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  • You're right. If you want, I can change the prompt slightly to meet the criteria of being realistic. Don't say "no" just because you think it would hurt my feelings, it won't! :D
    I also didn't realize that there was a character limit on these messages. Sorry, but if we could create a new technologically advanced system we'd already be engineers working for the black rat of Burbank. Sorry if I'm a bit harsh, but this challenge isn't one I felt could be answered. Please don't take this personally- that is NOT my intent.
    I feel that I want to be honest with you, and even though I'm a newbie in here I've been competing and judging such competitions for years in Theme Park Apprentice on TPI. I'm sitting this challenge out because I don't feel that the challenge meets one of the main criteria it's being judged on- being realistic. "...utilize a technologically advanced system that you create." This isn't realistic.
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