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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Edition


One Little Spark...
Challenge 11 Results
Team Land has won!

@englanddg and @Zeiland are moving onto the finale, with @englanddg representing Team Air and @Zweiland representing Team Land.

Challenge 12, the finale, will go out tomorrow.

Thank you so much to @Voxel and @MonorailRed, two valiant and noble contenders who stuck in this competition through the worst of it.
Wee hee!

We have comeuppance over last year Zwei!

So, now the tough part starts...selection of the final teams.

Sam Magic

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You all had us beat on several aspects as well. It must have been hard for the judges. I could see it going either way.
It was actually a really hard decision, especially for me because they both had things I was looking for and then some, but I think that organization and details decided the winner this week. That's what happens when you have two really solid proposals.


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Challenge 12: The End...Pick Your Poison
This is it. You two have made it to the last challenge of this competition. Out of fifteen contestants, you have been realized as the top two. But there can only be one Apprentice. Who will it be? For this final week, each of you has one simple, yet seemingly daunting task; design me a blue-sky park located anywhere in the world. Anywhere. Will it be Disneyland's oft-desired IP based third park? Or perhaps a breathtaking sequel to Shanghai Disneyland? Or even the fabled fifth gate of Walt Disney World? Or maybe, just maybe, you'll take the risk and design a park at a brand new resort? (If you do so, please focus on the park itself more than the entire resort) Now, I don't need a script for every ride and a menu for every ride. I just want to know the basics of an overall awe-inspiring idea. How does your park fit into the resort? What lands will there be? What will each land contain? What will make-up each ride? What will be the motifs of the restaurants and shops? These are just a few examples of the basic, yet complex questions you've got to answer. Give me short blurbs about as long as those found on the official Disney Parks websites. I want to see a concept that would have made Eisner right out checks on the spot. You have the talent, now bring it!

The finalists are;


There is no holder of the immunity idol this week.

This week, as usual, @LittleGiants16, @BryceM, @Matt7187 and @Sam4D23 will all be acting as advisers this week, like Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 5 photos and at most 20, in order to showcase your brand new park. You are required to have a musical selection to be played while reading your submission. Everyone may communicate amongst your teams in the PM that I will create and that I will watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Sunday, November 9th, at 3 PM EST. Results will be posted that night. Vacation Days may no longer be used. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place.

@englanddg has 3 Vacation Days left, more than @Zweiland's 2, so he will be the first to take a pick out of the following former competitors, who have agreed to return and assist you on your quest to victory. Each of you gets 3 teammates from below:

@Robert Butnarasu

Good Luck! :)
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