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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5: ENDGAME - Hype Thread


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Why did they feel the need to put it on DVD, Nickelodeon, Netflix, short movies that played before Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots, Madagascar 3: Europe ‘s Most Wanted in the U.K., and free giveaways in cereal boxes?
I theory is that Dreamworks to cut costs by re-releasing the already-made theme park movie (of their most popular franchise, mind you) that they happened to have the rights to instead of making like 5 more specials. They make more money for spending no money.


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I'd really appreciate if you guys tuned in to tonight's special Disney Debates tonight. SandyClaws will be making his hosting debut in a series of Spider-Man related matches. Meanwhile, BlueDragonFive comes out of retirement to challenge me in a special one time only exhibition grudge match. Questions include.

  1. Which side character in "Into the Spider-Verse" deserves a spin-off film?
  2. Assuming JK Simmons isn't coming back, who should be recast as J. Jonah Jaemson in the MCU?
  3. Who is the best villain in the Raimi trilogy?

SandyClaws and Jacob Wile will be co-hosting, which means we'll be turning to the live comments in the event of any judging ties. Going live at 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific.



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Don't want to interrupt the flow of the competition in the Endgame thread, so just thought I'd throw out a quick word of congrats for everyone that made it through. I only have just gotten the time to write reviews for the last Stanza (I have been busy with college, work, and my own Project), but there are already so many guest reviews that are so in-depth that I really don't feel like I could add too much. Additionally, I know you all are already deep into the next portion and don't want to distract! Again, you all did amazing work; use the same level of energy on the next portion!

Pi on my Cake

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So, saw a billboard today in Orlando that just said #Bendy with a picture of the dancing demon. Feels way to early for billboards for a second game (on top of that being a weird way to advertise an indie game). But it's about the right time to start some viral marketing for HHN, isn't it?

Team Princes, could our maze be a reality?
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