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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5: ENDGAME - Hype Thread


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Guess they nagged him after the whole "Nondescript India Coaster" thing and a jokey post he made about IP rides.
So, DisTwitter's irrational hatred of change and new stuff has rendered them unable to get jokes? I'm surprised it took them this long. Seriously, DisTwitter--or as I like to call them, the "Walt-Right"--just gives Disney fans a bad name.


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On this day #buzzywasaninsidejob has been confirmed.
Speaking of police documents, for what it's worth, I stumbled upon the Orange County Sheriff's Office's database search for property crimes, which was interesting to me what appeared not to be reflected there.

From the police reports for BDD/Patrick Spikes available through the OCSO's website and what we know about the Buzzy theft from news reports and insider info here, the clothes and hands went missing in August 2018 (Grand Theft Case #18-406839). The database I mentioned only shows crimes from the previous 90 days, so the theft in August would not be expected to be on there. However, (unless I missed an updated report somewhere in the great urban exploration debate), the animatronic itself was not reported missing until November, which would be in the 90 day window.

It appears that Epcot is in "Zone 60" which is also the zone that handled the questioning of BDD in relation to the Buzzy clothing theft (according to the resisting arrest report that's been previously posted and is available on the Sheriff's site). There are no reports of commercial theft in November 2018 posted on the site. https://www.ocso.com/Crime-Information/zone/60 (screenshot below). It just has reports of a couple of auto break ins that correspond to the Disney Springs area for that time frame. (Also, if interested, it appears that the Magic Kingdom is in "Zone 61," https://www.ocso.com/Crime-Information/zone/61).

The database is just a listing of initial complaints along with the date and general area, so there would not seem to be a compelling reason for a theft report in November to be missing. Plus, if they filed a report for grand theft over just the jacket, hat, and hands in August, you would think that they would file a report if the whole animatronic was stolen in November.

Now, there could be a good reason there is not a report from November and that the animatronic itself was stolen, but I just thought this was a curious thing to be absent from their database if there was in fact a theft report in that timeframe.

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This would support the idea what someone within the company removed it without authorization so Disney is handling it internally.
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