is the artwork great, but the idea of using Epic Mickey as an inspiration is, well, inspired. It's a favorite game of mine that doesn't really get any love by Disney anymore. If you still have your mind set on leaving, I understand, but after this performance especially, we'd love for you to hang around into the next round.

Honestly, this is a dang good photoshop, it really looks straight out of the movie. I love having two IPs sharing a float, and this one is a great one. Besides Pink Heffalumps, this is one of my favorite floats and I really wanted to commend you guys on this one!

Overall, this parade was really successful and while I know you guys weren't super excited about this round or the short rounds in general, you guys pulled through this one really well and I'm very proud of each and every one of you. Fantastic job!
Well, I am stuck it home, so who knows.


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Like Space said in your PM, an all-original-art project is an impressive feat. Every work here is excellent, and it definitely shows off the talent Team Tomorrow brings to this competition.

Combining the art with a PowerPoint and some short description of the float is a great way to communicate your thoughts effectively. Add with it the custom music playlist and you have the basis for a great parade project!

I also loved the focus on the “side villains”. When I created the Dark Kingdom post on the SAVI Guides, I was anticipating it to be used to tie into the surrounding lands. You went the opposite direction and it works way better than anything I could have thought up.

Last, the lagoon is a super smart choice for your location. Both teams correctly recognized this. A parade in Dark Kingdom didn’t even cross my mind while I making this -- so as you can see, the pathways are far too windy to make work. I also don’t think I ever mentioned this but in my headcanon, the waterfall acting as the facade for the Expansion Plot is hiding where the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Floats come from. So having the Vile Villain Celebration based there is ideal.

Overall: a fantastic job! Watching this team rise to the challenge throughout Act 2 has become one of my favorites parts of this competition.

Team Yesterday.png

I really like this concept. It both ties to Chinese Mythology and the themes of Dark Kingdom (the manipulation of initially good things in an evil way). As I said in my Tomorrow review, the lagoon is a great choice for not limiting the traffic flow (can't tell how many times I've been cut off from half of Fantasyland for a parade). But also hooray for a midday parade! Although usually not ideal for a villains theme, this is a villains park and it needs something for the daytime.

Also, the music transitions together super well. It’s excellently well-timed and cuts out just in time for you to reach the next music. Great job Nate!

All your floats fit into the Chinese Elemental theme while retaining those classic Disney villains everyone knows and loves. Even characters like Maleficient, who don’t scream “wood” are easily adapted and fit like Cinderella’s shoe. Also smart is opening the parade with some lesser-known characters, and then building up to the bigger bads.

The one issue I have with the float is the finale. Chernoborg atop his mountain is a brilliant final float… until you consider Chernoborg is the finale for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice show. The Firebird may have worked best alone.

Overall, I really liked this project. I think it is only lacking in timing. A lot of you guys were busy, and I think if we had a longer stanza you could have taken this to another level.​


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Team Yesterday.png

Holy smokes guys! This idea was really really well thought out and was easily the idea of the two I was most excited to see pan out! However, as we're going to see going through, I did, unfortunately, feel like the final project was half-baked.

So this was more of the traditional villains parade I excepted, including Ursula and Chernabog and friends, but also included some more obscure villains like Ratigan. I saw some really strong effort from this parade, so let's dive in.

First off, the parade soundtrack is (kisses fingers like a chef) *muah*. I can see that the work put into compiling this 11-minute soundtrack and wanted to commend you guys for it. @NateD1226 you're a superstar when it comes to soundtracks and this is once again proof of that.

The title barge float sounds like a great opener, but the parade really starts with the Ratigan float, and honestly, I want to see this mildly-terrifying Ratigan costume in real life. That'd be sweet.

The Percival C. McLeach float is a unique concept here and one I think would make for a really interesting addition. Literally, my only gripe here is that Joanna is a Goanna (monitor lizard from Australia) and not an Iguana (arboreal lizard from Central and South America) but that's just a zookeeper's nitpick. I won't take any points away 😜.

Ursula is a clear addition to the parade and one that I can definitely see being a show-stopper. Ursula is one of my favorite villains, so seeing her here did give me a grin.

The Flying Dutchman was another really unique choice. I do really like the PotC franchise (except the 3rd installment) and having a costumed Davy Jones character is something I need in my life.

The wood section is a cool one, especially with having Scar be a puppet. It really reminds me of the Festival of the Lion King barges that were once a part of the Lion King parade.

The Maleficent float having her standing on briars that appear dragon-like is also a clever way to combine her human (fairy?) form and her dragon form in one float.

The Metal Floats are two that I totally saw coming too, but are two that absolutely must be included.

Finally, the Fantasia float ends it in the best way possible. Including the Firebird and Chernabog as big animatronics/puppet things were phenomenal and would be a serious show-stopper float.

Overall, your concept was phenomenal and was one that I was super excited for. Unfortunately, real-life gets in the way sometimes, and running out of time is a real issue. If you guys had wanted to go through with a vacation day, it may have been a good option, but this was still a commendable effort, it just feels like it could've used a little more time.

@NateD1226 and @mickeyfan5534 were the standouts here with some serious support from @TheOriginalTiki and @gam3rprincess. Strong effort overall, this is a really difficult decision we have to make.​


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Placed in the Gardens Of Imagination section of Shanghai Disneyland, this particular drinking fountain pays respects to the decorative fountain all the back in Epcot in Florida, but, it's a drinking fountain. The fountain uses the same palate of colors such as red, blue, and orange, with similar textures of the decorative fountain, but steel. The fountains are conjoined together by the circles, and each circle is supported by a pipe in-between the middle of each circle. This fountain is a signal of a certain expansion and restoration to the Gardens Of Imagination part of Shanghai Disneyland and a sign of things yet to come.


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Stanza 7 Results.png

Special thanks to everyone who's played through the Pacific Voyage. After much discussion, The Agents have come to a decision. Once again, this was a close round...

Team Yesterday
Despite the Real WorldTM's challenges, Team Yesterday has created an excellent project that in many cases would have won the day. You should be very proud. It's just that you were stacked against a super-strong competition, and when it came down to the finer details, you just didn't have the time.

Team Tomorrow
A great concept with an amazing execution. An all-original art project isn't something to scoff at... especially when it is used as effectively as this. Congratulations!

And that's it for the shorter rounds! Next Stanza, we dream big!

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Chapter 10: The Fog of Uninspiration

Before checking in on the teams, let's see how Hatbox Ghost is doing! Last we saw him, he seemed to have been kidnapped by L.A.N.D. Agents!


Well, I'm sure he'll meet back up with us eventually.

Anyways, using the Guide to Plot Twists, the S.E.A. agents know where the last artifact is! And what it is!

When Maleficent was in power, she knew there was a chance of the Sorcerer's Apprentice being discovered and stopping her schemes, so she sought to have a back up created of Yensid's Hat. She sneaked into Muppet Labs in the middle of the night to use technology behind Muppet-Vision 3D to 3D Print a duplicate of the Sorcerer's Hat. So, even if she lost, she could still shape reality the way the Imagineers of the SAU do.

Unfortunately for Maleficent, the 3D Hat never fully worked. There were several key components of reality it could not control. So, she hid it somewhere the creative, talented, and wonderful Imagineers would never be able to reach it...

Deep within the Fog of Uninspiration!


Whenever someone feels lost and confused, stuck in a rut, trapped in a routine, and creatively exhausted...
Whenever someone feels like they suddenly can barely draw stick figures for no apparent reason or writing a single sentence feels like an essay...
Whenever the fun of being creative and working together starts to become stressful, boring, and like a chore...
Then you have been visited by the Fog of Uninspiration.

But the 3D Hat isn't just touched by the fog, it is deep in the center of it!
The only way to break it out is to defeat the Fog!

So, together the teams are going to have to create something truly special to overcome the Fog of Uninspiration!


"That metaphor might be a tad bit on the nose." @Evilgidgit ponders

"Maybe some simple, good old fashioned positivity is what we need right now!" @mickeyfan5534 says while reminding everyone to wash their hands.

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Teams Yesterday and Tomorrow, your final mission awaits! The last artifact awaits deep in The Fog of Uninspiration. But what is there? Well, nothing! Hence, we must build from the ground up.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build a Disneyland Resort from scratch.

But there's a catch.

The Fog of Uninspiration prevents us from building any clones of real-world attractions. Even subtle changes! What we can clone is all attractions from the SAU only. Original attractions are of course free to grab.

- By clones, we are referring to something with very minimal changes. For instance, Haunted Mansion of Orlando to Anaheim. Something like Mystic Manor (which changes quite a bit) is a-ok.

- We've taken you all over the world this season! Now is the time for you to choose our next destination! Think about how that country/culture might react to a Disneyland.

- This is your last chance to impress. Unlike the last couple of "shorter" stanzas, we would recommend anyone looking to advance to the Post-Seasons participate here.

Oh, and remember how the Judges were undercover LAND agents? Well, we were really Double Agent SEA agents all along. Pi literally said it -


The Judges will be joining you this round.

There will be no Project Manager this round. Is that a good idea? No! Someone will have to volunteer. But who will it be? Take everyone's skills into consideration before choosing a leader.

Guest Judges

This Project is due Monday, March 23rd at 11:59 PM EST

Time Zones
Walt Disney World- 11:59 PM
Disneyland Park - 8:59 PM
Disneyland Paris - 5:59 AM
Disneyland Tokyo - 1:59 PM


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So I'm thinking of doing a big online social gathering of most people who have been involved in the channel in light of everything. Sort of an Eff You to the virus, if you will. I can already pretty much promise Dragon, Sandy, Jacob, and Monkey. MIGHT be able to get @MANEATINGWREATH on if physically possible. Anyone else willing to do it? @spacemt354, @mickeyfan5534 @AceAstro @D Hindley @Pi on my Cake and anyone else I'm missing or who wants to do it? I picture it as a sort of marathon podcast where we all just hang out, do Imagineering games and Disney Debate speed rounds, and generally try and ride the storm out together while were all trapped in the same boat.


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So I'm thinking of doing a big online social gathering of most people who have been involved in the channel in light of everything. Sort of an Eff You to the virus, if you will. I can already pretty much promise Dragon, Sandy, Jacob, and Monkey. MIGHT be able to get @MANEATINGWREATH on if physically possible. Anyone else willing to do it? @spacemt354, @mickeyfan5534 @AceAstro @D Hindley @Pi on my Cake and anyone else I'm missing or who wants to do it? I picture it as a sort of marathon podcast where we all just hang out, do Imagineering games and Disney Debate speed rounds, and generally try and ride the storm out together while were all trapped in the same boat.
Tell me when and I'm on board

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