The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5 - ENDGAME


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Are you as ready as BONESAW for the Spider-Man debate?!??!

Going live in about ten minutes!


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Sorry about the delay on reviews. I had a classmate withdraw from a class and before they told our group they deleted our presentation due tomorrow so that is what I have done all day o_Oo_Oo_O


Well Roy Boi’s, starting off, the website is very nice!

I think the Jules Verne/ Steampunk look is a great theme to go with. It’s something that has been touched before, but we haven’t truly seen it done in the US. Like others have mentioned though, I feel like there was too much history. It took a few paragraphs before I even knew where this was going.

OnceI found out where it was going, it is a very realistic location. It is one of the few places I believe a water park could do well without taking up too much land.

Going to the attractions themselves, I really want to talk about The Voyage of the Nautilus. Adding show scenes to a lazy river is brilliant!! It is something I would never think to do but I would love to see now!

The rest of the attractions all feel great with a good amount of detail in them. I would have liked a little more detail for The Mysterious River Adventure.

Overall, this project was very good but I just need more details whether it’s from the map, or The Mysterious River Adventure, or a few other places I was just left wanting more.


One thing that is done really nicely here is the history of where the name comes from quickly before going straight into the new version of the name. It may be for just me but I have some simple spacing issues where words get covered up by images but it only happened for half a sentence.

The map is absolutely stunning!!! I love it so much! It is so detailed on what all is going here.

I think the theme of New England is very interesting and not one I would have thought of. I think the area is beautiful and could definitely work as a water park (even though I would only think of Jaws).

I need to talk about that art from Barnacle Junction… Wow!! Between that and the map, this project is in the running for best artwork all season!

From there, while Port Disney Water Works is the E-ticket, I am more interested in Tales of the Nor’East. It feels like a really fun attraction and one that I could see myself spending a good chunk of the day on.

Overall, this project is super detailed and had great artwork to accompany it!


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Are you guys also gonna talk about the bonus projects? That would also be fun, but I don't fully mind.
We will! But not tonight! Tonight is gonna be a bit of a quicker podcast due to Tiki's podcast schedule and me needing to work on my project for this next stanza. Current hope is to do two more podcasts sometime this week. One for the bonuses and one for the Stanza 13 projects.


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This project has been made with Google Slides. Remember to click present. If you cannot click present (example: mobile) I'd ask for you to wait til' you can to get the full effect, but if that is not an option you should be able to understand it all through the preview interface alone. The animations don't block (most of) the screen. When you are in the present mode, you will have to click to reach the next slide but not for the animations. During the ride through phase only, they start up a few seconds after the new slide appears. You should get a feeling when they are done and can then click forward.

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