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News Swan and Dolphin Tower Expansion - The Walt Disney World Swan Reserve


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I would suggest that maybe a new TopGolf location, but it appears that one is already being planned for Orlando, near the convention center. But, could it be a new indoor putt-putt/golf range using a similar concept as TopGolf?

Edit: Sorry, just scrolled back and read the comment that it's not related to mini-golf.


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Obviously testing sights lines for the new monorail line to the Studios. A bus driver told me there's a footer (or footing for all those nit picky structural engineers who apparently frequent this site) under the tennis courts already.
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That actually makes sense.

If you raised balloons to the proper height of the fireworks at the launch area then they'd be crazy high (and blowing in the wind making it hard to judge).

Of course, the fireworks launch site seems like it's a kind of "done deal" so it'd be a little late for them to start doing line-of-sight tests for it.

It also seems pretty unlikely that they'd build anything of that height at the point where the balloons are going up.

It could just be a way to screw with people on this board :)

"Hey.. Let's put up some sight balloons and see how long it takes for the forums to start speculating..."

The site is a done deal, but they may be using this to determine the height of the various launches.


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If they were to expand the monorail... passed the forth coming solar array... it would probably have to cut right through this area


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Obviously testing sights lines for the new monorail line to the Studios. A bus driver told me there's a footer under the tennis courts already.
That's weird, as I was told it was for the 5th gate.

So what are the chances the mini golf course re-opens?


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In the Parks
And I would say I can't share more details yet aside from it will be a substantial development :D

(Assuming I knew what I was talking about) ;)
Wonder (and I'm not expecting an answer) if this will spell Fantasia Gardens' demise. While Winter Summerland is fun, I always found this mini golf course to be more charming because it was a bit less garish, but I guess Disney doesn't really NEED three mini golf courses. I always found this course to be surprisingly popular given that only a big WDW fan would know it's there and how to get there.

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