The Parks Beyond Midnight.


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I wish they had them for Epcot (If they do, I've never seen them). Magic Kingdom is an early day park for me so I cannot make it past 11 before I'm wishing to lay in the hotel room and watch Letterman. Only Epcot is the one where I can picture hanging out into the late hours and they close at 9 :mad:


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My first night ever at WDW, we didn't get over to MK until the afternoon and we stayed until it closed at 2am. Its really kind of neat once the park clears out, not only because nearly everything is walk-on, but just the atmosphere is so different. Haven't stayed beyond 12pm since, but would definitely do it again if I had the energy to do so.


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I wish they had them for Epcot (If they do, I've never seen them). Magic Kingdom is an early day park for me so I cannot make it past 11 before I'm wishing to lay in the hotel room and watch Letterman. Only Epcot is the one where I can picture hanging out into the late hours and they close at 9 :mad:
We stayed at EPCOT until about 11 p.m. or midnight once years ago for EMH. The place was relatively empty and it was great.


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OMG, The later in the parks the better!!!! Every thing is light up and most people are gone!!! Its awesome when the parks are quite and the back gound music seems loud!! Hatter you have to see a "Kiss Goodnight'' at the MK. Twice now we have been the last quests in the whole park, it was AMAZING!!!! Wake early, Play late.


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I love the EMH at night. Like the previous posters have said, the later you stay the more it empties out.

Usually after the fireworks, we head over to Space Mountain to scope out the wait time... if it is more than 15 we come back later. There have been a few times when we walked right on and when we left we were able to ride again. Loved that!

I do remember one night MK was open to 3 am and two of my friends got too tired and went back to the hotel. I had a surprise planned for them, so I knew I could not go back to the room. Another friend was flying in and would not get to the resort until midnight. I told him to dump his stuff at the front desk (I had left him his room key and park tickets there) and jump onto the MK bus and we would meet up and do a few rides. (He is a definite night owl so no issues there....) The problem for me is that I am NOT a late night guy, but I knew I had to stick it out... I went on EVERY ride, did EVERYTHING there is to do....until I got to Country Bears, where I managed to fall asleep. Don't know if I slept through more than one show (do they throw people out after each show??), but I was out cold. Finally my friend showed up (plane was late, Magical Express took a while...) but we managed to do a few things before sneaking back to the room. It was quite fun the next morning when the others got up and out popped this one friend. We had a great time that whole week....

But anyway - the point of the story was definitely do as much as the extra hours you can. Sleep in a little late the next day to compensate... it will be worth it.


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We always manage to wake up around 7:30 or 8:00 and while each our getting ready relax around the resort, have coffee on the balcony etc. Then hit the parks and always plan for a afternoon nap. This keeps us energized and able to stay in the parks beyond midnight. It is totally worth it, whether you plan to ride the e ticket rides or just have time to relax and stroll. It is almost like you one the park.

Will be interesting for us to see how this will pan out with all the kiddos.


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We love the late nights! Taking pictures on a deserted Main Street in front of the castle is a treasure! And waiting for the kiss goodnight! Wouldn't miss it! I keep checking the June schedule hoping they add more late nights! Take a good nap, go eat a good dinner and head to the park around 8 is our usual schedule for a late night at MK. Sad note though I hate that the monorail doesn't run on late nights anymore. Being the last ones on the monorail is a memory we won't forget either! Sadly now it's just that!


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We made it to 1:30 at MK. My daughter fell asleep in her stroller so we took turns with her. Some rides still had long wait times like BTMR & SM but there was a lot that we had very short wait times for. The employees maintain the Disney Magic as during the daytime not showing any signs of not wanting to be there. The following day we had Blizzard Beach planned so we didn't have to wake up early due to a later park opening.


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The latest I've stayed is at MK until 3:00am. The parks are much more quiet when you're there that late and I got maybe my favorite character pic ever around 2:00am (Mickey and Miney together, with Mickey in his tuxedo, right behind the Castle with little to no wait at all... this was long before the character spot at town square made this pic opportunity more easy).


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so much fun being in the parks after dark, let alone staying till late night! Also has the added benefit that the parks can be very quiet! :)

WELL WORTH IT!! You got to try it Mad Hatter. MK at night especially!! As the night progresses the crowds dwindle down, it's spooky to walk those empty walkways, we jump on those rides multiple times with almost no waiting. It makes it seem like the park is open just for you. The CM's clown around with you more cause they get bored, and what a blast it is to experience going on Space Mountain 5 times in a row!!!


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Good Day Everyone..Heres my question to all you night owls. In my 5 vacations to WDW,Ive yet to stay in the parks beyond midnight.:eek: I know,terrible.But we are up so early that the bird hasn't even had its first worm.But I'am curious on how quiet the parks are,mainly MK, on the extra hours for on site guests.Now we always go in July ( the party season ) So is it worth making the effort,if only just for one night out of our fourteen nights,to stay in MK until the wee hours.:confused:
I'm not a nervous person, but riding Pirates when the only other person in the place was a pregnant lady was spooky. There were all these empty boats and us. It was great.

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