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News The Effect of “Frozen 2” in the Parks (SPOILER HEAVY)

Mouse Trap

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Frozen 2 is now at 1.24B WW compared to the 1.27B WW of the original (this is after already exceeding domestic totals of the original). It should exceed the original this weekend or early next week. While I wasn't crazy about the film personally - it's safe to say "Frozen Fatigue" didn't have too much of an impact at the box office. I won't be surprised to see Frozen have a continued, or even greater presence at parks around the world.

Did @WDW Pro ever make an appearance again? I believe the sequel not matching the original was another one of his and his "insiders" totally blown expert analyses.

I'm not going to argue with you. If you were at all knowledgeable, you wouldn't be arguing, so I'm happy to let you continue the way you are. I'll make sure to link you back in about 2 months when the box office totals land exactly where I have said rather than the 1 billion + of the original. Enjoy.
Pls link.

But is F2 the hit F1 was? No. It's more in-line with coming just under Coco. Still awesome, but not growing the franchise like Disney wanted.
Coco did 800M vs Frozen 2's 1.24B (and still in release)

It may gross 1B in total, but it would be close and might depend on Disney leaving it out until as late as April to try to get it across the line for marketing purposes. Either way it won't gross the total of the original,
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Like I said in my thread...I think it was kinda weird to spoil the entire movie for the families coming into the meet and greets. I really liked the movie much more mature I thought then the first. I welcome updating frozen offerings with frozen 2 content. Thumbs up from me.

Into the Unknown will be everywhere.
Maybe it's just me but I have yet to see Into The Unknown anywhere in Walt Disney World...


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Disney Analyst

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Highest grossing worldwide of all time?!
yep! Was just coming here to post also.

And some thought it wouldn’t beat the original...

Honestly, and not even being snide, would love @WDW Pro thoughts on this...

Mouse Trap

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Ok his predictions were wrong, who cares? That's not the topic of this discussion
His predictions were wrong and he claimed to be an insider with information on Disney's internal numbers, projections and goals along with the multiple other insiders he knew. He tore into anyone who questioned his analysis or credibility.

I work in the entertainment industry and he referred to me as clueless for my box office analysis (which anyone without industry knowledge could do - I didn't make any special claims) and I turned out to be world's closer to what he pulled out. I want to hear what his spin on this is and what his "insiders" are saying about the film now. Get your popcorn ready.


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Projections are still right in line for what I said: 500-600 million domestic. I had an obvious error in the first message in which I discussed global and domestic numbers in a typo... however, any reasonable person can read it and see its an unintentional error. All of that said, the movie is still under $300,000,000 domestically, with a significant drop off post-Thanksgiving, and much more frontloaded than the original. All indications and industry expectations are that the movie will not pull anywhere near the December numbers the original used to catapult it forward. The international numbers are dropping quickly now, with the movie standing at #114 all-time in international revenues.

In other words, absolutely nothing has changed since the last time I posted. Toy Story 4 was a bigger hit for Disney, and TS4 didn't pull the numbers they were hoping for. Frozen 2 is a fine sequel numbers-wise, doesn't have nearly the same audience reception as the first, and doesn't grow the franchise, which was its purpose.

The much better news for Disney is that The Mandalorian is being very well received and gives them a blueprint moving forward in the soon-to-be post-Kathleen Kennedy Lucasfilm, and several of Disney's upcoming animated features look to be exceedingly popular. Frozen 2 is fine, but it's not going to land in the 1.5 billion club for worldwide, and will struggle to get to 1 billion worldwide period. $500-600 million domestic is where it will hit, just as I predicted, and it will likely be on the low end of the 500 number.
Im gonna print this at my local kinkos so I can frame it.


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I don't care to see him go down, I just wanna know how he was so wrong. And why he was so forceful about it.
In my many years on this forum I have seen many people conflate their own personal feelings towards a property and twist that into an opinion that is then treated and paraded by them as "fact" e.g I don't like Frozen, the franchise itself is going to flop as will it's sequel. Nothing new!


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I'm not going to argue with you. If you were at all knowledgeable, you wouldn't be arguing, so I'm happy to let you continue the way you are. I'll make sure to link you back in about 2 months when the box office totals land exactly where I have said rather than the 1 billion + of the original. Enjoy.
Does 1 month and 2 weeks count aswell?

Magenta Panther

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So Frozen 2 has surpassed Frozen 1 at the box office. It's the biggest animated film success of all time. When can we look forward to a Frozen Land at WDW?

(Yes, I know the answer, and yes, I was being facetious).

Brer Panther

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Forgive me for bumping the thread, but...

Anybody else thing Bruni the Salamander looks a bit too much like Pascal from Tangled?
Anna, Kristoff, and Sven were basically clones of Rapunzel, Kristoff, and Maximus personality and role-wise (Anna kinda resembles Rapunzel physically, too). So them throwing it a Pascal clone isn't too out of the ordinary for the franchise.
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