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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 3

Sam Magic

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Shortly after I woke up this morning I found out that a lady named Ms. Ellie passed away from brain cancer. She was my old neighbor, but a grandmother to me. The love, care, and encouragement to do acting and even imagineering made her truly family for me. Over the coming days I'm not sure how much I will be coming on as this was completely unexpected and depressing.

I will always strive to help my team as much as I can, and finish pre-committed projects. I just felt that everyone needed to know why I would not be as active as I normally am and know that I would not simply stop participating if it wasn't for something like this. Thank you all for being fantastic imagineers and even better friends. I look forward to the rest of this contest and the forums future. Thank you.

I also want to note, that this is not me dropping out of the contest. This is more of a heads up and thank you.



“Welcome to a kingdom of animals... real, ancient and imagined: a kingdom ruled by lions, dinosaurs and dragons; a kingdom of balance, harmony and survival; a kingdom we enter to share in the wonder, gaze at the beauty, thrill at the drama, and learn.”

Those words were spoken by then CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Michael Eisner, as part of the Animal Kingdom opening day celebration on Earth Day, April 22, 1998. As a zoological park, the conservation efforts for all animal species are linked with the intrinsic value of understanding our planet’s natural habitats. The biology of global change this world has faced with the rise of industry has negatively affected many ecological environments that animals inhabit. As time presses on, we must look back on our past and present journeys to build towards an environmentally sustainable future of “balance and harmony” among all species, creating…

Symbiosis: The Synergy of Nature

Unfortunately since its inception, Animal Kingdom’s message has become befuddled in the desultory decisions regarding the park. Most recently, the Tree of Life sustained wind damage and a branch fell off, prompting poor thematic netting to be placed below the tree for safety precautions. In our scenario, several attempts to stabilize the tree ended up failing in the long run, and the deteriorating Tree of Life became an impromptu icon for the debilitating condition of the entire park.

Inspired by the once treasured philosophy surrounding Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney Imagineering put together a team to catapult the park to its potential. The best place to start would be the centerpiece of the park, the Tree of Life. Given its condition and the almost 20 year old IP show at its base, WDI decided to gut the It’s Tough to be a Bug 3-D show, while expanding and enhancing the Tree of Life. A daunting challenge given the design of the Tree, WDI sought to re-imagine the tree structure with a more stable and structurally supportive branch system to combat hurricane force winds. The Tree would also rise to a new height of 174 feet, creating a more noticeable and magnificent icon for the park. By expanding the Tree of Life, WDI could implement its core attraction with the purpose of integrating the different cultural and ecological themes in the park.

With the expansion of the Tree of Life, some changes will occur to the surrounding Discovery Island. Firstly, the Tree's new roots will weave in and out of the ground. This will allow the guests to walk under the massive roots at some points. This also gives the appearance that the tree is the island. Due to the island connecting to all lands, the construction of roots will happen in phases so there is always an open path. On the island, there are some shops and restaurants. These will be able to remain in their current places. The tree expansion will also effect the Discovery Island Trails. They will be reworked to move around the new expansion.

Attraction Synopsis:
Symbiosis: The Synergy of Nature will be a brand new Omni-mover dark ride attraction inside the new Tree of Life. It depicts the chronological events of our planet from the dawn of Earth, to a hopeful future, showing how each species has had an impact on the world. The conclusion of the attraction will illustrate how human conservation efforts help shape a new age of synergy among species.

Attraction Map and Infrastructure:
Here you can see our blueprint map of the land where our attraction will be. Most of Discovery Island will remain unchanged except for the removal of It's Tough to be a Bug, and the reworking of the interior and outer portions of the Tree of Life, which are further detailed below

Figure 1 - Tree of Life Pre Refurb - From an aerial perspective, you can see the It's Tough to be a Bug theater within the base of the Tree of Life.

Figure 2 - Tree of Life Post Refurb - From an aerial perspective, you can see the changes made to the Tree of Life. It's Tough to be a Bug has been removed and the Load/Unload area of our attraction has been placed in its location. The Tree has also been expanded to facilitate the space for our double helix ride finale. The entrance has been moved and the queue slightly altered and extended to compensate for the increased demand for the attraction. The ride show building, (below ground) is outlined along with the ride path and emergency exits

Figure 3 - Tree of Life Pre Refurb - This image shows the Tree of Life trunk and base infrastructure before our attraction along with pre-refurb height and width lengths.

Figure 4 - Tree of Life Post Refurb - This image illustrates the Tree of Life trunk and base infrastructure with our attraction. To represent a more iconic image, and to allow space for our attraction, we have expanded and enlarged the Tree of Life as described in our blueprint, while also adding to the leaf, branch, and animal carving totals. The total number of animal carvings into the Tree of Life is now over 350 different animals.

Attraction Ride-System Description:
Starting in the bottom right hand corner and rotating clockwise, you can see detailed perspectives of the ride vehicle for our attraction:

1) The ride vehicle is themed after a tree branch from the Tree of Life, taking you on a journey through the past, present, and future of our ecosystem. Fitted with a 6x4ft base and a 6ft height design, these omnimovers travel sideways similar to the old Disney attraction, Horizons. The key differences in design is illustrated in the following images.

2) An overhead view showing how the ride system moves along with the scenes in front of the guests. Noticeable here is that the track is behind the ride vehicle, a concept further explored in the next image.

3) The side-view angle reveals how unlike Horizons, instead of the track being on top of the omnimovers, it is behind them. This allowed the imagineers to design the omnimovers without a roof, which will be a valuable thematic addition to the ride, as now guests have a more open viewing canvas and can be immersed in the special effects of the ride in front of them, to the sides, and above. The vehicles and ride track use a magnetic field to move along the path. The magnets on the back of the ride vehicles interact with the magnets on the track and guide it along at a slow-moving steady pace.

4) The attraction statistics for Symbiosis: The Synergy of Nature

Attraction Queue Description:
Attraction Queue Concept Art

As you approach the entrance to the attraction you notice the majesty and look in awe at the immense Tree of Life in the distance. Here you pass under the attraction sign and begin your trek to explore the wonders it has in store. You wind around greenery, a small river, and even encounter some exotic animals along the way. As you get closer to the tree, you notice detailed carvings into its wood of an eclectic variety of animal species. Winding deeper into the lush greenery and towards the base of the tree, you soon venture inside a small opening in the tree and enter a wood cave made out of one of the trees roots. The temperature becomes colder as you press on into the unknown.

You approach a large holding area and notice that a dark yet colorful ceiling covering a series of switchbacks below. As you meander your way around the base of the tree you contemplate the notion that perhaps this tree is alive. Perhaps those lights shooting above you are actually neuronal firings soaring down axons above you, almost like you’re in the Tree’s Central Nervous System. As the background music swells, you feel a strong sense of transport out of a theme park and into a whole other dimension. One of knowledge, mysticism, beauty, and inspiration.

The holding area leads into the Load area where guests board their Omnimover vehicles and proceed on their journey deeper into the Tree of Life, as the colorful neuronal firings glisten overhead.

Attraction Load Area Concept Art

Attraction Ride-Through:
(Note that the nine scenes are broken up into three sections: Life, Death, and Rebirth - representing the circle of life. Our ride-through music is also provided below)
Part 1 - Life

Scene 1 - The Birth of the Universe and Life
Rounding a corner, out of the loading area, you find yourself in a tube of sorts. You notice that this tube is made entirely of the deep colored, neuronal tree roots that twisted above your head in seemingly endless ways back in the Tree of Life’s main atrium.

“What is this world we have found ourselves participants in?” a soothing female voice beckons. “We all simply accept our existence, but never take the time to look at the whole picture and ask ‘why.’ In truth, this world is an incredibly diverse, yet equally fragile, ecosystem of organisms all with one common goal: survival. And while the answer seems so simple, we still don’t understand it.”

As we are taken in by this rather mysterious unplaceable voice, we notice the tunnel changing. The tree roots have begun to wrap tighter around each other. They become more active, as they fade into deeper hues of red and blue and seem to fire more bulbs of light more actively and frequently. The tunnel does not tighten, or become smaller in size; it just becomes thicker as more and more layers of light-firing roots wrap and warp around each other, creating an unbreakable and unsolvable knot.

And suddenly it opens. Blackness.

“To understand, we must go back. All the way to the beginning.” whispers the voice.

With that, you round a corner and are greeted by a great flash. The blackness is now everything; a universe. The constant stream of vehicles curves around this strange mass of stars and nebulae.

“With a flash, life.” continues the strange voice. “An endless pool of solar systems and stars were laid out by one single and sudden event. And yet, one planet carried something special: the seeds of life.”

Scene 1 Concept Art

Scene 2 - The Seeds of Life
Rounding another corner, the vast starscapes of the Universe’s birth have faded and focused now into a night sky. You are on Earth, slowly passing through a dense deciduous forest. You pass a slew of animals, peacefully going about their day. You pass owls, who hoot quietly in a tree, as well as a few deer, who graze peacefully in a small clearing. You also pass a small stream, full of jumping fish. Passing through this peaceful forest, the voice continues:

“One single planet held the secret to life, and with it, hundreds of thousands of species grew and evolved, learning to live and work with, and against, each other. But, of course, one species ruled above the others.”

Scene 2 Concept Art

Scene 3 - Man and Beast (Survival)
The scene shift slightly. While you are still in a deciduous forest, you a small farming village. You pass by ancient man, as they use domesticated horses to help tend their farms.

“Man was the only species able to properly control the other organisms of Earth. They harvested seeds, creating farms that would provide them with food, and they domesticated animals to help tend these farms. Ancient man took from the land, but took only what they needed. Man and beast had a harmonious relationship.”

Leaving the farm behind, you find yourself back in the forest, this time surrounded by a hunting party, all carrying ancient weapons. You can see that they are stalking a small herd of deer. The voice continues:

“Naturally, man also excelled in the hunt, hunting only what they needed and using all that they could of the animals kind enough to provide them food. Over time, however, man became more ruthless, focusing only on the betterment of their own kind.”

Scene 3 Concept Art

Part 2 - Death
Scene 4 - Man's Mistreatment of Earth
“As time dragged on, man lost its connection with the planet it had called home for so many generations. Massive forests were burned to the ground to facilitate their desire to expand, displacing the hundreds of animals from their homes.”

Leaving the forest behind, you find yourself in a mountainous area. There isn’t much in the foreground, but off in the distance, you can see fracking structures and various mining equipment digging into the rockface.

“They dug to the deepest depths of the earth, in search of riches and materials required to power their machines. They found them, but at a cost.”

The scene again shifts back to a forest. You again see a hunting party, this time carrying modern rifles, again stalking a herd of deer.

“What was once necessity became sport. Man continued the hunt, but hunted for glory and riches, rather than for food. Species were driven to extinction, while others were left with dwindling numbers with no hope of recovery.”

Scene 4 Concept Art

Scene 5 - Pollution and its Effects on Animals/Nature
The scene focuses out a bit. You can see a polluted river, and a dying forest devoid of animals. Of in the distance sits a large cityscape with a thick cloud of smog hovering above. The voice continues.

“The water turned dark and polluted, and the animals left, driven from their natural homes. Man did not know what their actions could bring.”

Scene 5 Concept Art

Scene 6 - The Earth's "Death"
The scene again changes to a physical montage of sorts, showing different parts of the earth in turmoil. You can see ice caps melting, forests burning, and mountains crumbling. All of the runoff of each of these scenes flows directly into a dark-colored pool of polluted water, which sits atop a plateau of crumbling earth. The voice continues.

“As ice melts, and mountains crumble, man continues to shape the planet to fit their needs, without realizing just what they are doing. If man continues down this path, it will only lead to destruction. Man has forgotten life’s most basic meaning.”
Scene 6 Concept Art

Part 3 - Rebirth
Scene 7 - The Microverse
Again blackness. You soon start to feel that you’re moving upward. Suddenly, you see it. Atoms. A sea of atoms lays before you, all bouncing about in thousands of directions. The voice continues.

“What man has failed to realize is that every species is the same. Everything on earth are all fighting for survival.”

The atoms shift to DNA.

“That’s the beauty of Earth.” the voice continues. “There are so many species, all trying to survive, and live together in harmony.”

The DNA shifts to red blood cells.

“The challenge, however, is keeping the balance. That is what life is about: balance - symbiosis.”

The red blood cells shift to a tangle of neurons.

“And it is man’s duty to protect this planet, not destroy it. Humans have the power to really shape this planet for the better.”

The tangle of neurons slowly shift into a slew of different animals, including humans.

“A place is needed to truly showcase this need for cooperation; a place where people may learn not only of this strange world we’ve found ourselves on, but also of the plants and animals that we have lived with for millennia.”

The various animals face into wood carvings matching those on the branches of the tree of life. You notice that the vehicles are moving outside.


Scene 7 Concept Art

Scene 8 - Animal Kingdom Reveal
Adjusting to the light, you find yourself at the top of the Tree of Life, looking out onto the park from a covered alcove in the tree. As you wrap around the front of the tree, taking in this beautiful new view of the park, the voice continues.

“Disney’s Animal Kingdom stands as a testament man’s current effort to help save not only the planet, but the animals that live on it. Here, animals are cared for and studied in the effort to gain a better understanding of this planet and how to properly maintain it. You are invited to explore this world, and discover for yourselves this planet, its’ past, and its’ future.”

You round a corner, returning into the depths of the Tree.

Scene 8 Concept Art

Scene 9 - Symbiosis
You notice that the vehicles are now descending. In front of you is a giant wheel, showing different biomes, and their native animals. At the top sits the Tree of Life. The voice continues.

“Despite man’s destructive nature, many are currently trying to help save this planet. These people have joined together in various conservation efforts to help protect hundreds of endangered and threatened species. With these efforts, species have been saved, pollution has lessened in some areas, and, most importantly, the people have been made aware of these very serious problems. It is man’s duty to protect this planet; not only for them, but for the other species that cannot protect themselves. It is paramount that man work towards a symbiotic relationship with nature, giving as much as they take.”

Reaching the bottom, you make a small loop around a large globe.

“If these efforts are continued, Earth will most certainly continue in this cycle without worry.”

As you continue into load, you hear the voice once more.

“We thank you for joining us on this journey, and hope that you have discovered and learned why humanity must help continue to maintain this earth. Thank you and continue to explore and discover here at Disney's Animal Kingdom.”

Scene 9 Concept Art

The challenge asked us to create a new ride for Disney's Animal Kingdom within a current themed land and one that fits the overarching theme of the park.

Our attraction is designed to not only fit the overarching themes of Disney's Animal Kingdom including environmental awareness, ecological habitats, and animal conservation, but to moreover bring all of those themes into a cohesive indoor family attraction at the center of the theme park.

Symbiosis: The Synergy of Nature unites all of the park's themes together at its hub and within the its icon. As the first ride the guests see once the enter the park, we placed it here specifically so that guests would get a good sense of the park's message, and take that with them into the other lands that radiate out from the hub. We hope that this addition will lead Disney's Animal Kingdom and the themes it represents, into a promising future.


Thank you for reading Team Goofy's presentation. :)
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(Project Manager @Bucfan87, @RMichael21, @Zweiland and @tcool)



This week, Team Mickey's solution hinges on one observation: Africa in Animal Kingdom, as it currently stands, only features elements themed on the Sub-Saharan regions. In a natural-themed park, we feel that this is a slight to the incredibly diverse flora and fauna of the continent. To correct this, we at Team Mickey have sought this week to expand the reach of the land into Northeastern Africa, and the incredibly rich culture and nature of Egypt.

Skies of Africa: The Flight to Egypt will be an amazing journey through air and sea. We will weave a story over the continent, observing creatures that could previously not be seen anywhere in the park. This will all be enabled by a unique suspended Omnimover system.



Skies of Africa: The Flight to Egypt and its surrounding area are located to the north of Pandora: The World of Avatar, to the west of Discovery Island, and to the south of the rest of Africa. An interior cave-themed bridge to the area is located on the boundaries of all of these lands. The current backstage facilities will be relocated around the walkways and the service roads will be rebuilt underneath the caves, out of sight of guests. This is similar to the Disneyland Resort's Downtown Disney, where a busy avenue runs below the walkway.

Because the attraction and its surrounding area are completely indoors, there will be no need to disguise other backstage facilities around the attraction.

The Mini-Land
Once guests have passed through one of the three entrance ways, they will be inside a large cavern, supposedly deep below the ground in Ancient Egypt (actually, the path slopes upwards to allow service vehicles to pass backstage underneath). The area features a medium-sized underground spring. Along the high rock walls are cave drawings of Ancient Egyptian mythology and hieroglyphics. These tell the stories of the different animal gods of Egypt. There are quick ways to enter and exit the caves to access the attraction, or there is also the option of exploring some of the longer routes for an experience not unlike that of Tom Sawyer Island.

The Queue

The entrance of the attraction is located in the center of the cavern, with the Standby and Fastpass+ queues beginning a steep spiral decent (back to ground level). However, it isn't long before the path levels out and guests find themselves winding through the cave system. This queue is similar in detail to the Disneyland Resort's Indiana Jones Adventure, which is considered one of the highest themed attraction queues on the planet.

As guests continue through the caves, lined with sharp and jagged rocks, the walls begin to turn to stone bricks. The farther into the queue guests go, the farther into this "temple" they'll travel. On the walls are hieroglyphics that, similar to the cavern, tell a story about Ancient Egyptian mythology. While much of this may seem quite dark and scary, the cave and temple are themed with a sort of whimsical twist that allows it to be both dark and family-friendly at the same time. Soon, guests emerge into the preshow area (a large room with a switchback queue) where an animatronic man with wings of a bird is standing high above. It is here that the man tells guests the backstory of the attraction.

Our story begins in a cave. Here in this cave a man lives with great power, power so great that he can transform himself and others into birds. These humans-turned-birds help carry the spirit of African mythology and legends throughout the continent. They spread stories of the mighty Sphinx and the elusive Nile Crocodile from Egypt, and the stories of animals throughout the continent of Africa. All of these stories that are told are spread down from mother to son, grandfather to granddaughter. Generations and generations... Now it's your turn to be the learner, as you experience Skies of Africa: Flight to Egypt.

Our attraction follows our hero, who tells the story of how he turned into a bird in the middle of South Africa on a journey back here to Egypt. Throughout this great, family adventure, he'll spread the tales of African and Egyption mythology.

Finally, guests will leave this large room and enter the loading area, as they take off onto their very own Flight to Egypt.

Ride Vehicles


The center disk on the mechanism will be able to rotate in any direction and also pivot to tilt forward or backward while facing any direction. It will have a simple restraint bar similar to PPF. Each vehicle will display a unique Ancient Egyptian emblem on its front.

The Attraction

South Africa
We see our hero transform from a man into a bird in a spectacular animatronic effect. His silhouette begins to rise, and we follow it upward. Moving over the massive hills and valleys of the Blyde River, this section will set the tone for the up close and grand nature of the attraction.

As the vehicles fly over Blyde River Canyon Hippos are seen wading in the water. While a group of warthogs in the mud. Two warthogs will be fighting in the mud. Perched upon a stone eating a fruit will be a red billed horn bill.


We move to a section over water and only a few feet from the river. We hear the water rushing, and it becomes obvious there is a waterfall ahead. We plunge into the river itself, with projection effects making it seem like we are underwater. Several Hippos will be seen eating some underwater plants, and various colorful fish of the river will be seen swimming around. While elephants swim above the guests. At the edge, the water falls from under us, and we fly off the edge of Victoria Falls to a spectacular vista.


We move to the dense jungles of the Congo. The humming of large bugs is heard. Several animals are heard running from the vehicles. Guests approach various empty gorilla nests. We eventually run into a family of gorillas with the mother nursing the baby.

The setting quickly turns dark and stormy as a beating of drums is heard throughout the scene. Hyenas are running around as we enter, and the baboons are playing and climbing over rocks. Shango, the rhythm god of thunder appears before us.


We fly outside and see a group of lions and giraffes. The lions are lounging about relaxing. Several gazelles are seen at a watering hole. While girafes feed on some of the high branches of the tree. Here, the track is hidden by "trees" above so it seems like we are still actually flying,

Finale (Egypt)

Similar to the way we saw the elephants and hippos on the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls, we travel up the Nile. Crocodiles can be seen, along with fish and other creatures. The river will bend and we will keep moving forward. We pull up slightly, and before us are the pyramids of Giza.

While soaring around the pyramids we encounter several animals snake cats, scarabs, snakes, jackals, and spiders, as well as their counterpart gods. Finally, atop a statue of Horus, sits a falcon. We fly into an opening on the front of a pyramid and come to a landing inside.



Jameel Gifts

As guests finally exit they enter Jameel Gifts. They can see that they are now in an old Egyptian Tomb. Various hieroglyphics line the walls of the shop. Littered throughout the gift shop are artifacts from a mummy's tomb. The gift shop will have areas to sell merchandise, from apparel to pins.

Apparel -
Animal Kingdom T-Shirt, Flight to Egypt T-Shirt, Egyptian Mickey T- Shirt, Egyptian Minnie T-Shirt, Spinx & Pyramid T-Shirt, Flight to Egypt Shirt, Magic Carpet Ride T-Shirt

Pins -
Animal Kingdom Pin, Egyptian Mickey Pin, Egyptian Minnie Pin, Egyptian Goofy Pin, Egyptian Donald Pin, Genie Pin, Aladdin Pin, Jasmine Pin, Pyramids Pin, Sphinx Pin, Flight to Egypt Pin

Misc. -
Animal Kingdom Mug, Flight to Egypt Mug, Crocodile Plush, Egyptian Mickey Plush, Egyptian Minnie Plush

Thanks for reading Team Mickey's Challenge 6 submission! See you real soon! :)
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Love the concept of the ride. It fits perfectly with the idea and concept of Animal Kingdom. Not 100 sure how realistic the entire re-engineering of the Tree of Life is. It would take multiple years and almost complete rebuild of the entire structure in order to expand it as much as you have. The name is slightly awkward but I could get used to it. Love how much art and descriptive illustrations you proposal has. Really like the feel of the attraction and the feeling of the entire Tree really being alive. I wish I knew more about the narrator, is it the Tree? Mother Nature? a Natural Spirt? Great ride descriptions and narration. Very nice ride overall that truly fits the theme of the park. Good Job.


Nice new team logo and great ride logo. Simple and Clean. The cave entrance is a cool unique way to approach the attraction. I really like how you guys put together a concept that is something that hasn’t been explored before in a competition. It has a truly original backstory that involves both animals and old mythology. Glad you didn’t go with a soaring type ride but I wish the ride system was a little less ski lift looking. Im a little confused with the overall message of the ride. Is it more animal themed or a soarin type ride through the wonders of Africa and mythos. Its a great ride but I wish I had a little more detail. My one big question is this a Animal Kingdom ride or an EPCOT ride because it kinda feels like an EPCOT ride with Animals. Overall fantastic original ride concept. Good Job.


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Team Goofy:

I can tell this was a huge passion project for the group, and it shows! What a ton of effort and dedication put behind it. Before I critique it at all just let me say that the presentation element of this thing is absolutely beautiful between the blueprints and drawings. Bottom line: I love the ambition on display here.

With that in mind, I also have a few concerns. As pointed out by Vipraa, it's a HUGE task. The blueprints you provided showed that it can be done, but what I'm more worried about is how the park will look when the project is under construction. That's a lot of ground to cover in a plot of land that's essentially the "hub" of the park. Also, while I give you a ton of props for incorporating such thought provoking ideas, I thought the whole pollution and man-kind destroying the Earth angle was maybe laid on just a little thick...

Team Mickey: Really nice choice of location expanding Africa out to Egypt. I feel like Egypt has such a rich look, feel, and history to it on its own that people might forget it's technically part of a much larger continent. The ride was well done with some really creative ideas. I like the direction of having bird/human creatures and that being pulled from Egyptian lore. With all that said, it's obvious that Team Goofy has you beat hands down in the presentation, detail, and research department. (Not saying your presentation isn't good, just that in a competition setting theirs very much overshadows yours...) with that in mind, this should be an interesting decision.


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He hasn't stepped down but Tiki and I and are filling in currently. I can't speak for JDM but I know he has had a busy personal schedule and tech issues. From the Judges PM
Guys I just found out that I might have to take a break from the forum for a few weeks coming up. If it happens, I would be back for the last few challenges for SA.

Rest assured SA will continue through this season and future seasons and does have @jdmdisney99 blessing


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Challenge Seven: The Streets Go Wild!


Team Goofy's Project Manager: @Sam4D23
Team Mickey's Project Manager: @Zweiland

For this challenge, teams will be tasked with designing a street performance for Disney's Animal Kingdom. The park has a huge array of culture to draw from, so be sure to put your thinking caps on and come up with something unique! Because this is a smaller project, the due date will have a smaller window. This project will be due Monday, August 17th

Available Turn In Times:
2 PM Eastern
4 PM Eastern
6 PM Eastern
8 PM Eastern

Because of some feedback, we've slightly adjusted the grading scale.

Creativity - 20 points
Detail - 15 points
Presentation - 10 points
Group work - 5 points

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