The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 6: ODYSSEY


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Beastly Kingdom is an almost universally loved concept. It was a smart idea from the getgo to bring it back, especially considering the other lands we already have, and how much the “Mythology” theme fits in.

The project is divided into three minilands -- the hub, Greece, and China. Of the three, I found the hub amazing. Greece was solid, although I’m not entirely sold on the massive Hercules influence (even if it’s a fine movie). Unfortunately, China lacks in comparison, and it ultimately pulls your other two areas back a bit.

The artwork of this round was some of the best in the SAU. Brer Panther, D Hindley, and Disneypugs are an artistic powerhouse and they’ve each outdone themselves after outdoing themselves last round. I’m particularly fond of Hindley’s 3D map -- the inclusion of the architecture helps visualize it all the more.

The Google Site is surprisingly classy. Nice work there!

This area is so cool! Even the Islamic Design blends perfectly, as the Middle East was for many years the ́bridge” between Ancient Mediterranean / China.

I’d also like to acknowledge the fact you withheld the urge to add a SEA reference in the Grand Bestiary and used Yen Sid.

Walkthrough monster animatronics are always much appreciated, as is Disney-quality art.

Fantasy River Cruise is your landmark attraction, and it works 100%. It perfectly encapsulates the term “Wildlands”. I do agree with Pi that adding a bit more “comedy” to parallel may have improved it even more, but you really weren’t going for comedy here, so maybe Yen Sid is the best choice. The concept of a boat ride traveling through the entire land adds so much life to an already dynamic area.

The blending of Greece and China is really well done here and throughout the entire land. The transitions are well planned and natural -- I worried earlier your plan might result in two different areas worthy of separate lands, but that’s not the case.

So yeah, here’s where it starts faltering.

It’s clear to me that only a few people worked on this, and compared to the other areas it wasn’t given as much attention. This is where my main point of criticism emerges -- revision. When you have time, look over each other’s work and don’t be afraid to add a paragraph or two to further explain. Revision is not fun and it doesn’t earn you much credit, but it comes in super handy.

The only parts of this land that I think “pass” is the China History Show and Origami Restaurant… neither which relates to Wildlands / Beastly Kingdom in any way.

Greece is a well-planned area. Funny, both teams placed a Dumbo Clone in the center of their westernmost land. Pegasus is a well-known character even beyond Hercules and it all works very well.

Hercules’ Journey to the Underworld is also solid, though I question the necessity of live-actors when the animatronics could do the trick. Nevertheless, I enjoy Hades being a “good guy” now, mainly because he’s so likable, he deserves to be on the winning side for once!

My only nitpick here is the emphasis on the Hercules movie. There is much more of course to Greek mythology, but you only touch on that in the Food Stand. Maybe a Greek Amphitheater, or an Odyssey Boat Ride. Something other than Hercules would have been cool (mainly because I read Rick Riordan).

Yayyy! I felt bad removing the Muppets in the prompt so I’m happy they live on in Disneyland Brazil, somewhere!


I like where you were going with this, but I prefer Voxels’ version. I know you were worried about bottlenecking and conflicting with the “Hub and Spoke” model, but if you look at the map there’s a diagonal path that actually makes it very easy to link up to the Castle Gardens. So I don’t think it is needed for your project… especially when it’s just to make space for the expansion pad.

This has some great parts and some less detailed ones. Nothing here is bad, I just wish you had either planned a bit less or coordinated more to make it all happen. Still, this is one of your best projects so far. The Wildlands is an excellent addition to Disneyland Brazil.​


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I have one major, underlying issue with this project. And it’s kinda silly. But is your land too similar to Adventure Bay?

Adventure Bay, created in Season 4, has sublands from all over the world. One of them is Mexico, where the Three Carabellos has a small spot. You did a good job mentioning them moving but it still feels… weird to have everything from Coco to Wakanda in one land, and then South America is a separate another area. I just worry it would all seem like one massive Adventureland with a 50’s Main Street in the middle.

The other side to this is because this is set in Brazil, the Brazillian people wouldn’t see this as “exotic” like they would most the areas in Adventure Bay, even if they both are jungle (because they are used to the jungle). I can’t comment on the validity of this theory, though.

Still, let’s get into the project itself. Nate, you listened to our advice last stanza and created an all-new original presentation style! The trivia game was legitimately challenging and helped break up the constant reading.

I want to similarly spotlight Tiki for his great work on the maps, Tux for grinding out descriptions, and DisneyDad for the excellent artwork (both teams brought it this round!)

Disregarding the whole Adventureland thing. So your main pitch is a Liberty Square area for Disneyland Brazil, which adds tribute to the area around it. And...


This is good.


Well usually, yes. And NGL I wish you’d had created land that didn’t use them as much and was more focused on Brazillian heritage and history, as Liberty Square does for America. (I would preferred reading it.) But it’s a bad business decision. Locales aren’t interested in something they can see outside the park. In fact, Pirates of the Carribean didn’t open with the rest of Disney World because they feared Floridians wouldn’t be interested in the “local” pirates.

(The exception to this rule being Traditional Asia, because of how different the Modern world is.)

So the more I think about it, no, a more realistic Brazillian area would be boring to most guests, unless it was done as an entrance land. Bringing in fantasy is much smarter. Maybe you could have added a bit of Brazillian folklore, but overall the IPs are the best route. I applaud you here.

The attraction is a bit over the top, but it’s charming to read. Giving the Three Carabellos their own subland is a great choice. They have their own distinct vibe that isn’t just “another popular Disney movie!” The only thing that stands at to me is the Star Wars reference. Everything else, eh, Donald's involved, things are bound to be crazy.

I find it funny that both teams placed a Dumbo spinner in nearly the exact same spot.

Aquarela Do Brasil is my favorite part of your project. It stands strongly on its own as a celebration of Brazillian culture, while still being very “out there” to be considered boring by most guests.

Panchito’s is a much-appreciated move from Adventure Bay. Great detail and the addition of a visual menu goes a surprisingly long way.

As Pi noted, this is a pretty small subland. But I think that works. The Three Carabellos and Emperor’s New Groove both have multiple attractions and dining options. Adding more at this point might have been overkill. So we get a cute transition area between Carabellos and Emperor's New Groove.

I have to confess to something. I have never seen the Emperor’s New Groove. So I am not the most informed person to be grading this.

But breaking it down: Dueling Coaster. Great, though wouldn’t the villain winning scenario be a bad thing? Interactive Show: Great, though it seems a bit expensive for puppetry. Restaurant: Sounds great, though I agree with Pi if this based on a movie wouldn’t it be easier to grab a reference photo?

Really all small things: this is another solid subland.

I’ll contrast with Team Tomorrow in that where they were very disjointed, you were all-together solid. It’s just the basis of your lands are just famous South American IPs. Which isn’t all-together the best concept, but you’ve executed it close to perfection. Saludos Beach would be an excellent fit for Disneyland Brazil!​


I had written and saved some longer preliminary reviews before going mobile but unfortunately they didn't save. That being said I'd still like to give my thoughts from Disney world! While I can't go to disneyland brazil the best I could do was find portugese maps of the parks :p

Team Tomorrow

- This is your best project yet. The teamwork here was great, you really allowed D Hindly and Brer to go Wild (pardon the pun) with artwork while others focused on the writing. And look at the results! Amazing artwork all around and a fitting addition to the SAU.

- I really enjoy that you thought outside the box with the entrance. You used an SAU hidden rule and got creative with the space. And fixed a bottleneck in the park. That being said for such a big drastic change, that could have been it's own prompt entirely due to the amount of motion needed.

- the Wildlands does a great job trying to transition from Main Street to Tomorrowland. Where Muppets and Toontown fail to offer proper transitions, this project does its best to create them.

- the site itself is well done and nice effort by @kmbmw777

- I'm really happy to see the Muppets still a part of the project with the addition of the Muppets hotel, that was a neat tie-in.

- Overall, the Wildlands was awesome. It was a unique land fit for Disneyland Brazil that most importantly separates itself enough from Adventure Bay while at the same.time offering something new for the guests.

Team Yesterday

- I really appreciate @Disney Dad 3000 and the whole team for their continued group efforts in projects. This team has discovered a way to be efficient in brainstorming and get the job done without the need for dozens and dozens of pages. It's really opened my mind to how there are many ways to complete a project.

- Saludos Beach was a great way to try and make up for the kid friendly nature of Toontown and Muppets, I appreciate that attention to detail but also feel that despite the best efforts to separate from Adventure Bay, it does kind of feel like a kid version of Adventure Bay on the other side of the park. And I'll say that here first because I dont want to sound down about the project at all. It's just I can't get over that point, which to me is a pretty big one, but I wanted to get it out of the way first so I can focus on the positives.

- the map, logo, and site by DDad and Nate were fantastic. Kudos to Nate for trying a new presentation method! Shows how talented you are!

- Great work by Tiki on the attractions with the hand drawn maps as well as creative content!

-Tux also came through on a ton of shops throughout the last few days so amazing work there!

- And this is really to both teams but it's so cool to see the same map evolve over time. It's like going to the parks to collect the maps and see the changes each time.

- Overall, another valiant effort by Yesterday. While I wish that Saludos Beach better transitioned between Main Street and Tomorrowlans, and was a bit more dissimilar from Adventue Bay, I've got to say on it's own it does a brilliant job of covering kid friendly themes of Muppets and Toontown with some amazing teamwork to top it off.


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PerGron's Reviews.png

Team Tomorrow.png

So Team Tomorrow; First off, I want to say that of the two projects, this one definitely was the one that I was most interested in. I loved the idea of taking Beastly Kingdomme in a new direction, and holy cow did I love the idea of your Grand Bestiary. However, as we're going to go through, I did feel like a lot of your concepts were half-baked. We'll get into it a bit more as we go.

I also wanted to do the obligatory comment about Doug's artwork. Every single time you put something out I'm blown away by it. I didn't end up reviewing the Moroccan projects (due to personal issues, although I did read them all and I will eventually review them, probably post comp) but the artwork you did there was phenomenal, but to see this sort of 3-D map style, I thoroughly enjoyed it. One day when I'm able to build my own zoo, I'm coming to you for concept art :p.

Grand Bestiary
The Grand Bestiary building reminded me a lot of the Bibliotheca Novus that I wrote up last season. The Library of Alexandria/Museum setup is an aesthetic that I personally love to use, so having it represented here, it's something I definitely appreciate.

That being said, the Fantasia theme here is incredibly loose and honestly doesn't really feel to fit the theme. I think a better option here would've been to create a new wizard character than using Yen Sid. I just feel like the Yen Sid and Broom Closet tie in didn't really gel in this favor.

The Hydra's Lair is a unique twist on the Dragon's Lair and I definitely want to commend @Brer Panther on your artwork for the Hydra. We all love to praise Doug and his artwork, but you have a serious knack for it and I'd love to see more artwork from you should you stay in the comp.

The Odyssey Restaurant is the first thing I want to critique for being, as I said, half-baked. I feel like you guys just had to put a restaurant somewhere so you wrote a quick blurb and threw it in there. While restaurants aren't all of our fortes (I'm not great at them either, mainly because my cooking skills are regulated to pizza rolls and potato skins) but I would've loved to see someone plug away at it. @Disneypugs. has been doing great with restaurants too, so it's a bummer to see this one paragraph blurb.

Garden of Wonders is a nice little area to explore and is a solid choice to port over from Hong Kong. Nothing really to say, but I do feel like having a quieter green space is very beneficial for your, otherwise quite busy, land.

Fantasy River Cruise
So without a proper Jungle Cruise in Disneyland Brazil, I definitely think that the park needed one, and honestly, the Fantasy River Cruise serves that purpose. However, I feel like this attraction is more of a tribute to Animal Kingdom's Discovery River Cruise than Jungle Cruise (a lot of cruise talk this season) in that it's less of an intimate experience with your singular skipper and instead relies on the show scenes to act for themselves with an auto-played narrator describing what's happening.

I like a lot of the show scenes here, and I do feel like they definitely tie into their respective lands. That being said, I do feel like there is such a heavy focus on Greek mythology compared to other mythologies, to which my question is, why not just include this in the Ancient Greece subland? Maybe it's just me latching onto an idea I saw you guys come up with earlier, but I think having multiple mythologies represented here would've been really cool.

That being said, I actually think the East Asian Mythology section of the attraction is the best part. The Greek stuff is always fun, but I feel like Greece has been done to death on these boards, but having an East Asian tie in is something that we don't see often, especially with the mythology being the focus.

Overall, I really enjoyed the attraction and I would definitely enjoy riding it in real life. This was definitely one of the highlights of your presentation and knowing it'd be the big E-Ticket you guys took it and ran with it.

Fabrica de Yokai
My biggest question here is why didn't y'all translate the ride into English? It's not a big knock against y'all but still, it was an odd choice. I suppose it doesn't NEED a translation, but most attractions at foreign parks do have one for us Americans who aren't cultured enough to learn another language.

My other issue here is that this really did feel half baked. The concept of Japanese Yokai is a unique one that I've rarely seen done here, and for what I can assume is a C or D ticket, I do think having a full write up here (or even just a partial one) would've benefited you guys a lot.

On top of that, what is the theme here? I guess it's set in an abandoned factory, but what about Yokai lend themselves to an abandoned factory? chōchinbi (one of the ones you mentioned) is said to be found around Rice Patties. It just doesn't seem to fit your concept to have them all in this factory. I'm not entirely sure what the angle was here.

I also have to say, where are the pictures? We should have some sort of image resource here. I had to look up each individual Yokai to get an image of what they look like. I've said before that art is so crucial in a game like this and you guys have two (if not more) phenomenal artists here. We also all have access to the internet and can all pull-up reference photos. If Doug and Brer can draw up these amazing pieces, I think we can all scrounge up some clip art from Google Images. A picture, after all, is worth a bunch of words.

That being said, I do like repurposing the infrastructure for Muppetland. That was a good idea admittedly.

Land of the Dragon
So my biggest issue here is that you don't really explain what the show is supposed to be. I get the acts, but what is it made of? Is it a screen? Puppets? Costumes? Dancers? How do all of these parts perform? Act 1 is animatronics but act 4 says costumes and dance. Just a bit more info here would've gone a long way.

Origami No Umi
Now, this is what I'm talking about with a restaurant in detail. It doesn't have to be the most detailed aspect of the presentation, (unless the restaurant is the presentation of course) but it should have at least a paragraph about it and a small menu of options. This is the perfect amount of detail for a counter service restaurant in my opinion. Also, somebody please hook me up with that shrimp bento box.

Hercules' Journey to the Underworld
This is one of the more thoroughly thought out parts of your land, and I definitely like the concept of a sequel to Hercules (it's what I tried to do with the Black Cauldron in the semi-finals of Season V) and I do think sequel rides work better than book report rides in my personal opinion.

This one is pretty solid, but my biggest issue here is the use of live actors in the preshow. It's just an odd choice where this is a dark ride. I know dark rides have had actors (R.I.P. Great Movie Ride) but generally, they're in it for the long haul with you, not usually in a preshow.

Other than that though, this is overall a solid ride and I can see it being a pretty popular D-Ticket.

Phil's Training Grounds and Pegasus Spinner are both great child-friendly options that I don't really have much to say about them.

Other Changes
Your other stuff is all solid. The Muppet Hotel makes sense and I can see it being a lot of fun, and I also think the New and Improved Main Street is also very logical. However, where they weren't really a part of the prompt, I don't really have much to say.

Overall, you guys definitely exhibited some strong points, but I also feel like there were a lot of lower points too. While Fantasy River Cruise and Hercules were great and well detailed, Yokai and Odyssey Restaurant left a lot to be desired.

While it's definitely a strong effort and I enjoyed the land as a whole, I hope you guys take some of my criticisms and work on them. Next round I'd love to see an original art piece from every team member. In fact, I'd love it from every player.​


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PerGron's Reviews.png

Team Yesterday.png

So first off Team Yesterday, I really wanted to congratulate you guys on how much I enjoyed your presentation style. The quiz idea was really well done and was something I've never seen in a comp like this. It started off the project in a fun and engaging way that got me pretty excited to read the project.

I also wanted to commend your team. You guys selected a theme very early on and stuck with it. While it may not be the most coherent theme, it was obvious that the passion was there to make a great land overall. So without further ado, let's jump into it.

The Three Caballeros: Quack Attack
So I'm gonna be honest. I don't even know where to start with this attraction. There's a lot to take in here, especially for a thrill attraction. We've got massive set pieces, we've got three whole musical numbers, we've got animatronics. I can tell you were going for something similar to a Rise of the Resistance with all the ride changes and immersive attraction, but honestly, it just feels a bit busy to me.

I was reading this attraction and as I was doing so, I did find myself asking what is going on as we go. It seemed impressive, but I struggled to follow. We have DuckTales characters here but also the Quack Pack and The Three Caballeros plus other references like Star Wars, it just felt like there was a lot put in here.

Obviously, though, there was a lot of effort put into this attraction and I can't knock you for that. You guys crafted this attraction to create the next big grand E-Ticket, and I do commend you for it. However, unfortunately, I do have to say it was a bit busy for my own liking :/

Aquarela do Brasil
Now, this is more my speed. This isn't a big E-Ticket, but holy smokes do I love this attraction. It's calm, serene, and I feel like it ties to the beauty of Brasil perfectly. Rather than focusing on huge set pieces and a crazy antics of your Three Caballeros attraction, this feels like something that guests can get on and just enjoy the imagery for a while, especially after riding the wacky antics of the Three Caballeros.

I think tying it all together through painting is an amazing and unique idea, and really this attraction sold me better than the E-Ticket. It reminds me of Na'vi River Journey (which is criminally underrated) and I'd love to be able to just relax and ride this attraction. Great job!

Panchito's Dockside Cantina
Team Tomorrow take note: This is how you do a restaurant.

All kidding aside, I absolutely love this restaurant. From the theming to the music to the animatronics. However, the thing I have to praise the most is the menu, particularly for the graphic. I'm not sure who put this graphic together, but whoever did it, consider this a pat on the back, you really brought this whole restaurant to another level.

As for the meet and greet and Lake Titicaca Marketplace, these are both solid options that I don't really have much to say about other than them both being written as well as they needed to be. I do think you missed out on the real llamas living in the store, but I suppose I can let that one slide... This time.

Mercado Oceanico is also another really solid shop that I don't really have much to say about but that doesn't mean it's bad, it just means that it's a shop and I don't really say much about shops honestly.

Paradise Falls
So there are only two attractions here, both of which are walkthroughs, so I'm not gonna spend too much time on this segment, but I did want to say that I really love the walkthroughs. I'm a massive Up fan and being able to walk through Carl and Ellie's house and the Spirit of Adventure. Both write-ups are solid and do what they need to.

As for the Spirit of Adventure Stand, the dining options are great, but I'm a bit confused about the design. Is this the second Spirit of Adventure or is this part of the walkthrough? I know it says it's smaller than the real life-sized one, but if it's the second replica in the same area, that's an odd choice that doesn't really fit Disney's theming rules. Just food for thought though.

I honestly think that Paradise Falls is your weakest element you guys have here and it just feels like you had some extra space you wanted to fill. While I definitely get wanting to keep the South America theme going, I think this land would've benefitted from a dark ride or even a flat ride. Just something other than just walkthroughs.

Kuzco's Royal Palace

Sorry, had to get that bug out of my throat. Anyway, I like the idea of having a dueling coaster and I also think a wild mouse lends itself to ENG beautifully. I love the comedy and the sight gags and pretty much everything about this attraction.

I also love having Kronk pulling down the map and whatnot, especially as an animatronic. Something about that is just hilarious to me. Really, all I can say about this attraction is that it fits beautifully and really helps pull the South American lands together.


As for the Kronk Show who's name I'm way too lazy to type out right now (I just had to drive my parents and sister to the airport to go to Disney World without me because work wouldn't give me the days off) is fun and definitely fits the fun atmosphere of the section.

I personally disagree with Pi and think that a live actor fits Kronk perfectly. There was a face character Kronk in the Villains Tonight show on the Disney Dream and I thought it worked perfectly. I can definitely see it being really fun here.

Mudka's Meat Hut is also a place I've always wanted to eat, and as much as I wish you had included the Two Heartburns and a deep-fried doorstop, I suppose it wouldn't be a hot seller (although...).

Honestly, the Emperor's New Groove land is one of my absolute favorite things from this project on both sides. This was a lot of fun to read and I have no major issues.

Overall, I know you guys were worried this morning about not having a cohesive project, but honestly, I don't have an issue with it. To me, the cohesion is South America and that's enough for me honestly. To me, it's a similar theme to say, Critter Country. It ties IP's together through a singular theme and for that, I have no issues. My biggest issue is the E-Ticket attraction and I've already said my gripes about that one.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and I want to commend you all for your work in it. Great job!​

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In the Parks

Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. After much discussion, The Agents of S.E.A. have come to a decision. This round was special as it centered around one of the most iconic locations in the SAU, but only one project can establish themselves within the Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe...

Team Tomorrow
There was some truly amazing stuff here! Some more time or some more man-power and this could have won! But as it stands, the project just wasn't fully developed. The concept/theme wasn't fully thought fleshed out. Some attractions/dining felt half finished. The project as a whole just didn't come together.

Team Yesterday!
There were some minor issues with cohesion and with the scale of certain aspects, but overall this was an incredible project that would really help Disneyland Brazil become even greater!

The teams are waiting in Brazil for Bob Iger and Bob Chapek to give their next mission which should begin shortly!

The Fortress of Fate has summoned...


To those called, The Fortress of Fate has summoned you. If you are mentioned in that thread, you will have 24 hours to plead your case. Elimination is on the line, and at least one player IS going home!

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Chapter 5: Before We get Started, Anyone Wanna get Out?

The teams are celebrating their successful mission! They traveled the globe, found Maleficent's Castle, hacked into the codex, recovered the map to the stolen artifacts, and made some dang good attractions at parks around the world!

"Don't get too excited guys," @Outbound cautions, "This mission was only the beginning."

"Well, obviously we're just beginning. We've only done 4 stanzas." @AceAstro says casually breaking the fourth wall.

Meanwhile, The Codex has been fully uploaded to S.E.A. H.Q. back in Paris. Bob Iger and Bob Chapek have been hard at work finishing downloading and deciphering the hacked files.


"Pretty neat trick, huh?" Michael Eisner says, "I may have left Paramount before they made the Mission Impossible movies, but I have a few friends there still who helped me get the mask for my dramatic reveal!"

"Why did you join, L.A.N.D., Eisner? You were once a defender of imagination too! You lead the Disney Parks into a golden age!" Bob Iger asks. "I mean, sure there were some definite rough patches. Like, what the crap was going on with DCA 1.0? Thank goodness I fixed that. But still, why turn evil?"

"No one appreciated my super clever and funny Hollywood in-jokes! Award Wieners? Classic Comedy! Don't even get me started on how many people are too dumb too appreciate the majesty of Superstar Limo!" Eisner boasts, "Luckily, I found people who appreciate my Hollywoo comedy over at Netflix! But I still want revenge on all those creative types that ignored my brilliance!"


Bob Iger is dumbfounded by his predecessor's evil turn! And it isn't just Eisner! L.A.N.D. has infiltrated S.E.A. at every layer! All under disguise!

This was their plan the whole time. Let the S.E.A. agents do the hard work of tracking down the Codex, then L.A.N.D. can take the map and gather all the artifacts that Maleficent stole. If they get a hold of the artifacts, they'll be able to destroy the entire SAU!

"Hang on a second, shouldn't these narrative posts be focused on the cast rather than a very long, self indulgent story sequence?" @kmbmw777 says casually breaking the fourth wall once again.

"We're getting back to the cast, don't worry!" @Pi on my Cake reassures

"Hey, my Shell Phone is ringing!" @NateD1226 exclaims!


@NateD1226 opens up his novelty Shell Phone to see an urgent video message from Bob Iger.

"As of now, S.E.A. is no more. L.A.N.D. has infiltrated and overtaken us. I managed to escape with my life, but just barely. We are initiating Ghost Protocol. No agency to back you up. One last mission. If you succeed, S.E.A. and the SAU are saved. If you do not, then it is all gone. I was able to send you the map to the artifacts, but L.A.N.D. has it as well. It will be a race against time to save the day. But first, L.A.N.D. knows where you are, escape to Europe. You can lose them in some local parks before they catch you! Good luck, imagineers. Go save the day and make Walt proud! End Transmission."

"Whoa, that go surprisingly intense!" @Disneypugs. says.

"Hang on, my Shell Phone is ringing again." @NateD1226 says.

Bob Iger appears again, "Before I go deep into hiding, just wanted to remind you that we no longer are able to financially support you since we are in Ghost Protocol. Ok, cool. Gotta go! Bye!"

@Disney Dad 3000 breathes a heavy sigh as he reaches for his wallet. After all, enough gas for two cruise ships to cross the ocean is not cheap. "It was good while it lasted..."

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In the Parks

Following L.A.N.D.’s shocking emergence, our heroes must work together to combat a bigger threat...

Team Yesterday and Team Tomorrow join forces, thus becoming TEAM S.E.A.!

@Brer Panther
@Disney Dad 3000
@D Hindley
@Brer Oswald
*Pending the results of the Fortress

Your enemy -- the Judges, forming Team L.A.N.D.!


@Pi on my Cake

Pi on my Cake

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Stanza V - Rogue Nations

At the end of each act, the Judges will involve themselves into the larger story. As the Atlantic Voyage comes to close, the S.E.A. recruits must return to Europe to face the evil L.A.N.D. But this time, it won’t be in Disneyland...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is using $250 million per park, develop 4 Local European Parks into vacation-worthy destinations.

Select 1 park from each of the 4 categories below:

Europa Park, Rust, Germany
Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany

Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK

De Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

PortaAdventura, Salou, Spain
Gardaland, Verona, Italy

- Enjoy your cross-competitor team up! How will you mesh with your former rivals when pitted against three genuine villains? Will you combine your strengths or maintain existing relationships?
- There is no research packet for you this week. MWAH HAH HAH! That’s right, the stakes have risen and now it’s up to you to research these wonderful parks yourselves.
- A helpful hint -- this project will be most effective if you break into small groups, either by park, by attraction style, etc. The PM this round has a lot to juggle.
- Similarly, there is no DM. Everything is public.
- The Guest Judges will be deciding this round!

Project Managers
S.E.A. - @NateD1226
L.A.N.D. - The Investors

Guest Reviewers
Anyone, Everyone!

This Project is due Wednesday, February 26th at 11:59 PM EST

Time Zones
Walt Disney World- 11:59 PM
Disneyland Park - 8:59 PM
Disneyland Paris - 5:59 AM
Disneyland Tokyo - 1:59 PM

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. After much discussion, The Agents of S.E.A. have come to a decision. This round was special as it centered around one of the most iconic locations in the SAU, but only one project can establish themselves within the Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe...

Team Tomorrow
There was some truly amazing stuff here! Some more time or some more man-power and this could have won! But as it stands, the project just wasn't fully developed. The concept/theme wasn't fully thought fleshed out. Some attractions/dining felt half finished. The project as a whole just didn't come together.

Team Yesterday!
There were some minor issues with cohesion and with the scale of certain aspects, but overall this was an incredible project that would really help Disneyland Brazil become even greater!

The teams are waiting in Brazil for Bob Iger and Bob Chapek to give their next mission which should begin shortly!

The Fortress of Fate has summoned...


To those called, The Fortress of Fate has summoned you. If you are mentioned in that thread, you will have 24 hours to plead your case. Elimination is on the line, and at least one player IS going home!
@FireMountain already resigned.

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