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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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We don't have AC....most houses here don't, nor do schools, etc. So it gets unbearably warm in our house if it's hot outside. How I reduce it is to open the back door (fenced in yard) early in the morning when it's coolest and then close it when the temp outside is about even with the current inside temp. I close all the windows AND the curtains...the curtains offer a bit of insolation. When it starts to cool down at night, I throw open our doors and windows if we are home, to get some cross-ventilation, then close the doors before we go to bed. And we have a fan that we leave on while we're sleeping because it's just too hot without it. Some people have roll down shades outside like awnings. That keeps the sun from streaming in. We don't have that, though I wish we did. It makes a huge difference! My in-laws have that and their house doesn't get nearly as warm.
You could get a portable cooling unit. They aren't the kind that go in windows. They are on wheels and are self contained air conditioners, so you can roll them to where they are needed.


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Woah... did anyone else see that they decided to postpone the refurb of Spaceship earth and that it's going to reopen with Epcot on July 15th?
I think it was still an unofficial rumor, but it's one that makes sense given that they were told not to start any planned capital expenditures. So projects that were started could continue during the shutdown, but new ones couldn't start.


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Yeah, but we have nowhere to store it when we aren't using it. There's really no space for it.

I just went through this issue with solutioning for As sleepovers, as her and her friends and cousins have started asking for them. I could get a rollaway bed or rollup mattress then where would i put them when there's no need for it. And a trundle bed would cost me upwards of $500. So i bought one of those fancy bean bag chairs for the activity room. It turns into a queen sized floor mattress!

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