The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Edition


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Question! because of working hour of both Englanddg and myself (among possible school hours) could we move the due Time back to 9Pm. I know this is a 24 hour deal, but this would work better for everyone's schedule.
I agree as well, but I won't budge too far.

New deadline for Challenge 7 is 6:30 PM EST.

It is non-elimination, and I've got to keep this one on track to fit the rest of the schedule. :D


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Team Land Challenge 7: Disney's Prehistoric Point

Welcome to Disney's Prehistoric Point! In this moderate resort hotel, which complements Shanghai's planned deluxe and value resort hotels, guests travel back to prehistoric times. This is not simply a "place to stay", but in true Disney fashion, a great and unique adventure where guests can solve the mysteries and uncover the secrets of prehistoric times.


Disney's Prehistoric Point is located directly next to Shanghai Disneyland and Adventure Isle, allowing for a seamless transition between the resort and the dinosaur-themed Roaring Rapids.


Buildings and Rooms

The Resort is split up into 3 distinct sections, each with their own type of room. Cambrian, the period when Marine Mammals first came into existence, features an aquatic/tropical theme and standard size rooms. Jurassic, the period when many birds and dinosaurs appeared, features a dense jungle/tropical theme and medium sized rooms equipped with 2 king beds. And finally, Neogene, the period when humans spread across the world, features a more humanized jungle theme and has family suites equipped with kitchenettes, 2 bedrooms and a living room space.



-Separate hotel guest-only entrance into Shanghai Disneyland
-Pathways to the main entrance of Shanghai Disneyland
-24 hour room service
-Complimentary WiFi throughout resort grounds
-Complimentary parking
-Childcare facilities
-Multilingual staff
-Currency Exchange
-Themed pool areas
-Tennis courts
-Dinosaur themed mini-golf course
-Fitness center
-Walking paths featuring prehistoric animal animatronics
-"Cave drawing" art class
-Prehistoric scavenger hunt
-Table Service Restaurant serving exotic foods
-A Character Buffet Meal where guests can meet their favorite Disney Character


Coming to Disney's Prehistoric Point will be all new transportation options, all of which are "green" and use recycled energy due to Shanghai's polluted climate. Some options include an underground subway train, (which has stops at all 3 resorts, the park, and other new additions, glass tunnels beneath the lake for an underwater view, and themed stations to match the specific resort or environment), watercraft (powered by reused fuel) throughout the resort, and many different options to make each day different beyond the park gates.

Discovery Walking Trails

Among the exciting, fun, and unique activities to be found at Disney's Prehistoric Point resort are the Discovery Walking Trails. Along these trails, your family can observe plenty of trees and greenery from millions of years ago, water streams, and dinosaur animatronics. These trails are great for fun exercise, and there are multiple trails so that whenever your family feels like going on another exciting journey, they have a unique experience!

Pool and Water slide Complex

Guests staying at Disney's Prehistoric Point will receive complimentary access to the resort's pool area, which features all kinds of new and exciting things for guests to do. The very large pool features zero-depth entry and a large rock formation, which houses 6 water slides. The rock formation is large and features "lava" spilling out of the top, as well as trees and lots of greenery to make it lush and beautiful. The slides are each different and wind in and out of the rocks, some even going through glass. Finally, a serene beach will be set aside from everything else and will allow certain guests who want to "calm down" to take a much-needed rest.


In conclusion, this brand new resort brings so much to The Shanghai Disneyland Resort and will delight guests for years to come.


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Team Sea - Challenge 7: Shanghai Hospitality


This time around, contestants are obligated to design a phase 2 hotel for Shanghai Disney Resort. With only 24 hours, you must create the first new Shanghai Disney hotel. You have 20 sentences (no run-ons) or less and only 3 pictures to put your best on display. You should include a location and a map, as well as the various amenities at your resort. You should also determine the level of your resort, meaning either deluxe, moderate, or value.

Disney's Embassy Resort

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.05.29 PM.jpg

Shanghai Disneyland is one of the most anticipated projects WDI is working on at the moment, and with the expected popularity, unique resort experiences are required. Located near the entrance Plaza, and across from Downtown Disney, the Embassy Resort, a classy moderate hotel geared towards families, will provide a unique hotel experience to visitors from around the world.

The resort exterior will resemble an ornate, modern embassy, which hints at it's internal theme. Fountains and lush forests will surround the building, making the main lobby even more impressive.

Attached to the resort will be a single use monorail, themed after the Disneyland monorails, that travels to and from the Maglev station slightly to the north, completing a transit circle from the Shanghai Airport.

The Lobby is expansive, welcoming and well lit, with various movie props and other bric a brac representing the different locals represented by the interior theme. It will also house a large food court with international offerings from the countries represented, as well as traditional Chinese fare and Indian cuisine.

The resort consists of one large building / complex that is shaped in a large circle, and consisting of internal "rings". Rooms will occupy the interior and exterior "rings", and will have windows that face outwards to a well landscaped forest, or inwards to the tropical themed pool / amenities ring.


Inside the main ring are is a large circular corridor that is themed after various city styles from classic European cities, namely:

- London Streets
- A Bavarian Village
- Parisian Streets
- A Spanish Village
- Venetian Streets and Canals

Shops and food carts will litter this inner corridor, and provide an attraction in and of themselves. The area will be completely indoors, and lighting effects are used to simulate daytime and nighttime. In addition, "Alleys", like spokes on a wheel, serve to link all the rings together and provide access to the rooms and amenities.

Rooms will be modern and efficient, with outward and inward facing windows depending on location, and room will have a decor unique to it's given "land", though hidden mickeys will be worked into the decor to give it a strong "Disney" presence.

Also, headboards will have an animated fireworks display using LED lighting that is unique to each land. The "Castle" presented on the headboards will represent different Disney castles, not just the ones located in the parks, such as:

- London - Sleeping Beauty's Castle
- Bavarian - CInderella's Castle
- Parisian - Beast's Castle
- Spanish - Triton's Castle
- Venetian - Elsa's Ice Castle (Frozen)

In addition to the 1200 single and double rooms, 800 family suites that have two bedrooms, a small kitchen dining and den area will be available in the Parisian and Venetian areas.


The central area of the resort will be a large indoor pool complex consisting of:

- An Adults Only relaxing pool and area with Spa and Massage services available
- A Children's water playplace consisting of a massive playground, water slides and an enormous dunk bucket
- A Family pool with a gradual grade to a sandy beach and themed water slides
- A lazy river that circles the entire area
- A bistro / bar called Trader Sams

The entire area will be themed in a tropical manner, with sandy beaches, quiet private walkways and tropical trees and flora.

In all, the resort will offer a special stay, unlike any resort in the world, and serves as an attraction in and of itself.
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Challenge 7 - Results

Team Land are the winners.You had a fun theme that fits perfectly within the park's realm, while also fitting well between the two other hotels.
Team Sea are the losers. You had an intriguing theme, but we hoped something more stylistic (and integrated) would take this plot.

Nobody will be eliminated this time around and Land will receive the new Vacation Days.


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Challenge 8: A Haunting in Shanghai
This week, competitors are tasked with creating Shanghai Disneyland's version of the beloved Haunted Mansion. You aren't necessarily obligated to fit it into a currently planned land, but if you do put it in your own thought up land you should focus on details of this attraction and not the rest of the land. The twist this week is that this mysterious manor must be a walkthrough attraction. You should create an enthralling backstory and mystery that is solved by guests along with one or more assisting cast members throughout the house. I recommend a whodunit mystery. You should include intriguing fictional patrons as well as perfectly surprising endings.


This weeks Project Managers are;


@RMichael21 is the holder of the immunity idol this week, as he was the winning Project Manager in Challenge 7.

This week, as usual, @BryceM will be acting as an adviser along with @Matt7187, like Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 5 photos and at most 15, in order to display your new attraction. You guys may communicate amongst your teams in the Challenge 6 PM for now, as I am unable to create new PMs. Or, Project Managers may create their own PMs for the new challenge. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Saturday, September 13th, at 9 PM EST. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place.

Good Luck! :)
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Sam's Critiques

Team Land:
@Zweiland @RMichael21 @IDInstitute
I would like to begin by saying that your theme was very unique and definitely tailored to a Chinese palate. The resort worked in it's location and it was extremely unique in layout and approach. However it was not my favorite this week, despite the theme fitting with current Chinese tastes, the resort itself was not. Shanghai is a very modern, cosmopolitan, and innovative city. It is undoubtedly Chinese premier city. The resorts design and layout does not fit with this and did not fit (in my opinion) with the surroundings. The biggest problem with your concept this week was speed, I get that it is a 24 hour competition, but the does not mean the quality should be any less. Speed is something that I think has been this teams biggest problem, the theme is chosen and then rides, shops, shows, restaurants, etc. are hastily made around them.

Now enough negative. I am so happy that you guys did take my advice into account. You explained how the resort would fit in will with the park itself and had some genius ideas for transportation that I would have loved to see in China. While these may have been minor things, they were things I liked and appreciated. Very good proposal, but in the end I think that this team needs to slow down when creating these projects.

Team Sea:
@englanddg @MonorailRed @Voxel @tcool
I really liked your resort. It fit in with the professional and classy side of the city and is a resort that I think would have offered some very nice balance to the entire resort. The theme itself is one that I really loved because I'm huge about internationalism. With China quickly gaining presence globally I believe it is important for all Chinese citizens to learn more about other nations. In my mind this would be their World Showcase. As a self proclaimed Euro-Centric this resort had a lot of things I would look for in a park like this, however I wish that it could have expanded to other nations like the US, South Africa, and Brazil. The art work could have been a little better, Monorail Red is very capable of making fantastic artwork. I also felt that the collages did not explain at all what would be offered, they were very out of place. The only one that felt true to what would be offered was the French room. The map was probably the best picture.

The transportation plan was a very high note for me an I loved it, but in the end it was not enough to score a win. Though this was my favorite submission this week I feel it could have been executed much better.

The biggest problem in this team is that I feel you guys go overboard too much. I would say tone it down some more, don't make your projects so big that they lose their scope and realism. You have a great team to work with, I just wish that you guys would not put so much into the concept. It derails it from its main purpose and seems too grandiose.

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