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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 2: International Edition


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Challenge 1 - Critiques

Team Air - Project Manager @MA Screamin', @englanddg, @ctxak98, @Voxel and @Wikkler
Sorcerers Apprentice Season 2
International Edition

Challenge 1
Ye Come Seekin' Adventure and Salty Ol' Pirates, eh? Or the Lost Ark?

For this, our first week, our three new teams must Imagineer a brand new E-ticket for Disneyland Paris's Adventureland area. As you can see in the image below, the land is designed in a "U" shape, resulting in two extremely close dead ends. In the middle you have the Bazaar and Adventure Isle. On the left you have Indiana Jones et le Tempe du Peril and it's surrounding archaeological theming. On the right, there is the Pirates of the Caribbean area. At the top of the "U" you will recognize a large expansion plot from the picture posted earlier. Your job this week is to design a new mini-area on that plot, once deemed for the Indiana Jones Adventure. You have three options; build an Indiana Jones expansion, a Pirates expansion, or something completely original. Either way you go, though, you are required to have 1 large-scale E-ticket, 1 food option, and 1 merchandise location. Remember the intricate design that went into separating the areas of Adventureland, and pay attention to your aesthetics.

Team Air

Sanctuaire de L'exotisme
(Sanctuary of the Exotic)

The mid-1800s saw a boom of scientific and engineering advancements. From steam power to world exploration, humanity was jumping into a industrial, and later technological, revolution.

The leaders of this were the visionary minds who appreciated not only the scientific and mechanical, but the mystical and exotic.

Son of an Indian Noble, a young Prince Dakkar (later known as Captain Nemo) was sent by his father to experience this European Renaissance for himself. While attending studies in France, he befriended like minded and adventurous souls, such as Lord James Mystic (father of Henry Mystic) and Harrison Hightower, II (father of Harrison Hightower, III).

(Disneyphiles will realize, these are the fathers of characters key to Mystic Pointe, founders of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, or S.E.A.)

Together, they formed a close relationship, and decided to found la Société de l'Aventurier (The Adventure Society). This club, made up of like minded individuals, had the aspiration to bring the exotic wonders of the world back to a central location where they could be cataloged and studied.

The question was, where to do so?

And so, the Sanctuary was born. A massive 5 story greenhouse containing multiple biomes, and the objects, animals, and sometimes people, that occupy them in the outside world.


Pleased with this workspace, the Society grew in membership quickly, with items being constantly sent from around the world by contemporary explorers in the mid-1800s to round out the collection of species and environments.

Famous explorers, including a retired Nicholas Baudin (Tasmania), Edward Eyre (Australia), a retired Alexander Von Humboldt (S. America), Sir James Clark Ross (Antarctica), and the renowned Dr. David Livingstone (Africa) all contributed to the collection.

For a decade, the Sanctuary served as a central research center and archive of the exotic and unknown.

Then, the unthinkable happened. After a brief return from a war ravaged India, Prince Dakkar removed himself from the Society to pursue his own personal motives, and his financial support of the Sanctuary likewise dissipated.

At the same time, Lord James Mystic was lost on an expedition to Antarctica, and was assumed dead, as he was never seen again.

The Sanctuary remained in operation through the Society Trust for many decades after these events, but was eventually abandoned due to operating costs. Further, the greedy obsession of Harrison Hightower, III (son of Harrison Hightower, II) and his focus on using immoral and illegal methods to collect artifacts and increase his personal wealth, was the end of la Société de l'Aventurier.

As a young man, Lord Henry Mystic witnessed the collapse of la Société, and vowed to never see that happen again. As a reasult, he later fell into personal seclusion for many years, until approached, much later in life, by Hightower, III to begin adventuring again many decades later, and the founding of S.E.A.

The building sat, without care, for many years, with the exotic animals, artifacts, and people trapped inside to do as they saw fit.

Fast forward to the roaring 20s. The S.E.A. society has grown under the leadership of Lord Mystic and the influence of Hightower, III.

I have to say, this was my favorite concept of the week. It had a perfect backstory tying your mini-area to Discoveryland (and thus French culture), Mystic Point, the Hotel Hightower, and the former Adventurer's Club. Synergy at its finest, creating a convincing thematic bond between the parks. The only thing I would mention is that it has already been established in-park that the Society of Explorers and Adventurers was founded in 1538. Though your story is clever, it was off on that key point. The way you decided to overlay your attractions was also a strongpoint of the proposal. Having different parts of each visible from the other is a super way to capture guests' imagination and attention. The greenhouse concept was an awesome way to handle the cold Paris winters and fit in a Jungle Cruise for DLP. Good job there, as well as breaking down the drop into smaller ones to turn down the thrill level. Your menu looks absolutely delicious, though I wish something more had been done with the theme. An old clubhouse perhaps? On the other hand, Trader Sam's would be a must visit for shopping needs at the Resort. However, you guys had some major issues. Considering your Manager not posting the final post (already breaking one amendment), and some persistent babbling in the main thread afterwards (another broken amendment) your team will suffer some consequences.

Team Land - Project Manager @IDInstitute, @Zweiland, @Sam4D23, @RMichael21 and @Robert Butnarasu
Challenge 1- Ye Come Seekin' Adventure and Salty Ol' Pirates, eh? Or the Lost Ark?Team Land's submission: Tintin's New Adventures!


As shown by the title of our entry, we have decided to base our mini-land off of the comic books The Adventures of Tintin. There were three big reasons why we thought that this would be a great idea for our project. First of all, this comic has high popularity in much of Europe, meaning many guests would dream of experiencing something like what we have created. Also, Disney is all about nostalgia, and what better way to create that than to let people relive a fond memory of their childhood reading about Tintin, making up their own stories, and playing in the backyard? Finally, "adventure" is simply in the title! The incredible journeys that Tintin provides are perfect for a land themed to adventure!

Because of these reasons, we think that Tintin is a great way to make an expansion to Adventureland. However, we didn't just use one of his old stories from a comic, we created a brand new adventure that guests can experience for the first time.

For this new story, Tintin decides to travel to a small village in India to report on the strange happenings inside a nearby cave and in a Hindu temple.

Therefore, to tell this new story we have recreated an Indian village, complete with streets filled with kiosks that have different merchants selling a variety of items. This area is designed with many traditional colors and Indian designs. The restaurant and shop are also located here. In this part of the land you may be lucky enough to catch
Tintin as a character roaming around, too! There is lots of stonework and greenery as well, and as you continue down the streets the area transitions from a village into a jungle. You turn a corner, and it leads to a beautiful waterfall and shrine to the god of fresh water, Apam Napat.

I just need to say it, using Tintin was a magnificent idea. It is a local, cultural franchise that would attract French and European customers in a similar way to the nearby Le Parc Asterix. Though it is an outside IP, it would pay off in popularity. The main ride seems great, and I especially love the ride system. It is innovative, convincing, and smooth. It just blows me away, and I would love to ride in it. However, it may be a tad too thrilling with the Indiana Jones coaster right next door. Your original story did play out well, though, almost as if it was written in the olden days as a Tintin novel or comic. It fits like a glove with the 1930s serial feel of Indiana Jones nearby. Your shop seems fun as well, a unique offering for the resort. I was glad to read it would sell authentic Indian-styled goods. I might have named the merchandise location something else though. Calling it Apam Napat's Ancient Treasures makes it sound like the freshwater god owns the store. I would have considered, Temple of Apam Napat first. Jharanā Mahal sounds like an awesome dining experience. I could see that being a flagship cafe, a must visit for any guests at the resort, with the perfect setting of a buffeteria. Overall, you did a great job latching onto this concept and running with it.

Team Sea - Project Manager @Matt7187, @MonorailRed, @tcool, @JokersWild and @Twilight_Roxas
Team Sea

Port de Mystère, or Port of Mystery
Welcome to Port de Mystère, or Port of Mystery in English. Hidden deep in the heart of the jungle, the legend of Sinbad comes to life like nothing ever seen before. A mystical village of sorts emerges from the foliage, with a temple in the foreground featuring the groundbreaking main attraction, The Voyage of Sinbad: Sinbad's Legends. On the sides, you have a little hut selling some Wonders of the World, and an abandoned lighthouse called Sailor's Portside Inn. The idea of this challenge was to create something using either the Indiana Jones IP, the Pirates IP, or anything else we could think of to connect Adventureland into one big circle. From all of us here at Team Sea, we hope you enjoy our presentation.


Sinbad was a decent choice for this mini-area. However, I have some concerns. There is already a strong Arabian presence in the Southeast area of Adventureland, hence why the roc egg and mural were there. Moving those items doesn't help, as you must have recognized this. On the other hand, your design looks different and beautiful. Using the lighthouse was a perfect choice, as it acts as a weenie for the area and a nice new viewpoint of the park. I liked how you simply took the Splash Mountain system and adapted it to Sinbad, and you made it fit rather well. It seemed like a fun ride, but it also felt pretty choppy. I would have worked on the script differently, as having the grandson ask a question every other statement can be a nuisance. A better choice might have been to have the elder Sinbad simply telling his grandson, or go with a no-faced narrator like Haunted Mansion or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Like everyone else, you recognized the lack of a Splash Mountain at the park, and you acted on it with a good boat ride. You also enclosed your drop, which was a great choice. However, like Team Land's attraction, it may have been a tad too thrilling. Your shop sounded nice, I just wish you included some more unique items, like cultural things (rugs, vases, paintings, etc.). From what you included, the cafe also sounded good, and it was the right choice to go with a buffeteria, like Team Land. I think you should have been more descriptive though. Overall, good job with the art and concept, fitting it into the land geographically.


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Challenge 2: Hooray for Hollywood/Fixer Uppers!
For this challenge, each team is required to create a spectacular new attraction/area to fit into the southern half (live-action section) of Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. You are tasked to design a film-based E-ticket in the vicinity around Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux. However, you are prohibited from removing any current rides, as this park needs more to do. Together you must be able to make the exterior theming impressive in the area, while also thoroughly developing the interior ride as a completely immersive experience. Furthermore, you are required to use one of the following five themes; Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Land of Oz, Gangsters, Titanic or "The Hollywood That Never Was and Always Will Be" (on Hollywood Boulevard). The stakes are high.


This weeks Project Managers are;


@IDInstitute is the holder of the immunity idol this week, as he was the winning Project Manager in Challenge 1.

This week, as usual, @BryceM will be acting as an adviser, like Trump's children and associates on the show.

Please provide at least 5 photos, but no more than 15, in order to give a good sense of your expansion and how it fits in at the Parisian park. You guys may communicate amongst your teams in a PM I will create and watch over. Ask me any questions there. Due date is Wednesday, July 23rd, at 11:59 PM EST. After you post your ideas please do not get into personal conflicts with the other team about concepts, or actions of punishment will take place.

Oh, by the way, there's one more thing. The losing team that fails to create a must-do experience with a well-fit exterior will lose two team members to elimination this week.

Good Luck! :)
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For this challenge, each team is required to create a spectacular new attraction/area to fit into the southern half (live-action section) of Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. You are tasked to design a film-based E-ticket in the vicinity around Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux.

I must ask, does that mean the Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux building? Or just make something nearby in free space? :confused:

However, you are prohibited from removing any current rides, as this park needs more to do.​

Does that Include Restaurants and gift shops? Or just rides? :D


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Options For Challenge 2 Due Date...


  • Tuesday, July 22th
  • Wednesay, July 23th
  • 12 PM EST
  • 3 PM EST
  • 6 PM EST
  • 9 PM EST
  • 11:59 PM EST

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