The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5 - ENDGAME


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I really didn’t want it to come down to this, but I’m formally announcing my leave from the game, and from this community as well. It would have been really nice to win, or do well in a competition; I feel a lot of people look down on my skills in this community, but with my lack of quality content on display, can you blame them? There’s a lot of people on here that I admire, hopefully we cross paths in the future. Till then, I bid you farewell.

I am so sorry to hear this, and I'll hope you'll change your mind and return to rejoin us in the near future.


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I really didn’t want it to come down to this, but I’m formally announcing my leave from the game, and from this community as well. It would have been really nice to win, or do well in a competition; I feel a lot of people look down on my skills in this community, but with my lack of quality content on display, can you blame them? There’s a lot of people on here that I admire, hopefully we cross paths in the future. Till then, I bid you farewell.
Don’t say that because it’s not true! I love your work! I hope you will reconsider and hop back in the game.


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I really didn’t want it to come down to this, but I’m formally announcing my leave from the game, and from this community as well. It would have been really nice to win, or do well in a competition; I feel a lot of people look down on my skills in this community, but with my lack of quality content on display, can you blame them? There’s a lot of people on here that I admire, hopefully we cross paths in the future. Till then, I bid you farewell.
I believe I speak for all the hosts, guest judges, and competitors when I say that we are sorry to see you go. Your creative spirit was a great influence throughout this competition. Hope to see you around the boards in the future! :)

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Lost on the Other Ride bonus submission. Not necessarily my favorite villain, but just an idea I wanted to kick around for a slightly lesser known one.

Puppets on Parade

As one of the earliest and most beloved Disney films of all-time, Pinocchio has a fairly healthy presence in Disney parks around the world through the various iterations of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. All of these attractions though were built between twenty seven and thirty six years ago. Time for an update and upgrade is at hand.

Each follows the tried and true formula for a Fantasyland dark ride, and does a good job of hitting the highlights of the fantastic film. What does get glossed over after his intro at the start of these attractions though, is the wonderful, villainous character, Stromboli.

While not a beloved figure by any means, and his time in the film is not exorbitant, Stromboli has all of the great features of a classic Disney villain: A very stylized and fitting persona; A fun, jovial side that is very entertaining; And the treacherous turn in the film against our hero. With that, it is high time a new Pinocchio D-ticket attraction is added to the Magic Kingdom, however with a Stromboli focused narrative.

The circus has set up a permanent shop, as seen by all of the attractions in Storybook Circus of Fantasyland. With the circus though, there is always that underlying darker side to it. Even the classic Dumbo film shows this side, if the attraction itself does not. Puppets on Parade will fill that role with its addition to the land as well as bring back a touch of that small fear factor that was lost with the removal of a few original dark rides Snow White and Mr. Toad over the years from the rest of Fantasyland.

Stromboli has joined the circus on its recent stop and set up his Grand Marionette Theatre. With his newfound circus friends and increased foot traffic, he’s been afforded the chance to construct a grand theatre to entertain a large number of guests all day long. Unwitting guests curious of the show inside will venture in and find themselves immersed in both grand entertainment and subject to the whims of the massive Italian ringleader of puppets.

Fantasyland proper as it currently exists is pretty well jammed with attractions (and people). To fit our newest addition, some construction and moving will be needed as the land is pretty landlocked as it stands.


Pete’s Silly Sideshow the attached warehouse structure will be relocated along the rail line opening a pathway to take over some of the land behind The Little Mermaid. Magic Kingdom Drive will be rerouted around the back of the attraction still allowing for easy backstage access. In place of Pete’s old location will be smaller circus like structures to open up the path way to the attraction and provide additional theming for the land itself.


These changes will ensure that no current capacity is lost, but also add the attraction and continue the story of the smaller sub-land of Storybook Circus while ensuring minimal construction impacts to guests.

Ride Stats and Vehicle
4 min attraction length
Up to 4 riders per vehicle
1400 riders per hour

The attraction itself will be a trackless dark ride, much in the vein of Pooh’s Honey Hunt in Tokyo Disney Sea. While there are other trackless attractions going into Hollywood Studios and Epcot, this will be the first for Magic Kingdom. Using the trackless technology will further enhance the ride through itself and allow immersion and many viewpoints of a few of the larger scenes. Ride vehicles will be made to resemble a wooden wagon, much like one Stromboli would use in his vagabond travels around the countryside.

Approaching from the center of Storybook Circus and the Casey Jr. splash pad, guests make their way towards Puppets on Parade. Taking design elements from the Cirque d’Hiver in Paris, Stromboli’s Grand Marionette Theatre looms large at the back corner of the land with the colorful elements of Storybook worked in.


Entering the queue space, you are greeted by all number of posters of Stromboli (larger than life) and his puppets touring all of Italy and the rest of Europe. Look closely for a certain boy puppet who led to his initial rise to fame.

Wandering the queue you’ll be serenaded with a number of whimsical tunes. Various puppets and stage props line the walls and empty spaces as Stromboli is not exactly the most kempt of proprietors. You’ll eventually find your way the boarding area to begin your adventure, er show.

Ride Through

Scene 1 Good as Gold

As you slowly glide into the attraction, you are greeted by Stromboli himself, lovingly counting his haul in his theatre office of sorts. Twirling his knife in his hand as he sorts each and every one, he is too engrossed to notice you moving by. While he seems to be doing ok for himself with his new digs, he can be heard muttering about the golden goose that got away. One Pinocchio.


Scene 2 Anticipation
Leaving Stromboli’s office, you’ve made your way to the back to the entrance of the theater. Numerous guests can be seen milling about, waiting to find out what the hubbub is about. Hawkers are all over pushing food and other trinkets to boost Stromboli’s profits.

Scenes 3-4 The Showman
Entering the lobby of the Grand Marionnette begins one of the two grand scenes of the attraction. The room widens as you and numerous other attraction vehicles all make your way into the main body of the lobby where you are greeted by Stromboli himself in animatronic form.

Built using some of the newest technology, this A1000 animatronic has all of the lifelike qualities that you’ve seen from the soon to open Hondo in Galaxy’s Edge and Shaman in the Na'vi River Journey. Larger than life in appearance and motions, Stromboli breaks into song, his thick accent and baritone voice resonating throughout the room.

Welcome my friends, to my Grand Marionette
For a show, like nothing you’ve seen yet.
With the finest show around, of this there is no other bet.

I’ve got puppets of all sizes,
And a handful of surprises,
It won’t be long before the curtain rises.

With these hands, I pull the strings,
I’ll take your coin, your gold, your ring,
The music’s playing how much money did you bring?

Prepare to be entertained,
A few seats are all that remain,
Step up, step up and let me explain.

To watch, you must pay up,
Drop your offerings in this cup,
If you need a nudge, Stromboli will help you cough it up.

Make your way to the right,
I’ve got another show to start tonight,
Puppets on Parade will assuredly delight!

During this stirring musical number your vehicle glides around the lobby to the music, taking in the scene and decor around you. As Stromboli finishes his tune, a certain evil gleam in his eye, you make your way towards the theatre’s doors.

Scene 5 Things not as they Seem
What you thought was the theatre doors has instead opened up into Stromboli’s workshop. Filled wall to wall with tools, spare wooden parts and puppets upon puppets as far as the eye can see.

Scene 6 Part of the Show
“Welcome to my shop my friends” bellows Stromboli.

Making your way further into the workshop you find that you are not the only one lured here. In his desperation to find his next Pinocchio, he is planning to use you as lifelike fake puppets for his show.

“You will make great puppets for my show, Ha Ha Haaa”
What have you gotten yourself into?

Scene 7 Puppet for Life
As the workshop goes dark and Stromboli fades from view, the lighting makes it appear like you’ve all been caged. With Stromboli out of sight, the room comes to life ever so slightly and faint flickers of light fill the room.

It’s Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket!

“We heard Stromboli was up to more no good tricks so we had to come save you” says Pinocchio.
“Sit tight and we’ll have a big surprise for that scoundrel” pipes in Jiminy.

As the scene comes to a close, the din from the theater can be heard, and an organ in the background….

Scene 8-10 Puppets on Parade
Leaving the workshop, you’ve arrived inside the grand theater itself. Not opulent by any means, but a step up from Stromboli’s old bareboned stages from his traveling days. The scene opens up allowing numerous LPS vehicles to enter the room. Seated guests of all ages line the back of the room as you glide around and before you lies the puppet stage.

Stromboli is off to the side bellowing at you to get on stage as you spin around the room. Music fills the air and simple animatronic puppets dance and move around the stage as you almost forget you were supposed to be part of the show.


Before things can go further, the music suddenly changes and Pinocchio barges onto stage distracting everyone “I’ve got no strings…...

Meanwhile, Jiminy can be seen overhead cutting all of the strings to all of the puppets to help set you free.

As each vehicle makes it's way out the theatre, a sobbing Stromboli is heard in the background.

Scene 11
As your vehicle makes its daring escape out of the theater, Pinocchio and Jiminy are seen running beside you, towards the circus grounds and eventually home.

Making your way back to the starting point of your adventure you'll disembark from your vehicle. The queue/exit leads you down a path way into a small puppet shop as well as the opportunity to see your on ride photo. Through the magic photo, you've been turned into puppet-form, string and all!​


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You know what Disney owns now? Fox. You know what else they own now? Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Introducing: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules The Ride


Listening music

Disney has announced that Hollywood Land will be replaced by Worlds of Fox, a land celebrating all of Fox’s classic movies. From ALIEN Encounter to Ice Age. But the big E ticket ride will be replacing Monster’s Inc: Mike and Sully to the Rescue, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules The Ride.

The first thing guests notice when approaching the soon to be classic attraction is the unique exterior. The exterior is meant to look like Greg’s diary flipped open. On it are various drawings Greg did, none of which are flattering.

Going into the building, you get to see the roller rink. On a screen to the right, guests see Greg “skate” to his crush, Holly Hills. But, on a screen to the left, guests see Rodrick ruin the couples skate by having his band play.


Guests then board a roofless Loded Diper “van”. Guests hear Greg and Rodrick’s mom invent Mom Bucks before going to the next scene.


The next scene, guests see Rodrick’s party! There are people everywhere at Rodrick’s party and they are making a huge mess everywhere. Guests get their picture taken by a camera above the living room TV. At the end of the scene, guests see Rowley make a conga line before going into...


The prank scene where the van goes outside in front of a gas station. Guests see Rodrick and Greg laughing after putting fake vomit on a car, only to find out it is Greg’s PE teacher! Guests now follow Rodrick and Greg outside while they are being chased!

The next scene after that is the confession scene. The “van” goes back inside Greg’s home. There, the guests see the Heffley family have a huge argument in front of house guests after finding out about Rodrik’s party via photos from the camera. The TV in the living room shows slides from the party.

After that is the bathroom, where guests are at Greg’s Grandpa’s retirement home. Greg hid in the bathroom to get away from Rodrik, only to find out that he is in the women’s restroom! This scene is in the exact same spot as the current restroom scene, as a reference to the ride Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrik Rules The Ride replaced.

The next scene is the talent show. Guests see Patty sing, then turn to see a rollerskating kid, then turn to see Fregly and his puppet show, then turn to see Greg and Rowley’s magic act, before finally coming across Rodrick’s band, Loded Diper performing! Greg’s mom dances next to the band, causing a large crowd around the stage.


The final scene is back in the living room. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid theme music is playing. To the right of guests is the living room TV showing their photo! A reference to the classic attraction, Superstar Limo. Going forward is an interactive Rodrick animatronic, who will comment on guests. The Rodrick animatronic makes for a perfect replacement for Roz, as both are equally snarky. The ride ends with happy guests and memories that will last forever.
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In the Parks
Cipher Quest at Epcot


Based around Bill Cipher (loosely), Cipher Quest will be a new addition to the kidcot program. Guests can pick up small guidebook which has details on myths and cryptids from around the world (the kind that would make their way to Gravity Falls Oregon). Then, they take their guidebooks around the World Showcase looking for mysterious Cipher Symbols (triangles with a single eye and a top hat) which can be found near evidence that a local cryptids or weird creature was there.

These will be subtle things that help educate guests on mythology and urban legends that are a part of world culture in an engaging and fun way. As well as being a nice way to give the cult classic nature of Gravity Falls some in park representation without a large budget being so tied to the TV show that it would take be timeless.​

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Exciting news Disney fans! It's been 28 years since our first and very last issue, but we are excited to bring this publication back to life. While this is a very different announcement than our first issue, it is no less exciting, as we are overjoyed to formally announce the newest addition to the Disneyland Resort....

This brand new water park experience will be coming to Anaheim before you can believe it and we have all of the big news waiting for you at

(disclaimer: for mobile users, please utilize

In the coming months we'll be releasing more details on construction and keep you updated with any new details, along with all of the new daily ticket and annual pass possibilities that away you at this one of a kind park.



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Port Disney reviews coming tomorrow

@EvilgidgitThe Flying Dutchman
The Pirates of the Caribbean film series is proving itself fertile ground for theme parks (see: Shanghai Disneyland). The films’ settings are textured and lived-in. An exploratory Flying Dutchman very much fits that brand, and would doubtlessly be a worthwhile C-ticket addition wherever it goes. Disney has done a number of similar walkthrough ships, with examples in Shanghai and also DisneySea. Yours has more character – thanks in part to its villainous mood – and it has a more fleshed-out collection of interactive setpieces.

For this challenge, I greatly appreciate an attraction on this scale. Walkthroughs are often overlooked, but done well they can add immeasurable immersion. Some aspects of the proposal, like the elaborate Davy Jones animatronic, are very Blue Sky, though with a touch of realism since you’re duplicating an AA that already exists. This is a good project, especially given your very swift turnaround.

@OutboundHigh Speed Heist
This challenge was asking for a Blue Sky proposal rather than one for a specific park. But nearly every submission made that error. For now, I’ll take your DCA proposal in the spirit intended.

And in that spirit, it’s neat to see a new ride proposed for Cars Land. Sometimes these single-IP lands can feel thematically limited, and you’re playing within those constraints. The ride itself is essentially a Fantasyland dark ride, which bridges the gap between Radiator Springs Racers and flat rides like Mater’s. I greatly appreciate the ride map; I wish you’d made one of Cars Land to explain the location.

Peter Pan-type suspended rides are always a winning idea! A ride of this caliber likely won’t benefit from a pre-show. The premise is simple enough to be conveyed through queue and on-ride details. The ride is more story-driven (and thus dialogue-driven) than Radiator Springs Racers. It seems more like Universal’s approach to storytelling-via-ride. Does that make it less repeatable? Maybe. Be aware in the future (hint) about a dark ride’s storytelling limitations.

@Disney Dad 3000Puppets on Parade
While again this challenge didn’t call for a specific park, in this case your concept is more easily duplicated into other parks. And a Stromboli-themed Fantasyland dark ride is very much in the spirit of this prompt. (Also, you’ve anticipated Stanza XIII just a bit here!)

As a dark ride presentation, nearly everything is present! (Subtle hints, folks.) Map with location. Ride stats. Well-organized ridethrough. All we’re missing is a ride map like what @Outbound made.

Riders are direct participants into your story (Outbound did that too), which seems to be a great storytelling tactic. This is a simple tale – Stromboli captures us, then Pinocchio & Jiminy rescue us. It’s like a single sequence from a movie. For a 4 minute ride, that’s pretty much perfect. Much of the scenery sounds enchanting, from the next-gen Stromboli AA to the “Puppets on Parade” finale. Incidentally, as a name, “Puppets on Parade” doesn’t convey any character information. Disney likes possessive names like “Ariel’s This” or “Dumbo’s That.” One more common nitpick: the use of trackless vehicles. Other than some show scene pauses, nothing is described which couldn’t happen with a traditional bus bar ride. If anyone goes trackless in Stanza XIII (HINTS!) make it a crucial part of your ride!

@TwilightZoneDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules: The Ride
This is maybe the least “realistic” Friends on the Other Ride proposal. At least, it’s the hardest to imagine. A dark ride through ananimated worlds is a known thing, while one through contemporary settings filled with normal humans…there’s some strong Uncanny Valley potential here. But no fault to you, T-Zone! You’re going wild with the prompt!

Poor Superstar Limo. Poor Mike & Sully to the Rescue. This location sure is cursed! Ideally I’d prefer to see the space demolished and remade from scratch, so we’re not just always retheming the existing lousy ride layout. But oh well. As an excuse to create a ride out of Diary of a Wimpy Kid – something I have no familiarity with – it works fine. I hope you had fun with this!

@Pi on my CakeCipher Quest
Here’s another neat way to create an engaging attraction without making a ride…though once again with the unneeded park addition. An experience like this doesn’t specifically have to be placed in Epcot, although it is integrated well with the different worldwide cryptids.

The proposal is ideal for One Sentence Competition. With more time & resources, it could be expanded with, like, descriptions of each Cipher Symbol. Considering that you’re vacationing and writing on mobile, we understand the brevity.

@NateD1226Cruella’s Wild Journey
Cruella naturally lends herself to a Mr. Toad-style bus bar dark ride. The classic 101 Dalmatians does so too, with its flatly stylized visuals and its madcap chases. You’re taking an interesting approach by essentially retelling the story from the villain’s perspective. The “McMansion” façade is rather pointedly not Cruella’s Hell Hall, which seems a missed opportunity. Between that and the queue, there are aspects of Cruella’s iconography which seem missing.

(Also, sometimes you misspelled “Dalmatian.”)

The ride seems kinda all-over-the-place. It begins as a biographic prequel, then transitions into a basic “book report” ride. The story is told by Horace & Jasper’s narration instead of visually, which is less engaging. The chase at the end brings things to life, albeit rather abruptly as it’s only Scene 4. If you could have instead fleshed out Cruella’s chase and created a ride with a narrower focus and greater dramatic unity, you could have better realized the concept’s potential.

The ride map blows my mind!​


space's Guest Reviews

Port Disney By Team Roy's Bois
Before even getting into the project the one thing that stood out to me the most was the invaluable leadership and tenacity shown by @PerGronStudio as the project manager. The amount of growth over this season from PerGron I think culminated in his best performance as a leader and someone who would not quit despite the rest of the team dealing with schedule dilemmas. Regardless of a win or loss, this was a win for PerGron who really showed what he's capable of going forward in this game.

The concept was strong - albeit a bit predicable. It fit the prompt's objectives and stayed true to the original intentions of the park this prompt was based on. The map and all the concept art was impressive as it shows that even a brief animation can make a load of difference in the originality of the project, rather than just taking a picture off google images. The write-ups were solid for the most part and I think it was just the right length, though I would have liked to see a bit more on the restaurants. The site was organized and concise, though for the map it would have been nice if it was placed on each page in a top corner or something, with a star over the location you're describing. To know where you are in the park you basically have to memorize the map on page 1 before going into the descriptions.

Overall, it's a very worthy entry and high praise again to the leadership for pulling this through.

Port Disney by Team Walt
Having spent 6ish years living in New England I can say that you definitely did your research when it comes to the detail and design of this water park. I was slightly hesitant on the design at first mainly because I saw it more as a theme park (ala a Liberty Square) rather than a water park - though as the days went on and the park began to fill out, it grew on me.

I still think there are more theme park elements than probably should in a water park, but the overall package makes up for it.

That overall package being an incredible team effort in art, detail, design -- from the wix site, to the custom art, to the inclusion of Howard Johnson/Hojo which yes is in New England, all in all it was something to behold.

Before continuing into the positives, my two areas of suggestion would be when designing the Wix site, you have to make sure the pictures line up. Trust me from doing this before, the person making the Wix site has a different dimensional orientation and sometimes if you don't make separate text boxes and leave enough room between texts and the pictures, the pictures will overlap the bottom line of text. That's what happened to me - not a big deal in the grand scheme of things just something to note for the future.

Also I would have done something with the Paradise Pier hotel - even just a mention in passing since you're so close to it - just something like 'Phase 2 we intend to morph Paradise Pier into a New England themed Yachting marina hotel or something like that.

The action is really in the details, the full menu write-ups, the impressive Fog Harbor - really stuff that will live on in this game for Seasons to come (speaking of which we are in Season 5 not 6 🤙)

In the end - high quality job by Team Walt and best of luck with the results to all!


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I'd really appreciate if you guys tuned in to tonight's special Disney Debates tonight. SandyClaws will be making his hosting debut in a series of Spider-Man related matches. Meanwhile, BlueDragonFive comes out of retirement to challenge me in a special one time only exhibition grudge match. Questions include.

  1. Which side character in "Into the Spider-Verse" deserves a spin-off film?
  2. Assuming JK Simmons isn't coming back, who should be recast as J. Jonah Jaemson in the MCU?
  3. Who is the best villain in the Raimi trilogy?

SandyClaws and Jacob Wile will be co-hosting, which means we'll be turning to the live comments in the event of any judging ties. Going live at 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific.



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Before I talk about the project itself, I just wanted to say that @PerGronStudio, despite your evil avatar (booo Roy Anderson!), you really wowed me as a Project Manager. Your attention to detail, leadership, and organization were astonishing. If this round were before the awards show, you may have earned yourself a best director award!

Obviously your team was down a player due to Brer having to leave early for personal reasons - and Pi was on vacation. This project was great, especially considering the circumstances!

The IP you chose for your whole park was great from an armchair imagineering standpoint - we here love the idea of Vernian influences, but I worry that it is not too appealing to the average tourist at Disneyland - who comes to Disney to see Mickey, princesses, Star Wars, etc.

Your attractions were all great and the custom imagery throughout the proposal was really a highlight. I worry that there may be too . many dark rides and not enough diverse slides/pools for a water park though.

Also, I agree with space that it was confusing to conceptualize how all these small pieces fit together, though that can most likely just be accounted for with time constraints.

Overall, fantastic proposal!​


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First off, your proposal was incredibly formatted. The website was elegant with perfectly placed im)ages and beautifully written descriptions (thanks James!. Now that's teamwork - everyone showcased their strengths perfectly here to make for a great proposal.

I loved the New England theme (though, I'm mostly familiar with its use as an apocalypse in Fallout 4, so...) as the setting for Port Disney. It has all the charms of small towns on Lake Michigan that I remember spending summers in.

Your proposal felt like a really elegant take on water parks. I thought that Outbound's map was great and really helped me visualize how every bit of this puzzle fit together. I liked the town and water park separation and how this felt like it could be a full day experience. It felt like a next gen water theme park. Like what Universal's Volcano Bay claimed to be.

I loved the Infinity War reference in the ice cream shop. I'm a sucker for that stuff. Anything comic booky really makes me smile. (Though, I wish you did all the Avengers there. If Hulk and Stark have ice creams, probably so do Thor, Cap, Natasha, and Clint. Small fun nitpick :) )

Last small critique, I wish you mentioned Paradise Pier hotel more. I know it wasn't in the prompt, but I could really see this being an eyesore to the park and breaking the immersion (though given Mission Breakout, it's evident Disney barely cares about this).

Overall, awesome job Team Walt!​

D Hulk

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I’d like to praise both teams for how you tackled Disneyland Resort’s space issues. Both water park locations were realistic, and both teams dealt well with Anaheim’s built-in spatial constraints. Quality over quantity! Much as I would adore a third theme park, Southern California to date has NO good water parks. Now it would!

Narrowing in on Roy’s Bois, let’s start with the theme. It’s very promising! Jules Verne steampunk is no stranger to Imagineering, as you admit, but it’s underrepresented at DLR and hasn’t been featured yet in a water park setting. It’s a natural fit for this park type. Riveted pipe slides and complex theming details would elevate your Port Disney above any water park Imagineering has yet created. There is the definite option of duplicating design details from places like Discoveryland or DisneySea’s Mysterious Island, which is a realistic way to save on development costs and would still be unique in California. Given Disneyland’s history, more direct Discovery Bay references would have been greatly appreciated.


Speaking of history…there’s too much of it in your presentation. We begin with several whole paragraphs basically summarizing the brainstorming process, which isn’t needed. Begin by selling us on the awesomeness of the steampunk theme! Don’t lead in by calling your theme unoriginal! A common premise with these Armchair Imagineering presentations is that you’re making a pitch to investors. The history of Port Disney in Long Beach is wholly extraneous to your pitch and it should be ditched.

Regarding the attraction and dining line-up, you’ve got your bases covered. This certainly has the expected mixture of water park features, all of them carefully integrated into your theme. Both teams took steps to elevate the water park format beyond what’s seen today at, like, Volcano Bay or Typhoon Lagoon, making something that’s closer to a theme park in terms of total immersion. I would really enjoy visiting either of these parks!

Voyage of the Nautilus
Turning a lazy river into a dark ride? Brilliant! This ride alone has more animatronics, by my estimate, than every existing water park on earth combined. If it’s doable – and I think it is – this alone would make your Port Disney a must-do.

A Trip to the Moon
Once again you’ve taken a standard water ride – a water coaster – and elevated it to E-ticket status. I imagine this being much like the original version of Paris’ Space Mountain, with its George Melies detailing. It might be an odd sensation to feel splashing water while ostensibly hurtling through outer space, but with a fabulist approach it should work.

Discovery Lagoon
PerGron the zoologist strikes again! People love the shark encounter at Typhoon, and SeaWorld’s boutique Aquatica. Doing something similar gives Port Disney a leg up on other regional water parks, and it does so without devouring much acreage.

Lighthouse Water Slide
This starts to cover your need for generic water slides. A few more elements like this would give Port Disney a deeper attraction bench, and at present they’re missing.

The Mysterious Island
There are a few more slides in here, along with many other needed features. Climate-control might be unnecessary in Southern California (see how few of our queues are indoors). This feels a little like forcing an attraction for “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

Ship Tester Wave Pool
A well-themed wave pool. That’s hard to do, and you’ve done it. Good job.

The Mysterious River Adventure
With just two short paragraphs, this feels like an underdetailed afterthought. As a “quick moving” lazy river, it also feels redundant with Voyage of the Nautilus, particularly when we don’t yet have, say, a family raft ride.

Shopping & Dining
You’ve satisfied the basic requirements. Granted, water parks traditionally focus much less on shopping and dining, but a quick glance at Team Walt’s achievements will show what’s lacking here.

Comparing your work to Team Walt, you have entirely in contrast a lack of detail. The map is less developed, and the sum total effect of your concept art is less transporting. With strong underlying concepts and development from both teams, that will likely give Team Walt the win. That being said, Team Roy should be proud of their accomplishment. This especially goes to @PerGronStudio, who with his third time at bat as Project Manager totally carried his team! PerGron has emerged late in this game as a true powerhouse player. He represents what The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is all about!​

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Original Poster


Team Walt impresses right out of the gate! The website is lovely, the premise/theme is swiftly established, and the accompanying imagery (map, art) solidifies your ideas. The local Long Beach history of Port Disney is touched upon, but the focus is on new concepts…as it should be.

The New England seaside town theme is a wise choice for Southern California, as it would be totally unique. It’s also admirably distinct from the typical tropical water parks. This is a less fantastical concept than Roy’s steampunk. Where their idea seems fundamentally “DisneySea,” yours is fundamentally “World Showcase.” It’s more adult and more elegant. That said, Imagineering would recycle designs from DisneySea’s Cape Cod area. That’s a lovely and underrated place, and a good foundation for a water park.


Team Walt wins the teamwork award for this round. This presentation is the result of many players carefully combining their skill sets. Kudos to our resident wordsmith @James G., who carried his team with extensive writing & proofreading which lent the whole thing a consistent voice. Add to that @Outbound ‘s visual development, from the exceptional map (nice Hidden Mickey!) to the intuitive website. These contributions elevate the work done by everyone into one of the most cohesive presentations of the season!

I like your division of sections. “Swim” provides the water park basics. Looking over your attraction list, the only glaring omission is a water coaster…and I understand this omission once I get to “Play.”

You’ve rightly realized that a water park, unlike a theme park, is more about the overall impact than distinctive rides. Each attraction plays into the New England ambiance, with just enough unique on-ride sights (animatronic otters) to be distinctive. I like how The Mountains create a large collection of water slides under one umbrella. The @Disney Dad 3000 artwork for Barnacle Junction is some of the best from this season.

Both teams are elevating the water park format. That is most evident here. Port Disney is a dining destination with some water slides attached.

Plymouth Rock Tavern, set outside of the park, benefits the resort. That activates the area around Paradise Pier Hotel. I would my time between here and Trader Sam’s after a day in the parks.

The Black Rat Tavernnice name, James! – provides New England chow on a more accessible scale. Water park food tends to be deeply mediocre tenders and fries, and you’ve totally upped that game Delicious!

Hojo’s Hot Dogs & Port Disney Ice Cream Parlor – Nice extra eateries. There’s something in your presentation style which make these feel classier than expected, a je ne sais quoi which permeates all of Port Disney.

Specialty Dining – Good addition. Not much to say, except that inclusions like this do a ton to flesh out Team Walt’s presentation.

No shopping?!

With the “Play” section, you take the extreme step of adding theme park attractions! You don’t overtly state this, but it’s a radical concept which has the potential to make Port Disney a game-changer. Some of these inclusions I think are big winners, and others are too “out there”…but Blue Sky Imagineering thrives on such wild ideas.

Water Works – This one’s a winner! (The name is, ironically, a little dry.) A shoot-the-chutes in a water park just makes sense. It lets you do more splashing tricks without drenching clothed guests. I apologize that I’m unable to go in detail through the extensive write-ups here in “Play,” but that detail is to be commended.

Tales of the Nor’East – The boat ride mechanism seems a little repetitive after Water Works, but the underlying thematic concept is sound. American folklore is a recurring trope this season! As a ride-through, it’s very heavy on the narration. Are theme park rides usually this chatty?! Beyond that I like it, a sort of submerged Haunted Mansion.

Fog Harbor Maritime Tours – An F-Ticket?! Whoa! This one I’m unsure of. Disney does up-charges, sure, like those behind-the-scenes tours in Disneyland. Typically, at least in Anaheim, these don’t require huge extra infrastructure. Your ambition was into overdrive here, and in this one instance I’m not wholly convinced.

Goofy’s Fire Funhouse – Fun!

Also, I like how you’ve folded the Fab Five characters into the New England setting. They become an additional detail rather than the central concept (much like the Fab Five in DisneySea), and they add a distinctly “Disney” touch.


Look, James, it's Duffy!

There might be a few additional nitpicks – Paradise Pier Hotel’s tacky façade is in plain sight! – but overall this is an exceptional proposal. The presentation elements, from the website to the writing, make your underlying concept really sing. Great work, Team Walt!​
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@AceAstro will get his reviews completed later this evening. But for now...

Maleficent's final lieutenant has been defeated. The ENDGAME is within sight. Our players have been developing their skills as teams, and those skills will soon be put to their greatest test yet! Here's how things stack up on the eve of battle.

Team Roy
What Roy did well: A good theme, good location, good development of that concept while also elevating the water park form, all done with exceptional Project Management.
communication lead to a solid presentation, with highlights including a great ad, charming art, and careful attention to Sorcerer's Apprentice lore.
What Roy did poorly: A lack of details compared to their opponents.

Team Walt
What Walt did well: Excellent teamwork combined every player's strengths, from writing to organization to visual aids, to truly sell your revolutionary water park concept.
What Walt did poorly: Lack of attention in certain areas, such as Paradise Pier Hotel sightlines, prove that Team Walt is mortal.

Congratulations! You have completed all the stars on Yen Sid’s hat! Only the moon remains!


Cheers to our heroes for obliterating Ursula!


Additional cheers to all who participated in the optional challenge. You have banished Dr. Facilier to the other side!


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