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The Imagineering Break Room

I'm good with every announcement except one lol. I'm ticked at the Great Movie Ride. I mean...what the heck:confused: Closing it August 13th? Thank goodness we rode that one last time. :(
I have mixed feelings on that, much like the most of D23's announcements for the resorts. While it is nice to see a new attraction starring Mickey, it is unfortunate that the last attraction that's been at Hollywood Studios (MGM when it was first opened) since opening day has to be on the chopping block for it. I was hoping that Disney would announce something fresh, something original, something that isn't exactly from the rumor mill. Much like the UoE retheme, I'm not angry, just disappointed.
We had our semi last minute trip down a few weeks back partly to ride the GMR. I was worried it wouldn't last until our trip right after Labor Day. One of those things you know is coming but it still sucks when it happens. I've tried to be as open minded as possible about it and shove nostalgia and my love for movies to the side. Doing that though I still will not or never understand this move. I get some old rides from MK being removed over time, as much as I disliked the decisions at the time, but this will just always boggle my mind.

It needs updating and work, and is probably more expensive to run then they want. That being said, it was an opening day attraction that was relevant then and even with all the changes to the park could still be a perfect fit, both in placement in the theater, and the park but taking you briefly inside of some great films. Can't tell you how many times we had first timers near us that got freaked out not knowing Alien was coming, or immersed themselves in Oz, or just stared bright eyed like me at all the sets.

I think what makes it worse is what's going in, for me at least. A Mickey ride is long overdue, and with what they are doing, sounds interesting. But the Mickey shorts version? I think the shorts are fairly well done for what they are, but don't think they warrant being the representative of a Mickey Ride.

D Hindley

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We just ate at goofys kitchen. Current plans are fast passes for racers and then standby on soar in!
Fastpass Mission: Breakout as soon as it's available after your RSR Fastpass. Keep that up with other DCA FP rides throughout the day, and you should be able to accomplish everything easily. (Especially now that TSMM has FP; used to be my ropedrop ride.) Have a great day!