Tarps over Haunted Mansion


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Ugh external referb?!


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I'm just guessing that perhaps they are doing some maintenance on the outside and that is the initial scrim. If it is for any length of time the painted one should be up shortly. Either that or it is a Photoshop work of art. Take your pick.


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What do you guys make of this?



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i can confirm the tarps were there when i was there. cast members we spoke to said they all had no idea but most likely just a quick paint job perhaps


If it is exterior refreshing, it fits with Walt's directive. The inside can be dusty and have cobwebs, but the outside must be immaculate.


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Does anyone know how long these will be up? I'm hoping they're down before my honeymoon just so my fiancé can experience it since he's never been to WDW. And I've also never been on HM so it's for selfish reasons as well;)
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