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Universal Studios Florida has a variety of city themes around its lagoon center. From Hollywood, to New York, to San Francisco, to London. In 2019, get ready for the 5th city "land" in the park....

In our scenario, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley has become so popular that guests have demanded that the London waterfront area expand. Next to London is the World Expo, featuring an attraction called Fear Factor: Live, that in 2017, became the site of Harry Potter "Phase 3" - The Ministry of Magic.

With the extension of the London facade, World Expo's only remaining attraction, Men In Black: Alien Attack, became out of place and plans were pushed forward to connect London to another international city, allowing a more fluid transition in the east end of the park. This is where the notion of Paris became a reality. The land partially sits on the location once held by Men in Black: Alien Attack, but is mostly in a large expansion pad towards the south-east end of the park. Placing the new land here allows for a positive net gain in attractions as a whole, increases capacity, and hopefully generates a lot of enthusiasm for what the land will bring to the guests....

1 - The Bourne Identity - drift through the Paris streets with Jason Bourne
2 - Inception: Dream Within a Dream - travel within dreams for the ultimate thrill
3 - Les Miserables: The Musical - 25 min shows every top of the hour
A - Les Patisseries des Etoiles - fine assorted French pastries and drinks
B - La Maison Soldes - French styled store with themed merchandise
C - Hugo's - Les Miserables themed store with novelties
D - La Cafe Monet - Art Nouveau Restaurant
E - Cafe Debussy - Quick-Service Restaurant
* - The June Rebellion Streetmosphere
** - Restrooms

Overall, the land is designed to immerse guests with a myriad of opportunities to explore the streets of Paris, ride through perilous theatrical adventures, shop and dine in eloquent settings, and sing the songs of angry men. We hope you enjoy it!

-The Bourne Identity

Relive one of the most memorable car chase scenes in cinema history from the film, The Bourne Identity, as you travel with Jason Bourne in a vintage Austin Mini Cooper ride vehicle through the traffic heavy streets of Paris to evade capture from the police and CIA.

Attraction Facade:

As guests approach the attraction, they enter a seemingly elegant and regal French hotel. However, once they are inside they realize that the CIA black operation program, Operation Treadstone, has infiltrated the building searching for an amnesiac assassin. Alexander Conklin, the head of Treadstone, is heard on the intercom addressing the fact that all of the people in the hotel are possible suspects. Guests then enter an alleyway and hear Jason Bourne's voice in the distance as they approach the load/unload station of the attraction.

Ride Vehicle and Attraction Layout:

Your ride vehicle is themed after the car driven by Jason Bourne in the film; a red Austin Mini Cooper. There is no roof to the vehicles though to allow easier access to and from the vehicles in case of emergencies, etc. The ride vehicle seats 5. Two in the front and three in the back row. The ride system is similar to the technology used in Crush's Coaster. The vehicles swing on the turns to simulate the sensations of sharp turns, spins, and drifts that Bourne makes throughout the chase scene. As seen above, the ride goes through a series of 11 scenes, all intended to replicate the chase scene below. You will pass by physical Paris sets as you careen though the streets themed after the locations in the film.

Attraction Statistics:
Theme - The Bourne Identity Paris Chase
Ride Design - Dark Ride Coaster
Top Speed - 24 mph
Number of Vehicles - 20
Vehicle Capacity - 5
Ride Time - 3:30
Hourly Capacity - 1714 guests
Height-Restriction - 42 inches
Express Pass - Yes
Wheelchair Accessible - Yes


Note: As an added bonus, there are speakers and a bass inside of all the vehicles, blasting the song "Ready, Steady, Go" by Paul Oakenfold throughout the ride, just like in the film.

2 - INCEPTION: Dream Within A Dream
Enter the Paris engineering school where Dom Cobb's father used to teach and prepare for the journey of a lifetime. As you sit in a lecture hall, you are informed that you've been recruited by a professor to perform "inception" on a rival architect who has stolen design plans. Your mission is to convince the architect to give back those stolen plans through inception. Utilizing an all new "active-ride system", enter the dream world and discover all the radical notions that take place inside it, as you and your team try to complete the perilous mission.

Attraction Facade and Queue:
The main entrance to the attraction is a Paris themed building similar to ones in the image above. Covering the 60 foot tall show building is the city bending effect seen above, which denotes the end of the Paris section. There is an alleyway to the left of the Inception attraction that brings guests passed the Les Miserables: The Musical and back out towards the exit of the land.

Guests enter the main door to an engineering school where they are seated in a large lecture hall. A projection screen comes down from the ceiling as you are greeted by a professor of architectural engineering, Dr. James Grant, who explains how his design plans have been stolen from him by a rival architect, Dr. Sam Earhart. The plans were for a series of futuristic, never before seen, rotating towers that would change the way buildings are designed in the future. Using dream technologies provided by Cobal Engineering, Dr. Grant needs to assemble a team to plant an idea in Dr. Earhart's mind, that the stolen architectural plans aren't structurally accurate and the designs are faulty. Dr. Grant claims that in order for the genesis of this idea to evolve from Dr. Earhart's mind, they will need to perform inception three dream layers deep. A dream within a dream within a dream. Dr. Grant and Dr. Earhart are taking a long flight from Paris to the United States, giving the team enough time to complete the job en route.

Dr. Grant explains the three dream levels to the guests:

The first dream level will be a small village that acts as a maze. Inside, Dr. Earhart will be visited by an administrative member of Cobal, who tells him that they are aware of the stolen plans. Dr. Grant will "save" Dr. Earhart by bringing him into a vehicle and bringing him down to the second dream level.

The second dream level will be inside one of Dr. Earhart's new buildings on a rotating floor. It's here that Dr. Earhart will see how the plans he stole "weren't" accurate, and the constant rotations are causing the building to wobble.

The third dream level is a cityscape with hundreds of rotating buildings. A chase ensues throughout the city as Cobal will attempt to capture Dr. Earhart for stealing the plans. In order to ride "the kick" back up to the top, the rotating cityscape begins to collapse, which duels as a motivator for Dr. Earhart to give the stolen plans back.

Dr. Grant also explains that you, the guests, will have an active role in accomplishing the mission. You will work in groups of four.

Navigator - pilots the vehicles around the dream worlds
2 Protectors - defend the vehicle against trained dream security projections
Architect - can design ways to escape threats throughout the dream levels

Once the mission has been explained, Dr. Grant puffs a sleeping gas into the lecture hall, causing the entire audience to enter the dream world. As guests continue forward, they walk through a series of interactive hallways that include impossible shapes such as the Penrose Steps and the Ames Room. The interactive queue enables guests to get in touch with how the dream world cheats architecture and provides illusions. The queue then winds up a set of ramps to the third level where guests load to their ride vehicles

Ride Vehicle and Attraction Layout:

The ride vehicle uses a new technology known as an "active-ride system." The vehicles run on a LPS navigated track, but have enough flexibility that allows the guests to partially control the motion of the vehicles. (Think the next level of the spin technology in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin combined with the next level of trackless dark rides)

There are three levels to the attraction. The Load/Unload section is on the third level and the ride proceed to descend to lower levels before riding the "kick" back up to the top at the end of the dream sequence. On each level described in the blueprint above, there are 12 cars active at a time, and 12 cars ascending up towards the load/unload.

After the vehicles load, they will be split into three distinct ride paths (though they all follow the same basic storyline) The ride paths have video projection screens running parallel to them at all times, seen below. This provides the guests a visceral experience and the video screens allow for dream images that feel visceral and truly encompass the guests in the experience.

After the vehicles complete the mazes, they enter dark elevator shafts that transport the vehicles down the lower dream levels. Once on the bottom floor, all vehicles enter the larger elevator shaft on the top left of each level on the blueprint, that ascends the vehicles back up to the unload section via "the kick".

(Note the music is designed to synchronize with the reading of each Dream Level)

Level 3 - Dream 1 (The Village)

After loading, the vehicles approach a dark location with Dr. Grant's voice-over being heard in the background. "Dr. Earhart has had training to defend his mind against people like us, we need to act fast". Suddenly out of the blackness you are zooming down an village street where you see Dr. Earhart being lectured by a Cobal administrator. The architect in your vehicle is told to design a rope to pull Dr. Earhart into the vehicle. Once Dr. Earhart is in, Cobal chases you down the street as the navigator speeds in and out of the village maze in order to lose them. The two protectors defend the vehicle against incoming security projections, firing their devices to disable the attacks. As you continue to speed around Dr. Grant informs Dr. Earhart that he is there to save him, much to Earhart's shock. Grant puts a bag on Earhart's head, and puts everyone asleep for the second dream level. The vehicles enter the elevator shaft and slowly drop down to the next dream level in pitch blackness.

Level 2 - Dream 2 (Rotating Building)

Arising out of the black and on Level 2, the vehicles proceed forward at the base of a large rotating skyscraper, the vehicles proceed into the giant atrium of the building and ascend to the 50th floor, where the building begins to wobble. Earhart sees for himself that the design is faulty as the shaking of the building is causing distress among the inhabitants. At that moment, Earhart's projections arrive in order to stop you and your vehicle. The protectors begin firing away at the projections and the navigator winds through the hallways to try and find an escape. The building really begins to shake and a loud crash is heard from above. The first dream level has already started the kick, which means that they must enter the third dream level fast so that they don't miss the second wave of the kick and get trapped in limbo. Because the vehicle in the first dream level has flown off a cliff (initiating the kick) the second dream level is now forced into zero gravity. Your vehicle floats around the slowly rotating floors of the building, all suspended in midair. As the protectors continue to defend the vehicle and the navigator attempts to escape their clutches, the architect is told design a propulsion system that rockets the vehicle down the atrium. This will act as a kick for the second dream level. As the vehicle begins plummeting down to the ground, the vehicles enter the elevator shaft and the third dream level is initiated.

Level 1 - Dream 3 (Rotating Cityscape)

Driving with Dr. Earhart on the highway in the middle of a large city of rotating buildings, Earhart witnesses them all wobbling and the townspeople blaming him for the designs. With Cobal still hot on the tail and dream projections trying to knock your vehicle down, Dr. Grant initiates the final kick by causing an earthquake and collapsing the dream. As you speed along the streets they begin to split apart and the buildings begin to topple around you, causing Dr. Earhart to have second thoughts about the stolen plans. As the buildings collapse you enter the large elevator shaft where the 12 vehicles begin to ascend up to the Load/Unload area. As you pass each floor you see the vehicle in the second dream level reach the bottom of the atrium, which allows you to continue to ascend upwards towards the first dream level. As soon as you reach the village, you see the vehicle reach the bottom of the cliff, the music swells and everything goes black for an instant.

The vehicles slowly begin to move forward as the lights turn on and the unloading section is seen. Guests disembark the vehicles and see the backside of the lecture hall they were just in with Dr. Grant nodding and smiling to them as they walk past, confirming that you performed inception. You walk back out onto the Paris streets and are immediately met with the city bending effect on your left, which suspends your disbelief for a brief moment of whether you're still dreaming or not....

Attraction Statistics:
Theme - Inception
Ride Design - Active Ride System
Top Speed - 15 mph
Number of Vehicles - 24
Vehicle Capacity - 4
Ride Time - 3:20
Hourly Capacity - 1700 guests
Height-Restriction - No
Express Pass - Yes
Wheelchair Accessible - Yes

3 - Les Miserables


Based on the cherished French novel by Victor Hugo and further populated by the 2012 film, Les Miserables has come to Universal Studios Florida. Running continuously at the top of the hour, these 25-minute shows will bring the story and songs you love to life in this Boardway-style musical event.

Attraction Facade:
The back corner of our Paris land will feature a very unique architectural design, dissimilar to the rest of the land. Victor Hugo's novel had a very specific depiction of 1832 Paris, and the designers of not only the 2012 film's sets, but the engineers at Universal Creative, wanted to ensure the structures were built with the utmost attention to detail.

The Musical will be housed inside the Ru de la Chanvrerie. The buildings will stand around 30 feet tall, completely encompassing the guests into the atmosphere and aura of the time period. The cobblestone streets lead the way into the theater, which is surrounded by a variety of easter eggs from the film and novel including the ophthalmologist's shop on the left, as well as the variety of other business signs that stemmed from the classic novel.

Theater Capacity is 675 guests

Jean Valjean, a morally conflicted paroled convict, prisoner 24601, and the protagonist. Failing to find work with his yellow parole note and redeemed by the Bishop of Digne's mercy, he tears his passport up and conceals his identity in order to live his life again as an honest man. However, Javert constantly pursues him.

Fantine, a struggling single mother who becomes a street prostitute in order to pay for her child's well-being

Javert, a willful police inspector, originally a prison-guard, who becomes obsessed with hunting down Valjean to whom he refers as "Prisoner 24601"

Éponine, the young daughter of the sinister Thénardiers who was pampered and spoiled as a child but grows up to be ragged in Paris.

Cosette, Fantine's daughter, who is abused and mistreated by the Thénardiers

Marius Pontmercy, a French student and revolutionary who falls in love with Cosette

Monsieur and Madame Thénardier, a crooked couple who own an inn and exploit their customers.

Enjolras, leader of the student revolutionaries who seek to bring revolution and change to France

Gavroche, a hotheaded young boy who is adored by the people and aligns himself with their revolution – he is a true symbol of the youth and boldness of the rebellion.

Grantaire a revolutionary who doesn't believe in the causes and loves Enjolras.

Song List:
Prologue: Work Song 0:00 - 3:30
Prologue: What Have I Done? 3:50 - 5:00
I Dreamed A Dream 5:30 - 8:50
Stars 9:10 - 12:10
Do You Hear the People Sing? 12:30 - 13:45
One Day More 14:00 - 16:30
A Heart Full of Love 16:50 - 18:00
Night of Anguish 18:30 - 20:30
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables 21:00 - 23:50
Do You Hear the People Sing? (Reprise) 23:50 - 25:00

A - Les Patisseries des Etoiles
(Pastries of the Stars)
Towards the entrance to Paris on the right hand side, this small pastry shop serves a variety of desserts, at especially, macaroons. The shop will hopefully be a crowd pleaser to all with a sweet tooth.

B - La Maison Soldes
La Maison Soldes or Mansion of the Sales is themed to the stores and Boutiques found on famous Parisian boulevards of St. Germain and Rue de Rivoli, this store will specialize in selling imported goods from France. Here guests to Universal Studios Orlando will be able to purchase clothes, scarfs, bags, and other souvenirs that are authentically French. As an added treat, on the second floor tyou can browse the La Maison Soldes bookstore filled with a variety of French literature ranging from the medival era to the present day. It will be unique shopping experience only found at Universal Studios.

C - Hugo's
Located near the exit of the Les Miserables: The Musical is the gift shop Hugo's. Named after the author of the novel Les Miserables, this shop will specialize in novelties from the film. Here guests will be able to purchase clothing, costumes, dvds, paintings, and other themed gifts. It will be the #1 destination for the musical fan in your family.

D - La Cafe Monet
Inspired by the Parisian Cafe Le Petit Zinc, La Cafe Monet will be one of the finest restaurants in an Universal theme park. The restaurant will be decorated in a lavish Art Nouveau style, a style popularized in France during the late 1800s as a result of the Industrial Revolution. It's iconic curves and naturally ornate style will immerse guests into a world filled with French wonder and imagination. Large recreations of Monet paintings will adorn the walls allowing guests to explore the mind of one of the greatest French painters, and the main for whom the restaurant is named.

The food served here will be traditional French seafood. A dinner menu and beverage menu is provided below:



E - Cafe Debussy
Themed after the memorable "we're dreaming?" scene from Inception (seen above), this quaint outdoor/indoor cafe is a quick-service restaurant serving a variety of French specialties consisting mainly of salads, soups, and fish. The restaurant is located parallel and across the street from the Inception: Dream within a Dream attraction.

* - The June Rebellion - Streetmosphere

Throughout the day, cast members and stage performers will gather around and sing a variety of the songs from the music on the cobble stone streets in front of the Les Miserables theater. The guests can join in as well and truly become part of the rebellion.

After perusing through our land, we hope that guests feel as if they've truly played an active part in the movies all while experiences the wonders of the Paris backdrop.

Thank you for reading Team Goofy's presentation! :)
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Team Mickey Presents....

Baker Street
This week, Team Mickey has been tasked by The Sorcerer Yen Sid to create an all new themed area for Universal Orlando's headliner park, Universal Studios Florida.

For the past 5 years, Universal's parent company Comcast has been on a building spree, opening roughly a dozen new experiences for the resort's guests. With Baker Street, even more opportunities for family fun will come to Orlando's premier vacation destination.

Baker Street is an all new area at Universal Studios Florida that will transport guests into Victorian Era London. Visitors to this expansion will be able to help Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery in an interactive dark ride or be scared in a highly-themed Edgar Allen Poe Horror walk-through giving guests a good fright. Next, guests will be guided through the tragic tale of the Baudelaire children in a family-friendly dark ride, with a narration taken from the journals of Lemony Snicket and they'll be able to interact with some of Victorian London's most iconic characters on the main avenue of Baker Street. Guests can dine in a table service restaurant serving "Kung Poe Chicken" and can purchase collectables and merchandise in one of two themed stores.

So, without further ado, let's take a walk down Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes
This "interactive experience" will bring guests directly into the world of Sherlock Holmes, beginning at his office at the famed 221B Baker Street.


The attraction begins as a walkthrough, with a path entering the front door of the building and up to the second floor, into the study of Holmes. The walkthrough is from the perspective of Dr. Watson, who has just walked into the study to find that Sherlock is missing. Through a voiceover narration, Dr. Watson tries to use the powers of deduction employed by Holmes to determine where the detective could be. For instance, Watson notes that the fireplace is still lit, which tells him that Holmes left hastily. As usual, Watson is far off the mark.

In the next scene, Holmes enters and addresses the audience. "Ah, my dear Watson. I presumed you would call, so naturally I left the fire burning for your convenience." Holmes explains that he has been for a morning stroll, and was recognized and approached by a gentleman with a curious problem. The man's name was Victor Collingwood. Holmes describes how Collingwood was robbed of his pocket watch on the street-- not an unusual crime-- but he received a message by post requesting his presence at a certain address that very night if he wanted his watch back.

At this point, guests board a black horse-drawn trolley to experience the remainder of the attraction. It is now just before dusk, and Holmes has asked Victor Collingwood to appear at the address as requested. Meanwhile, Holmes and Watson have staked out in a nearby location to observe. The sun goes down and fog fills the street.


When Collingwood knocks on the door, there is no answer. Suddenly, a live cast member enters the trolley, playing the part of an anonymous villain. It is now obvious that the entire plot was a set-up to bait Sherlock Holmes into a trap. But Holmes himself can be seen fleeing. The cast member scowls. "He's gone, the weasel. But no matter, we'll catch him." For the remainder of the ride, the CM commandeers the trolley on a short chase through the London streets. Holmes wins in the end, as he leads the trolley right into a police crew led by Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard.

We exit the trolley and walk into the next scene, where we hear Watson's voice-over. "You knew it was a set-up! You told the police ahead of time! But how?"

Sherlock responds. "Elementary. Remember our very own Victor Collingwood? He himself was working as part of the plot against us." He goes on to explain how he deduced that Collingwood actually had his pocket watch in his possession all along, based on his gait. Therefore he had to have been lying about the entire incident.

Holmes continues. "Though Collingwood is not his real name, his fatal mistake was that he has used the pseudonym before. I managed to discover the address of his boarding-house-- needless to say, he too will have the police waiting for him at home."

Poe House of Horror
This attraction combines live actors and voice over audio elements to bring some of the Poets most famous works to life. In the style of Poseidon’s Fury at Islands of Adventure, we have a walk through show attraction that will overload your senses and is guaranteed to leave you scared stiff.


A large house sits near the end of the street. It is Dark and looks like it is falling apart. A few dead plants can be seen near the front door and a small plaque above it reads “POE”. Upon entering the house we walk past a dining room and begin down a hall way to the first room.

The Raven
We enter a large reading chamber. Book shelves cover the walls and a fireplace to the left side houses a large fire with a high backed chair facing it. A deep knocking is heard and the narrator begins to speak the famous poem. We hear the doors open and a raven fly’s in and appears on the statue above the door. We slowly build tension with the reading of the poem. When reaching the climax lights begin to flicker and the raven keeps repeating “never more”. The narrator grows anxious and screams at the conclusion of the poem. The doors open and we continue down a hallway to the next room

The Fall of the House of Usher.
We enter the room with a man on a bed and another reading to him. The narrator’s voice is heard explaining that he has come to his friend’s home because he is sick. He tells of how a week ago his friend’s sister died in the same house we are in now. He will attempt to keep the sick man’s mind off his illness by reading. As he reads a story the sounds of animals and other strange noises begin to fill the room. The sick man loses his mind and claims that his sister is buried alive under the house. Upon this notion the lights flicker and noises grow louder and at height of tension the door bursts open with a bloody figure of the man’s sister in it. The narrator explains that at this he runs from the house. And watched it sink into the ground as it split in two.

The Pit and the Pendulum
We enter a large dark room. The voice of the narrator begins to say that you have been found guilty and that you are sentenced to death. The room goes dark and only a light above eliminates a pendulum with a razor sharp edge. As it swings back and forth we notice it getting closer and closer. The Voice begins to describe how you have been tied to a rack of some kind. He also informs you of the rats on the floor. Streams of air are blown from the floor to simulate the rats running by your feet. The Dramatic tension builds and as the pendulum seems to be about to cut you lights go dark. The narrator says that the rats have chewed to bonds keeping us in place. The walls begin to glow green and the narrator begins to describe the walls closing in on us. They slowly move closer to you and again as tension builds we begin to think we will be forced into the pit. The tension breaks with a sudden slamming of a door and General Lasalle tells us that we have been freed. We exit the room, walk down one last hallway and to the exit back out to the park.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Atrocious Attraction
Guests making their way down Baker Street will eventually come upon a rather unassuming-looking apartment building. Above the open doorway hangs a large sign which reads “A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Atrocious Attraction.” Curious guests will, obviously, make their way through the front doors and into the rather dingy complex hall.

Passing into the building, guests find themselves at the bottom of a large stairwell. This is a fairly unassuming staircase - all that’s really here are a bunch of doors to other apartments. The only thing of note while climbing the staircase is a locked custodial closet with a strange microphone attached to it.

Reaching the top, guests will find another open door. Next to the door are two small brass signs right on top of each other. The topmost sign reads “Apt. 667” while, while the lower sign reads“Snicket.”

Guests will first notice that the apartment is rather sparsely decorated. Nothing hangs from the stained, peeling walls, and the floor is an uncarpeted dark wood. All that sit in the room is an old, simple bed, and a small desk with a medium sized cork board leaning against the wall. On the bed sits an old-looking accordion. On the desk sits an old grainy picture of a woman, as well as a large unkempt stack of notes. On the corkboard are an assortment of pictures, all of a trio of children and a tall menacing-looking man.

Oddly, despite the apartment being in disrepair, there is an absolutely beautiful white-paned, wide-open window on the right wall. The window is massive, looking out into the city at dusk. On the other side of the window is an endless stream of odd-looking contraptions, each outfitted with a set of propellers. Guests may climb through the window and board one of these contraptions, which hang over a darkened alleyway.

The contraption leaves the strange apartment behind, passing above the alleyway, and out into the city. Guests are now above a gigantic cityscape at dusk. As they pass over the city, a voice can be heard.

“Dear Riders,
If you have come to this attraction expecting a story of a trio of happy-go-lucky orphans who are adopted by a menacing, yet redeemable villain accompanied by a troupe of yellow banana men, I’m afraid that you have arrived at the wrong place. This, in actuality, is the story of a trio of young orphans tormented by a vile, evil man. These siblings, Violet, Klaus, and little Sunny, while kindhearted and quick-witted, are a rather unlucky bunch, facing only misery and misfortune wherever they step. So, please, do not be fooled. This is a rather unfortunate tale.
If you find sad tales about children disconcerting, turn back now. Furthermore, if you are frightened by burning manor homes, tall unibrowed men, staged weddings, and slow-moving suspended vehicles, I would advise you to turn back now.
I must follow these three children, chronicling each of their depressing dilemmae, but you may leave this attraction and seek something of a lighter fare. Of course, if you haven’t already boarded the aforementioned attraction.
With all due respect,
Lemony Snicket”

As guests pass over the city, they begin to move in closer to one building in particular. While the rest of the city looks peaceful, this building is totally engulfed in flame. Snicket continues:

“Stories, naturally, have a beginning. Some happy, others funny, and others still very sad. This, unfortunately, falls into the third of the categories. The Beaudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny were once happy. They lived in a very large house with a very large and expansive library, free to do as they pleased. All that changed one day when their home was destroyed in a terrible blaze. The three youngsters not only lost their home, but their parents as well. This was only the first of a series of unfortunate events.”

As Snicket ends, guests round a corner, leaving the vast cityscape behind. They are now at the ruins of the Beaudelaire Mansion. In front of the mansion stand the Beaudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sonny, as well as Mr. Poe, who was put in charge of the orphans’ affairs by their parents. The four look out onto the smoldering pile of ash in despair. As guests leave the mansion behind, Snicket continues:

“The Beaudelaire orphans probably thought that their situation could not get any worse. Sadly, and as is to be expected in a story such as this, they were wrong.”

Guests now find themselves in front of another house with a large out of place tower. This house is in shambles. It is very large and grand-looking, but has very obviously fallen into disrepair. Guests pass by the house’s front porch. On the porch stand the three Beaudelaire children, accompanied by Mr. Poe. In the doorway is a tall, menacing man. As guests pass, they can hear him greeting the children:

“Hello, hello, hello.”

Again, Snicket continues:

“Count Olaf was a repulsive man; repulsive, meaning unpleasant. Figuratively, of course. While the three orphans had never heard his name uttered until that morning, Mr. Poe assured them that he would be a fine guardian. Naturally, he was wrong.”

Guests round around the corner of the house. Though they are still outside, they can look in through the house’s many large windows. After rounding the corner, guests pass by Count Olaf’s kitchen. Which guests can’t see a ton through the windows, it is very easy to see that the kitchen is absolutely filthy. Nevertheless, the three Beaudelaires can be seen feverishly cooking and washing the dishes. Snicket continues:

“Count Olaf would leave daily tasks for the three orphans to complete, each of which being entirely unfit for children to do. On one night, they were tasked with cooking dinner for Count Olaf and his associates. The youngsters cooked a wonderful meal of Pasta Puttanesca.”

Guests round the corner to the back of the house. This time, through the window, they can see an equally dirty dining room, populated by a cavalcade of increasingly more unpleasant people. One man has hooks for hands, another is rather large and it seems impossible to tell whether this person is a man or a woman - all of these people are repulsive not only in look, but in personality as well. All of these people, Count Olaf included, can be seen berating the Beaudelaire children for not preparing roast beef. Snicket continues:

“However, Count Olaf and his grotesque group of associates were displeased with this meal. These three youngsters were now truly alone in this world. Or so they thought.”

Guests once again round the corner. There are no windows looking into Count Olaf’s house here, but to their left, guests can see a gigantic floor to ceiling window looking into the neighboring house. Inside, guests can see the Beaudelaires and a woman inside a massive library. All four look happy as they quietly read amongst the endless sea of books. Guests continue uphill, towards the second floor of Count Olaf’s house, as Snicket continues:

“These three youngsters did find solace in one person, however. Justice Strauss, Count Olaf’s neighbor, was a very generous woman, allowing the orphans to look through the books in her massive library. It was the only place they were happy. The three thought that they could perhaps live with Count Olaf so long as Justice Strauss lived next door. Unbeknownst to them, however, Count Olaf had devised a cunning plan.”

Guests once again round the corner, but instead of passing around the front of Count Olaf’s house again, they enter the house through an open window. Now inside, guests make their way down a rather dingy hallway. As guests make their way down the hallway, Snicket continues:

“Count Olaf was a cunning man. He was as intelligent as he was repulsive, which, as you now know, means unpleasant. He desperately wanted the Beaudelaire fortune. To do this, he devised a cunning plan to marry Violet in the production of the play “The Marvelous Marriage” by esteemed playwright Al Funcoot. To convince Violet, he hung baby Sunny in a bird cage from the top of his house’s tower. Violet, however, was much more cunning than him.”

At the end of the hallway, guests enter a room. It’s the orphans’ room. There are no decorations, or furniture, really. Only a single bed. By the window, guests notice that the curtain rod is in broken pieces on the floor. As guests pass through the room, they see Klaus asleep on the floor. Oddly, the bed is empty.

Passing through the window, and out to the back of Count Olaf’s house, we see the tower. As Snicket said, Sunny was indeed hanging from a birdcage out the top of it. What he didn’t mention, however, was that Violet was now climbing the tower using a homemade grappling hook. Guests follow Violet up the tower, eventually coming to the large open window that Sunny is precariously dangling from. As guests pass through the window, they notice that someone is holding the grappling hook, allowing Violet to climb up: the hook-handed man.

Inside the tower, guests see that all three of the Beaudelaires are now trapped by Count Olaf. As they pass, guests can hear Olaf go over his plan with the orphans, of course while mocking them. Guests leave the tower and go through a short black hallway. Snicket continues:

“Count Olaf may have captured the orphans, but they were still very cunning. Nevertheless, Al Funcoot’s “The Marvelous Marriage” was performed.”

Guests are now in a theatre, looking down at the audience. At the far end, on the stage, stand Count Olaf, Violet, and Justice Strauss as they perform the wedding “scene.” It’s too late, Count Olaf has married Violet - or has he. Guests can hear Violet explain that she signed the certificate with her left hand, meaning that, technically, she did not properly sign the document, meaning that Count Olaf is not legally Violet’s husband.

With this, guests pass over the stage and into the backstage. It’s very dark. The lights have gone out, but they can see Count Olaf and his associates running out the back door of the theatre, unseen and unheard.

Guests leave the theatre and are in an alley. They can see the Beaudelaires and Mr. Poe drive off in a car. Snicket continues:

“Most stories have an ending. Some happy, some funny, and some sad. This story, much like its’ beginning, does not have a happy ending. While the orphans had escaped from Count Olaf for the time being, they were certain that he would return once more. This was only the bad beginning to a series of unfortunate events. Though I may keep following these three youngsters on their harrowing journey, you may exit to your right and continue about your unassuming lives as tourists. I trust you have not enjoyed this journey, as if you have I would be acutely distressed for your family and friends. Nevertheless, thank you. I hope you will not make the mistake again of riding this attraction.
With all due respect,
Lemony Snicket”

With that, guests unload and continue about their day at Universal Studios Orlando.

Shops and Restaurants

Scotland Yard
Located at the exit of Sherlock Holmes an Interactive Experience guests will enter a lovely library straight out of the Victorian Age. Guests will be able to buy all the Sherlock Holmes Books under the section labeled Sherlock's Cases. Other things guests can find here to buy is merchandise based off the adventures of Sherlock Homes and Watson as well pieces of merchandise that just fit in to the atmosphere of the store, and Baker Street.

Eventful Gifts
Located at the exit of A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Atrocious Attraction. Guests will be able all the books of A Series of Unfortunate Events as well as some other rather unfortunate pieces of literature from Edgar Allan Poe. This store will also sell a series of many products based on the works on Edgar Allan Poe, and many of the iconic stories found here on Baker Street.

A Victorian Cafe
Located in the heart of Baker Street A Victorian Cafe sells various delicious foods found in England as well as it's various colonies from the Victorian Era. Including cuisine from England, America, India, Australia, and Egypt. However some of the bes things to dine on here are the Lemony Snicketdoodles, Kung Poe Chicken, and Cornanish Pasties

We have decided to include a bit of streetmosphere to really round out our land. A few are based on the classic characters of Charles Dickens, while others are completely original. Enjoy this look into some of the residents of Baker Street.

Inspector Mordechai and Sargent Brown. “Comedic male duo”
A duo from Scotland yard, these two men can often be seen walking the beet. Searching for any information on the happenings of baker street. The Inspector sporting a rather large mustache and the Sargent being somewhat dim witted are always good for a laugh as they claim to be the true sleuths of baker street. In their eyes they are far superior to Holmes and Watson.

Mr Scrooge and Tiny Tim. “Male Duo”
These two can be seen most often around the holidays. Scrooge with his usual annoyed temperament and Tiny Tim the consummate optimist. Scrooge can often be slightly rude to guests with a signature “Humbug”, and Tiny Tim is never seen without his crutch.

Jacob Marley. “Male”
Jacob is an older man who is pale and thin. (He is a ghost after all) Covered in chains and sporting a faded suit, he can also be seen during the Christmas season, warning guests to be mindful of their ways.

Abigail Sanders. “Female, sells flowers
Abigail is a lovely woman who brightens up the day of everyone she meets. Roaming the street with a basket of flowers, she distributes them to guests and will serenade folks that look like they need a pick me up.

Reginal. “Male, street lamp attendant"
Reg is an upbeat young man who takes pride in making sure the street lamps on Baker Street are always in good condition. He often will greet passers bye with a tip of his cap and an impromptu poem if you ask. He’s witty, street wise and also has a way with the ladies, (If you ask him at least)

Baker Street will truly be a unique experience for all to enjoy. Thank you for reading.


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Team Goofy:

First of all, you guys did great on the presentation department! There's a few things here I'm iffy with. I'll totally acknowledge it as a biased taste thing on my end, but I'm not a fan of the Bourne films in the slightest (HATE the "shaky-cam" style a cinema snob who loves his long Kubrick style tracking shots ;) :p ) And I don't think enough time has passed to make the claim that the series features one of the best chases in film history. But again, this is just me as a film snob talking. :p

I love the idea for an Inception attraction, and I think it's a shame more isn't done with this IP. Absolutely fantastic exterior. I'm really iffy on the characters you guys choose here. Maybe I'm missing something, but why aren't Cobb, Arthur and company involved? Not to mention the names bothered my OCD on an EPIC scale. Every time I saw "Dr. Grant" I thought of this...


And every time I saw "Earnheart" I thought of this...


Character issues aside, the actual scenes in the attraction were very creative. Altogether this was a solid proposal that definitely had some rough spots.

Team Mickey

I really like everything here, the problem is I feel you got too ambitious with the walkthroughs. Sherlock Holmes sounds AWESOME as exclusive Halloween Horror Nights experience type of event, but as a year round attraction it could potentially turn into a logistical nightmare. Poe was an inspired choice, but I wonder how many people would really be drawn in. I would definitely be drawn in, but I'm not too sure the general public is clamouring for something like this.

The Atrocious Attraction was GENIUS. As a long time fan of the series who's had the pleasure of seeing Lemony Snicket play accordion inches away from my face at a book signing, I can tell you this attraction captured the tone of the books really well. I started grinning ear to ear when I saw "To my dear riders..." and a warning about how awful the ride was going to be. Great stuff!

With that in mind, I feel like Team Goofy has the more realistic proposal out of the two even though Snickett might be my overall favorite of the attractions pitched. It's definitely a close call!


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Team Goofy

Love the map excellent work. The Coaster seems like a fun ride and I like the idea of a car chase in coaster form. You say its like Crush’s Coaster ride system but what your describing seems more like Gringotts with being able to control the cars facing directions spinning and speed but maybe Im just reading it wrong. Either way its a cool concept. The IP has questionable relevance to current audiences. Again love the concept of Inception. Im curious how the architect can design ways to escape threats? The ride system is cool and inventive and I would like to see a more fleshed out version in the future. The ride is great and certainly unique. I like the variety of the land with different rides and shows. Again excellent art work and designs. Overall a fantastic land with the one major drawback being there is no current blockbuster IP to draw in people from around the world but the completeness of the land may be enough to compensate for that.

Team Mickey

Nice concept on the Sherlock ride but Im wanting more details on the ride experience. Poe House of Horror is a really neat concept. I have fond memories of Alien Encounter and the sensory thrill ride it provided without even having to move. I can only Imagine this being even scarier during Halloween Horror Nights. Love the detail for the Atrocious Attraction. The joke about Despicable Me is very funny and fits well. Not sure about two walkthroughs in Baker Street and especially with them both being on the darker side. Love all the outdoor streetmosphere entertainment in this land. I would really like to see a darker land like this during HHN and how you could make it even darker and scarier. Fantastic land with the great idea to keep the entire theme darker and more forbidding.

Good Job to both teams.


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The Draft
We have another twist on our hands. @MonorailRed has decided to drop out due to her busy personal schedule and has given new life to one of the competitors. With the loss of Voxel and MonorailRed we have our double elimination. Team Goofy still needs to be rewarded though now that they have lost a member even though their team won challenge 5.

To reward team Goofy they will be able to draft a member of Team Mickey over to their team. Anybody on Team Mickey is able to be pulled over to Goofy. If Team Goofy would rather not pull anyone they can decline this advantage. I will set up a PM with Team Goofy to discuss the Draft.

Challenge 6 will begin as soon as the Draft is finalized.
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Challenge 6: A Whale of a Tale in the Animal Kingdom
This Week the two teams will have to design a new ride for Disney's Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World. The New ride has to be within the current themed lands at the park and must fit in within the overarching theme of Animal Kingdom. You are allowed to demolish and replace any attraction at the park but are limited to only replacing up to one. You must include a map of where the attraction will go and how it fits into the surrounding area.​


This weeks Project Managers are;

This week, as usual, @Vipraa and @TheOriginalTiki will be acting as advisers, like Donald Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 3 photos and no more than 15, in order to give a good sense of your ride and its place at Animal Kingdom. You may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Wednesday August 12th at 8pm . After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place. Good Luck! :)
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Challenge 6: A Whale of a Tale in the Animal Kingdom
This Week the two teams will have to design a new ride for Disney's Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World. The New ride has to be within the current themed lands at the park and must fit in within the overarching theme of Animal Kingdom. You are allowed to demolish and replace any attraction at the park but are limited to only replacing up to one. You must include a map of where the attraction will go and how it fits into the surrounding area.​

View attachment 104487

This weeks Project Managers are;


This week, as usual, @Vipraa and @TheOriginalTiki will be acting as advisers, like Donald Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 3 photos and no more than 15, in order to give a good sense of your land and its place at Animal Kingdom. You may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Wednesday August 12th at TBD . After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place. Good Luck! :)
You switched Mickey and Goofy.;):p

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