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Super Bowl MVP Parade 2021


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As a consolation to the MVP parade, Disney should hang these banners out on Main Street.



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I expect a full parade celebrating the win with all the team president during the preseason. Tampa is to big a market in Disney's backyard not to have a full celebration for.


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Probably this, which was done behind a gate -

View attachment 530499

This was from a short video clip posted to the Disneyparksblog instagram stories -

And I’m sure all it took was one insider or blogger knowing what was going on backstage and everyone else got curious what that one person was looking at. 😂


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"The gregarious tight end had his own adventure in a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He also braved “the wildest ride in the wilderness,” Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, at Magic Kingdom Park. And he even had a few moments to celebrate backstage near Cinderella Castle with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as seen in this video on @disneyparks TikTok!"


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