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News The Hall of Presidents is now open


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Hall of Presidents has reopened at the Magic Kingdom and has hit capacity and they are using an extended queue for future shows.


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The animatronic looks tragic, at least compared to the realism of some of the recent animatronics Imagineering has created.


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Something's off about that audio animatronic. Could be the hair. Could be the tie not being red. Could be the movements. But something's off.

Content of the speech aside, the figure's neck is far too thin, and Trump rarely turns his head to the side when speaking, preferring instead to pivot his entire body.

At least they got the tie right.


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I think they did a nice job with it. I wish the amamatronic was better. It feels a little dated. And it doesn’t look like him much. I probably won’t see it, but the speech is nice. Is the 9/11 moment still in there?

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