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The Park Formerly Known as Disney's Hollywood Studios? Yep ...


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I don't think BAH is going anywhere. It's so perfectly generic that it fits most any theme. It's right up there with "Tink" and "Mouse Ears" as being one of the most recongizable Disney icons. I don't like it but I'd be very surprised if it's removed.

If the idea of CiNEMAgiC ADVENTURES as the new park name comes to fruition (don't worry it won't) I could see BAH not only being more promenant but also lit with color changing LEDs and projection mapping at night which would be kinda cool for an otherwise bland park icon.


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The hat is still there because Studios management isn't ready to move it.
All involved at WDI have always seen the hat as temporary, and just like with the wand, they underestimated management's idea of temporary.

All said...it's closer to it's end than it's beginning.
All right!


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Recent word has it moving.
To the bottom of Bay Lake hopefully?

Knowing management they'll think it's so special to fans that they'll make it a 'limited time magic' thing and place it in front of each of the four WDW parks icons... And somehow it'll end right back up permanently where it started(at DHS)...or worse, in front of Cinderella's Castle!

As described to me...northeast.
Could that be closer to the entrance to Fantasmic? Away from TOT of course.
Quick map overlay I put together. Is this far off from the plans you saw? This would be my logical full-blown dream expansion. (Also, maybe have the hat be a decoration near WoC that lights up with the show?) garretts dhs redo.jpg
A man can dream. :happy:
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Little Mermaid had Ink & Paint done in FL, Lion King had around 20 minutes of sequencing done in Florida.

The three that are considered top billed by Florida are Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear.

However, many other films had work done on them in Florida.
Yeah I saw bits of Lion King being animated there when I was a nipper but the cast member tour guide lady told us it was for a movie called King of the Jungle and was going to be Disney's version of Hamlet.
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