subliminal messages in disney movies

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Take a few deep breaths, disney_freak, and take this as not a put down, but simple facts:

1. You have not graduated from high school.
2. Probably (just guessing), in the state you live in you are a legal juvenile, completely under the control of your parents.
3. You cannot get a job that would pay you enough to be on your own unless you were a hooker, a drug dealer, in the business (same as hooker), or worked for your family's business.
4. You are not ready emotionally, mentally, or socially to have a baby (not a put down to you: NO 15 year old is ready).
5. You are not old enough to vote.
6. You are not old enough to buy alcohol or in most states, even possess it.
7. In most states, you are not old enough to drive on your own.
8. You are not old enough to purchase a firearm.

There are many more I could list, but my point is, wether you want to hear it (or read it), you are a child. Not a put down to you, just a fact of life. I would guess that some of the people on this forum have lived several lifetimes over, compared to your brief 15 years on this blue ball. I know I have. If you want to continue to make the comments and posts that you have been doing, then be prepared to face the consequences.

And if you think some of the posts regarding you and an 18 year old driving to WDW were mean, they're nothing to what a couple of thugs would do to you between your home and WDW.


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Originally posted by no2apprentice
Sorry, NowInc. I posted my last thread before I read yours. No more. My apologies.

Hehe..its worries..and im sure you wont be the LAST one to reply to this me ;)
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