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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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I think the lab science kills a lot of people. Especially if it's bio or chem. I didn't take either one because of my asthma (can't be around fume-y chemicals), and the way my college worked, they had us start our major course work early so if you hated it, you could change. So I took Earth and Space science, which had a lab. Also, it was a Tuesday Thursday class which meant I had Fridays off still. The problem is that most of the labs were geology based. And as it happens, I hate geology. Enjoyed the space part. The geology...

Anyway, I think a lot of kids get rid of that and it gets better.

geology was the focus of my science minor.🤓 I


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Oh no, I certainly wouldn't laugh! I hear olive oil is good for oil cleansing, depending on your skin type. I use chia seed oil from The Ordinary that's around $7. Using oil to get my makeup off really does work wonders.

I haven't watched either of those creators! I really like project pans. I watch Smokey Glow, Lauren Mae Beauty, and Andréa Matillano. I really love their content! I believe all of them may be CF as well, but I'm not 100% on that. There's a big emphasis, especially with Lauren Mae, to use what you have and not bring things in.
and we officially have enough for a thread of it's own


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Tell me about it! I generally don't watch the big players on Youtube (Jeffree Star, James Charles, etc) because I just don't enjoy their content. Smaller youtubers are more interesting IMO and have so much less drama! Plus they actually talk about the makeup rather than whoever wronged them that week.
I miss Tati her reviews were excellent. She never had drama until she met up with the drama duo


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She'll adjust. Going back to school should help. Most of the people I was friends with in college were from my honors program, and two ironically were group project friends (one I text at least once a week). You said she has a lab, so I guess that means she's taking freshman chemistry or bio, what else is she taking?
She is taking bio, chem, bio and chem labs, and two freshman studies required classes. She wanted to take calculus, but her advisor said they don't recommend calculus first semester. She tested into it, but he said no. In a way it is ok since her science classes take up all her time.

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