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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread


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It is cold here this morning 50F, but I refuse to turn the heat on.. it's going to warm up to 70F today, then I can reopen all the windows.

Usually on Sunday nights I take a sleeping pill, because I never sleep good on Sundays, but last night there was a rumor that the rioting might move into my suburb... and I wanted to have my wits about me, in case that happened. Luckily, that did not happen!

A was home so I turned on the heater. She was supposed to be at her dad's but he brought her home early. I don't mind accidentally having the house too cold at night for me, but I take more care when A is home. The windows are all open now though and the fans are going. And the sun is shining.

We had that rumor too but nothing came of it. Hope the same is true for you.


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My DD tells me the older folks pull down their mask to order. Okay, yeah, she calls them Boomers. Thank goodness for the plexiglass on her side. Oh, and there is a table strategically placed in front of the counter to keep people back. The older folks try to figure out how to work around it. It usually involves trying to half climb it, apparently.

We went to the dentist this morning and the poor girl kept forgetting that she wasn't supposed to remove her mask after the exam. I didn't realize how hard it must be for doctors and the like to keep their masks on because they're so used to wearing them, and then pulling them down to talk to people

We had a city councilman who went out amongst the crowds until 5am, begging and pleading for people to take their children home. There is no reason to bring children to these events.

Agreed. We've taken A to a couple protests over the years because the exposure is good for her and I think it's important for her to see the community come together. BUT if there are any signs of civil unrest, we're for sure not going. Watching the live streams last night in Columbus was terrifying. People were trapped and separated from their groups. Police were liberally spraying pepper spray and wooden bullets. Who in their right mind would bring a kid to that?!

Cesar R M

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I found this in my in box https://itch-to-stitch.com/new-pattern-balboa-skirt/ and first thought of @MinnieM123 seeing the A line views and thought of @MySmallWorldof4 because it would give her dd a closet full of different looking shirts. It has 13 different views and starts at size 0:joyfull: View attachment 474091View attachment 474092View attachment 474093View attachment 474094They use the pattern testers for their pics not models. BTW super easy drafted for knit fabrics
Are we still showing ankle in anno dommini 2020? :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:


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Phew! All caught up :hilarious: :hilarious:

I was weeding in the back yard and noticed a little too late a few sprigs of poison ivy popping up. According to Google, in 12 hours I'll know how sorry I am about that :hilarious::hilarious:
I did that yesterday too... I used my weed trimmer for the first time in about 6 years.... yeah... I trimmed one weed that was about an inch or so thick in diameter, and got sprayed with inner gunk.... gross... dunno what kind of weed it was... but I didn't have any kind of reaction... so that's good.

Unlike your governor who I heard extended your stay until the end of June, ours release her reigns finally... we can meet socially up to 100 people, restaurants can open next week. Still no salons, fitness places, theatre's or Casinos. Slowly but surely! Jokes on her about the Casino's. I think there is only 1 or 2 in the state that aren't owned by the indians, and they decided to go against her orders since they govern their own land, and opened a week or 2 ago.


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Congrats! I need one badly. It hasn't been this long in years plus my roots are showing. Low lights and high lights fading fast. :( I may give it another week.
Mine hadn't been cut since January. It was awful. I don't dye my hair, but it was completely unmanageable, especially given its texture.

My stylist was like, "Oh, maybe we can keep it longer". I told her to run a brush through it. Three inches came off, four in some spots.

Mom gets hers done tomorrow, B on Thursday, Dad on Friday, so we'll all be done with the bad hair before long. Although in B's case, his biggest annoyance is that he actually has to comb it instead of rolling out of bed and not worrying about it.


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No. The locals are not being destructive. Our protesters are peaceful. We have had an influx of out-of-towners that are coming in and wreaking havoc. They're starting fires and busting windows and shooting fireworks at the cops. Over 90% of the arrests made have been non-locals. Groups of people traveling here to cause destruction and tension.
The protesters in Chicago affected my younger brothers workplace despite his workplace being located in Wisconsin. I do not want to go into details outside of saying stuff was not delivered by truck due to the road path being blocked in Chicago due to protesters.

The city I live in Wisconsin has to deal with protesters. The protesters in one section of the city have been acting like thugs at night. The protesters been looting stores and starting fires for the last 3 nights in one section of the city despite there being a curfew for the last 2 nights. The National guard also got called in.

I do not live in that section of the city with the looting and fires.
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