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Sunflower seeds? Never heard of that before, but not like am some allergy specialist either. That's just odd enough of an allergy item to be generally ok and easy to avoid, but except for the odd item that might have sunflower seeds in it that don't say so could easily be a pain to deal with. :(
Especially since I did not develop this issue until I was 25... TBH, I use to eat them by the jar full, and they say you can develop an intolerance due to over exposure. I'm not allergic to sunflower oil however... just the seeds... my tongue and throat get all itchy, and my inner ear itches... But one thing to note, is cross contamination isn't a problem either. It's only if I actually eat them.


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That cow was tipped! someone from the Midwest must have gotten to him!
That right there is funny!!!

Never give up Disney fireworks for the drive home.
(I've been known to start 24 hour drive home AFTER MK fireworks, more than once...)
If they were MK fireworks I would have stayed. Illuminations might have put me to sleep right there in World Showcase.


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DAY TWO/ MAY 12 cont

X and I headed for the busses after SSE. We had watched Illuminations together on Christmas Eve so we were all good there. Besides, we had to get up early and start the drive home. 🤮

When we got to our stop I told X to go to the room, pack up and shower so in the morning all he had to do was brush his teeth and get in the truck. I was going to stay on the bus and go pay some of the bill with the gift cards I had.

X got off at our stop and I stayed on. It was like dejavu of the night before when the driver missed our stop, but on purpose this time.

It was quiet in the SSR lobby. A CM, Todd, asked if he could help me. I said I wanted to pay some money toward the bill and he told me he could help me with that. I started searching my bag/wallet for the GC’s which I had put in my crossbody purse for safe keeping. The crossbody purse that was in my luggage. In the closet. In room 1332.🙁

Todd said he couldnt help me with GC’s anyway, I would have to go across to the other side of the lobby to another CM.

Then Mary came over. Mary was one of the CM’s who helped me in February when a new CM messed up my friend’s and my bills. I said hello and she remembered me. I asked about Amy who had also helped me in February. They said Amy left to start her own boat restoration business. Disney’s loss.

I stood there talking to them for quite awhile. I have some interesting stories to share with you all, if you like that sort of thing.

But first we got the regular chit chat out if the way. The weather. The love bugs!!! A third CM came over and informed me that the high number of love bugs was due to the rainy spring.
Uh oh......could this love bug explosion be my fault???? The rain loves to follow me and I did spend an unusually high (for me) number of days in WDW this past spring.

Somehow we got on the subject of pixie dust or magical moments or whatever people want to call it. Todd and Mary confirmed that that was the best part of their job. They went on to say that they are allowed to give up to a $200 value (of pixie dust) without a managers approval. Wow! That seems like a lot. Then Todd told me two of his favorite stories.

Once upon a time, there was a man who checked into SSR with his son. The son was so excited. “Can we go to Magic Kingdom now Dad? Can we? Can we?”
But Todd could see there were no tickets linked to the reservation. The man (lets not judge his lack of planning skills) admitted sheepishly to Todd that he didnt realize how expensive everything would be.

The man and his son went into Artists Palette to get something to eat. Todd got in touch with his manager and together they worked some magic. A few minutes later Todd went into Artists Pallette and presented the man and his son with park tickets good for their entire stay. Todd said the man was crying and hugging him and was so grateful. Todd might have teared just a little and admitted that is why he loves his job so much.

Then Mary said, “what about those girls from South America?”
Turns out, some girls went to WDW on vacay from South America. They purchased park tickets from a third party and they ended up being fakes. The young girls were devastated. Todd to the rescue again!

I ended up emailing the resort GM to praise Todd and Mary as well as some belated praise for my February trip to Amy and her manager. And also some belated praise for our one night stay at Christmas to a houskeeeping manager who helped us out.

I walked back to my room, got ready for bed, packed what I could, set my alarm for 4:30 and hit the pillow. X was already asleep.
Wow!!! Those are amazing stories! I thought the threshold was $50. I follow a vlog on youtube from a girl who did the DCP, and she said $50, but maybe it's different for regular CMs as opposed to the DCP? And she's from the UK, so maybe that differs as well. But that's awesome that they can do stuff like that. I love hearing those stories!! My daughter really wants to do the DCP, but it doesn't look like she can....the Netherlands isn't one of the countries they work with. Of course, who knows....she's in her last week of 7th grade, so maybe by the time she's in college, they'll have more countries they work with!


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Beautiful! Thank you for thinking of me🌴

I know!!! ( say that like Monica Gellar!)
One day, my friend, we will meet.
And thanks for reading!

There should be another trip if all goes according to plan. I will be driving X back to school and took the advice of all the good people here saying I had to make a stop at WDW.

Thank you so much for reading. We have some overlap coming up. Eyes peeled👀

Ha ha ha. 8:00pm Thursday nights!!!

Thank you for joining me!!!
When does X go back to school? Any chance you will be in the area before August 12th?


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OK.. I saw it now... man... that's some pent up rage... to his defense, short guys do get the short end of the stick....

On a side note... I'd like to place and order for Bagels and a couple knishes for September (grin)
Did you see the "what happened next" video where he got his bagel and then threw it on the ground to storm out? I hadn't heard anything about this guy until I read it in this thread...between this and the toon town brawl, I'm a bit traumatized today! What is WITH people!?


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As a under average height yet over average weight guy, I may feel a bit for him and then point out to him, that everyone is born with advantages and handicaps to their situation, learn to live with what you have, make the best of it and you will be surprised at what comes your way. Raging at the world that women don't look at you because your short? That's called a victim puke, don't be a victim. Until I learned that I wasn't successful in my life. Then after years of self help therapy I somehow manged to find a really great woman, married her and have a really great job and a life I love. You make your own reality. Don't let everyone else define yours.
Well, if that's how he's acting in public, I don't think his height is why women aren't interested. And I don't think there are many who are completely happy with their physical attributes, but most of us don't go screaming at employees of local restaurants/stores about it.
@Darstarr , did you say X knows someone who was there when this happened???


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Is it just me, or do these also seem unnaturally green? They look like giant limes to me instead of avocados.
No, that's how they looked in real life too, and usually aren't avocados a little textured on the outside too? The sign said Florida avocados.
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