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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition - Discussion Thread


One Little Spark...
It's interesting to see the change in media on different aspects.

I feel like just looking at Disney lens on Spanish culture through looking at the WRE Banditos all the way to Coco shows a big shift - Very Interesting.

I hope there's something in the future for Native American Culture - There's some great stories from the Montana/Wyoming tribes that'd be excellent on screen.
We...have talked about this.
I always seem to like the Pixar films that don't necessarily have the uber mass marketing appeal. Up, Wall-e, etc
Ironically I saw all of those before I saw the Incredibles (which I just saw for the first time in full last week)

As much as I like comic book films -- I still like Pixar's one-off films more. Up, Inside Out, Ratatouille, etc
Still haven't seen that film, and have no plans to do so. Ditto for the first two Toy Stories
You know me -- I'm big into comic book movies. I don't understand what is so special about The Incredibles.

It's a standard comic book plotline...but in animation, and with a family dynamic, which don't get me wrong...is good and all, but I don't see how that puts it above introspective others that to me at least were more impactful.
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