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The Official Hurricane Frances thread...


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I just saw an update on the news about Disney Cruise Line that I hadn't seen reported anywhere yet.

The storm surge from Frances pushed so much sand into Port Canaveral it reduced the depth to a level that the larger ships can no longer pass through the entry channel into the port. None of the larger ships including the Cost Guard and all of the cruise ships are able to safely enter the port. In addition, most of the channel marker buoys are also missing or moved and must be reposition by NOAA to mark the safe draft passage into and out of the port.

Most of the lines who had sailings extended as a result of the storm finally brought the ships back into Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) today and then bused everyone up to Everglades and the airport to get them home.

Disney announce a little bit ago that they will be operating their ships out of Port Everglades while folks figure out how to get the channel open and dredged at Canaveral to allow them to safely bring the ships into the port.

Here's a link to the update on the DCL site with a little more info.



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Lee said:
I just got home to Miami.
I was one of the poor souls on the road Thursday, going to Atlanta.

Miami to Orlando....took 13 HOURS!
Miami to Atlanta...took 24 HOURS!

Should have stayed in Miami, but it was a wierd situation involving my wife and airline tickets. Long story.

I'm starting to wonder...is it me? I moved to Florida a month ago, now we've had 2 hurricanes and another looking sort of shifty. Figures. :brick:

Ugh Lee, I'm sorry that was YOU in that traffic which almost kept me in Orlando through the storm.

And I hadn't made the connection between you and the storms...but heck, we have to blame someone, don't we?? ;)


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Hey everyone! Just cheking in from Orlando.

Yes, I am in Orlando! We arrived here at 3:30pm today. And for some odd reason, I have an excellent wireless connection here at my home in Kissimmee (thanks to the neighbors next door who have a wireless router) so I am able to get online while I am here.

But why am I here? Because it's too darn hot in West Palm Beach. We lost power at 8:30pm on Saturday night and haven't recieved it back. The 'cane was crazy....those 100 mph winds were howling all night. Our house did not recieve significant damage, just a few missing roof tiles and some damage to trees and such. I went outside and played "storm chaser," I guess you could say. :lol: I will upload what I got when I return home.

O-Town doesn't look too bad....a lot of the damage is still from Charley.

Anyways, I'll talk to you all later. I need to catch up on some posting.



Maleante Izquierdozo
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PhotoDave219 said:
I leave for work around 8:15-ish for a 9 am shift. Rob has just gone to bed at that point....

what's sad is, he's actually speaking the truth

Tim G

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Frances, The Aftermath


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Corrus's pictures are freaky. It's hard to believe that a category 2 could do so much damage. We got hit by the eye wall in Boca Raton, and had some trees down at max. Not one window broken that I saw.


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Corrus said:

That boat pic is simply stunning. To see the one HUGE yacht in the middle and the many other large boats in the area, I'd hate to guess what the damage cost of just those boats alone would cost. Glad to hear that everyone stayed safe...now if only Ivan wouldn't come hit FL. If I see it's coming towards FL....I'm heading down there to help with relief efforts and taking as many things from here in IL with me to help in whatever I can.

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