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There’s Disney security and Orange County Police standing by at the Hall of Presidents.

Wow the Orange County Police have sure changed their uniforms!


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What the used from 2009-2017 was archive footage of Royal Dano who originally voiced Lincoln in the attraction from 1971-1993. From 1993-2009 he was voiced by Peter Renaday. This voice does not appear to be either Dano or Renaday.
Correct. But the archived recordings were deemed not high enough in quality for the new audio system installed during this update.


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Do you think whenever they redo the attraction the actors contracts are resigned and such, and perhaps the other Lincoln voice refused to continue on? Or is that not how it works?

Well, Royal Dano has been dead for a number of years, and his voice has been used as Lincoln for all of those years, including still today at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in Disneyland, so I doubt it.

Does anyone know for sure?


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You are correct, I am not a fan of Back to the Future, although I did like the attraction at Universal. I still don't get the connection to the topic, but, it is not important. Apparently others did and that is all that matters. Without the reference to the Movie I missed the relevance, I just knew it wasn't the correct quote. Such is life.
You aren't a Back to the Future fan?...


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The Hall of Presidents is now open at Magic Kingdom Park, it now includes a talking animatronic of Donald J. Trump the current U.S. President. Post experiences of how the show has changed. Please no political talk.

Here is what the Disney Parks Blog said about the announcement!

Here is the video of the updated attraction:

Thank you!

I’m in MK today (12/27) and went to see new Hall o President. Noticed Disney “security” on each aisle, left and right. After intro of each POTUS, spot light went onto Trump. Guy in back screamed “lock him up. Lock him up”. Over and over he yelled so loud we could not hear speech. Finally security got him out. Some people left their seats to take care of the matter on their own. Many, many people stoud and yelled at the rude man. Trump was nearly done before order was restored. Program was ruined for everyone.
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It's time to rethink the use of the space.

Focus on the best presidents (like the filmed portions do now). To further differentiate it from American Adventure, I'd take that space and make a ride through history. Or make it a walk-thru HALL of Presidents. Basically a top-notch, interactive historical exhibit.

Hmm, who gets to pick which ones are the best? and, how many of "the best" are to be picked? The top five, ten, forty four? Seems like it'd be mighty subjective, and no matter what, someone will be offended at the omission of their favorite.

But, in the spirit of cooperation, I select:

Gerald Ford
Millard Fillmore
Calvin Coolidge
Chester Arthur
Lyndon Johnson

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