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Trip Report The "I Can't See!!" Trip Report


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Welcome everyone!! I'm so excited to get started on this TR!! I wanted to start it a week or so ago but life gets in the way.... I finally have some time to devote to this so here we go!!!

WHO: "The same old, same old crew": myself, my nephew J & my sister E

WHERE: The usual:) Port Orleans Riverside

WHEN: Sunday, February 3rd-Thursday, February 7th

All this and I still couldn't see!!:arghh: My vision issues came into play many times during this trip.
To explain this a bit.....
A few weeks before the trip I went for my yearly eye exam. My doctor said my eyes were extremely dry so she prescribed me steroid drops to take for a week. When I went back a week later she said I could order glasses but wanted me to try different contacts before I ordered them. She felt given my dry eyes my best bet was going to be contacts that are disposed of daily(they're awesome but not cheap in the least). She gave me a bunch of samples but unfortunately she didn't have any samples in the multifocals. She said that I would have to use readers with the contacts since the samples were only for distance. But her main concern at that point was figuring out which contacts would be most comfortable for me. My new glasses came in three days before we left so I was able to have them but to be totally honest--I ABSOLUTELY HATE WEARING GLASSES. Reasons: Can't wear sunglasses, get spotted in the rain, fog up when you go from the cold into the heat, & the biggest thing for me--my perception(esp. walking down steps) is totally different with glasses--you don't know how many times I trip when I have them on!! I've worn contacts since high school so I'm used to them & that's what I prefer. I will admit for years I would sleep with them in, wake up, squirt some saline in my eyes & I was good to go. If you're reading this & have that habit please stop it now. It's what caused my dry eyes & even though it's not the worst problem to have it's still not comfortable.

I was double checking my suitcase & happened to jump on MDE. It was like deja vu(this happened when we were there in September also). E & J's reservation was showing but mine was nowhere to be found.

I closed out, opened the app again then was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I was awakened shortly after midnight by a text from E. Uh-oh, trouble already & we haven't left yet!!
Keep in mind my last text to her--it will come into play later!!

When I got up that morning it hit me like a ton of bricks'"If she doesn't have luggage tags she's not set up for ME then either". I texted her to let her know that but she never responded. Our flight wasn't leaving until 1:45 that afternoon so she & I both went to work that morning. We ran into each other at Starbucks(what's the chances of that:hilarious:)on our way to our works. I asked her if she saw the text I sent her that morning & she said no. I told her she probably was going to have an issue with the ME. She said she would call them after she took care of a few things at work.

We left at 11:45 for the airport. We wanted to leave a little earlier but E's husband didn't think it was necessary since it was a Sunday & there wouldn't be too much traffic and b/c we had TSA Precheck.
J's excited to go!!
J & I couldn't really talk on the way to the airport. E & her husband are both funeral directors and they were both on their phones making arrangements for two different families at the same time. Those conversations sounded pretty interesting let me tell you....
Side note:the best is when we're in line for something at Disney & she's on the phone with work & says something like "Did someone pick him up from the morgue yet?" You should see the looks she gets!!:hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:

E hard at work....

I bet you can tell which suitcase is mine.

We bid farewell to E's husband & headed to the non existent TSA Precheck line!!


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I forgot to mention in my first post that when we took the exit to the airport J made sure to let us know we were there: "Guys, we're at the airport!!" He also said to me: "We're going to Disney and it's going to be so much fun, right?"

Time for the "monorail"!! J took his jacket off b/c he said he was too hot.

As soon as we enter the main terminal of the airport J always wants to go to a particular store & get a car.
Well, it looks like that tradition isn't going to continue anymore....

Surprisingly, he wasn't too upset.

We went into another store and he found this plane instead.

We needed to get some lunch so we decided to give this place a try.

The food was pretty good!!(much better than Bar Symon)

E was getting nervous b/c it was getting close to our boarding time so she asked the waitress for the check before we even got the food!!
Another reason she likes leaving early for the airport is b/c we usually sit down & get a meal somewhere & it's very hard to get a 3 year old to eat fast!!

J had mac & cheese. I can't remember what E had.

I had the portobello sandwich. It was very good.

E wanted to check the stroller in so she asked me to stay with J & have him eat two more bites then we would meet her at the gate. Of course, J wouldn't eat for me but he made sure to tell me this, and I quote, "Don't tell I don't eat anymore." :hilarious: He need not worry. His secret was safe with me b/c I would get myself in trouble if E found out!!

We took this selfie before we headed to the gate.
I just noticed I have a piece of mushroom stuck in my teeth....


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Yay! I’ve been waiting for this TR because we will be staying at POR at the end of the year; the way you rave about it in your TRs made me suggest it to my sister when I saw the price of AKL and knew that there would be no discounts to soften the blow to our wallets 😉.


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100% agree about glasses. Plus glasses tend to give me headaches and sometimes ear aches!

Looking forward to your report!
Same here! I've been wearing contacts since I was 11 (I'm 30 now). Having things on my head gives me a headache, so I can't wear headbands or have my hair up for too long, and most hats bother me too.


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100% agree about glasses. Plus glasses tend to give me headaches and sometimes ear aches!

Looking forward to your report!
They definitely give me a headache but I really believe it's b/c I'm not used to them. I go to the eye doctor every year but I only get new glasses once every 4 or 5 years b/c I really only have them for emergencies. I do wear them when I get home in the evening now due to the dry eyes.

Thank you!!
Excellent! So excited that you've got another trip report for us!
Thanks!! I'm excited to be doing it!!
Yay! I’ve been waiting for this TR because we will be staying at POR at the end of the year; the way you rave about it in your TRs made me suggest it to my sister when I saw the price of AKL and knew that there would be no discounts to soften the blow to our wallets 😉.
You're staying at POR--how exciting!! You won't be disappointed. It's simply a beautiful resort!! As usual, I have lots of pictures of it!!
I feel you on the dry eyes. I have the same issue for the same reasons! I have to wear my glasses a lot more these days. I'll wear my contact to work and stare at the computer all day then by the time I get home I'm ready to rip my eyeballs out! Not fun!

Following along!!
My doctor also recommended to me that I start wearing my glasses a few days a week. I'm on a computer all day also so I know how you feel. I really like the Thera Tears that she wanted me to use. When I first put the drops in there is a cooling sensation that goes across my eyes and makes them feel so much better--even if it's for a short time. She originally prescribed Restasis for me but I was going to have to pay $330.00 for a 30 day supply!! And I have very good health insurance! The problem is my insurance doesn't cover that medicine at all & there is no generic for it.

I could really kick myself for sleeping with contacts in all those years.

Thanks for following!!

I'm in!

Nothing like a few issues to get a vacation going. I hope things got straightened out with Magical Express.
Thanks for reading!!

It's always something,,,,isn't it?? Thanks--it kind of did. More in the next post. I feel pretty confident that she forgot to give them the information to set it all up. Not faulting her or anything--stuff happens.


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Love your reports Riverside!

I so thought that J was having the "I Can't See" issue.

Impatiently waiting for more. :)
Thank you very much!!

No--it was me. I guess better me than him right?

Same here! I've been wearing contacts since I was 11 (I'm 30 now). Having things on my head gives me a headache, so I can't wear headbands or have my hair up for too long, and most hats bother me too.
My hair is pretty much always pulled back(even when I'm sleeping) so that doesn't bother me but headbands hurt the base of my head like nothing else. My mom keeps telling me that I need to resign myself to the fact that I may have to give up on contacts soon. Nooooooo.......


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Yay another @riverside report! I hate you had trouble with your eyes but so have to say I am glad to hear I am not the only one that struggles with glasses. I have dry eyes too- used to sleep in contacts as well, a lot! The doctor made me get glasses because I never wore them at all. I am supposed to give myself a break from contacts but they make me dizzy sick and I swear I can’t see that well with them. I have had headaches since I got the stupid things. Like bad migraines. The contacts I use are Bio True one day and as long as I take them out of the evening and use the blink drops my eyes feel much better. I don’t have to have multi focals or readers yet. Just hate using the glasses when my contacts are out. 😑


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J & I arrived at the gate while the A group was boarding. Check out the line for family boarding!!o_O When I took the picture E told me to send it to her husband so he could see why it is important to get to the airport early.

A Southwest agent was handing out Valentine's stickers to the kids.

Anyone who's read my past TR's knows that J always reads the safety instructions when he gets on the plane. Not today though--he was more concerned with his bag of Raisinets!!

Unfortunately there wasn't much good on TV so I watched "Fixer Upper" for the first time. I wasn't too impressed with it.

It was a calm & smooth flight so when we had the roughest landing that I think I have ever experienced I was in a state of bewilderment. It was scary rough. One of the flight attendants actually got on & said, "Well, we found the ground."

I took my phone out of airplane mode & saw the text that my room was ready.

Now for the moment of truth--will E & J get on the Magical Express??

The CM was super nice & said before she went any further she wanted to set up her & J for the departure later in the week. Then she went to work straightening everything out for that day. E inquired about their luggage & the CM told her that they would pick up their luggage & deliver it to their room. You know where this is going, right??

After a few minutes the CM had everything squared away!!

We were led to a "new" ME bus immediately. The only issue was there were barely any open seats. Something tells me they weren't expecting E & J!! She found 2 seats together for them & I sat with a gentleman a few rows back from them.

Getting ready to head to Disney!!

I just wanted to share with you the lousiest picture I ever got of the sign......


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I also have extremely dry eyes and the only contacts I can comfortably wear are the CooperVision ProClear. I once had a new optometrist that refused to prescribe them for me because she said they were "outdated technology" and she had me try 4 different types of contacts and none of them worked. I demanded to see a new doctor and he said that they ones she was giving me were known to not work with "heavy protein depositers" like I was, which was making these contacts even more uncomfortable on my dry eyes. So he gave me my beloved ProClears and said "if it's not broke, don't fix it" LOL. A former coworker was suffering with dry eyes at work and I suggested he talk to his doctor about the CooperVision brand. He asked so the doctor gave him the Biofinity I think and he said it was the most comfortable pair of contacts he's ever worn. Contacts will still bother me but much later in the day and nothing that Refresh eye drops and ClearCare solution can't fix. Turns out the solution I was using was part of the problem. I can only wear my glasses at home where I'm not focusing on many things at one time. If I wear glasses out for too long then I'll get bad migraines and painful pressure on my nose and ears.

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. I tried convincing the husband to switch resorts to Riverside but he didn't like the extra $600. So it was a no go :( But I was more annoyed to see that the Sun and Fun offer only offered $5 off the rack room price. Only $5?!!!!
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