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The Great Movie Ride II - Hype/Discussion Thread


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After Covid hit, I watched through the Disney animated movies that I had not seen. Although I have not re-watched some of the movies I've seen in years, I created my rankings below (each tier has the movies ranked in order, too).

Awesome list, I would put Bolt higher and Brother Bear lower on my list. I thought BB was boring and was only redeemed a little bit by Phil Collins.
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I too have been inspired by it, don't have the time to watch them all atm, but in time would like to - while others tend to rank MCU films or Pixar - archiving and ranking the Disney animated canon is something rarely have I seen - kudos @TheOriginalTiki !
Grew up with a bunch of old VHS tapes so always had a wide collection of animated films and was able to watch a lot of the obscure ones in my early teens and have revisited all of them throughout the years.


A lot of my personal opinions obviously affect the ranking of all the films but I stand by my rankings.


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Really great to see everyone so hyped about the ranking podcast. It was definitely a rewarded endeavor on my part. A big reason for doing it was to see how Encanto stacked up against the rest of the cannon since I pretty much became obsessed with that movie after it came out. I'll admit that I got kind of burned out by the marathon by the time I got to the films that I've already covered on the podcast, which sort of speaks to the dangers of doing a podcast and how it affects my media consumption to begin with but that's a different conversation. ;)

I think the coolest thing about the marathon was seeing the evolution of the medium in real time. There's definitely peaks and valleys in the lineup, at an almost alarmingly consistent rate, but it always made for a fascinating context to view these films. With sixty films in the cannon, I think this was a great time to do a list like this. @PerGron I commend you for how detailed and thoughtful your written reviews are. I tried to start a letterbox account associated with this project but couldn't keep up with it. Hoping to eventually write a long article about it and post it as a blog or something, as I have similar issues with the LB interface.


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I was doing a watch-through about a year ago. Stopped in the '70s and picked it up a few months later at the Renaissance. I still haven't seen a few of the newest ones, but I'll get to them eventually.

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The Black Cauldron is definitely worth watching from an animation history point of view. The main character is pretty awful, but the atmosphere and the genuine menace of the Horned King is top notch. It's super fascinating to see the styles of Don Bluth and Tim Burton in a Disney film. I also didn't personally mind Gurgi on my watch, which seems to be the most hated element. I think he's a rather enjoyable comic relief with a genuinely cool arc. Taran on the otherhand is genuinely THE worst lead in any Disney movie, haha.


Since I haven't seen many of these in a long time - I thought it would be fun to instead rank based on Nostalgia.

These are ranked not based on quality but based on how many times I would rewind the movies in the VCR. (I think Atlantis and Treasure Planet were the only DVDs on this list)

Sidenote - I didn't like Dumbo and Bambi as a kid because of the tragedies. Hunchback scared me as a kid but oddly enough Black Cauldron didn't 😂


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Just finished riding Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind! It was an insanely fun ride and I just couldn’t help but smile through the entire ride. It didn’t feel intense whatsoever nor did it feel like a coaster honestly.

During the second preshow you’re standing in a room with four walls, and all of the sudden the wall disappears and out of nowhere we’re on a Nova spaceship above Earth. The reveal was honestly so cool, and one of the coolest effects Ive seen Imagineering pull off!
Kinda wish never gonna give you up was one of the song choices it wlild have been a fun song for the ride and also kind of be a rickroll


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Imo the greatest Disney animated 2000s film
I don’t get why people hate Meet the Robinsons so much.
Probably because it’s sandwiched between one - not bad but very cynical and annoying disney movie and a unapologetically bland and forgettable disney movie. I mean i think bolts alright but i cannot for the life of me remember much from the movie. it feels like an illumination movie. Also they cancelled fraidy cat which would have been awesome. A tribute to hitchcock thrillers starring a cat with frayed nerves

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