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Stroller tales--for six and seven year old??


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We went in June with heat indexes of 105+ and my 5.5yr old did not need a stroller. She last used a stroller in the parks when she was 3.5yr old, and even then it was only part time. And her sisters (whom are older) didn't use a stroller either on their earlier trips.

Of course a kid is going to enjoy having a stroller - wouldn't you enjoy being pushed around the park all day instead of walking?

But spoiling your kid is your own personal choice. At this age they are more then capable of walking and enjoying the trip.


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I think that it really depends on the child. Every one is different.

My oldest went for her first time at the age of 5. She did not use a stroller and did just fine in the parks all day long.

However, we took strollers for our youngest three children. In December 2007, we took 3 strollers for our kids aged 7, 5, and 3. Our 7 year old is a tiny thing, we are always trying to get weight on her and we really didn't think she could handle walking around that much. She did walk partly, and rode when tired.

On our last trip in October 2008, we only took two strollers, but really used one for our youngest. She would walk sometimes and if the others were tired they would ride for a bit.

On our next trip, we are finally not taking any strollers. Yay! It will be so easy not to have to worry about parking and carrying them. But it will be a pain to not have anywhere to store a drink or a sweatshirt.

Bottom line, you know your child, no one else does. Don't let someone judge you when they don't know your unique situation. If you think your child would benefit from a stoller, bring one.


We went in February and did our first trip with no stroller for our 5 year old DS. He did wonderful and we went at his pace and stopped and took plenty of breaks. It worked out very nicely. However, he almost always fell asleep on the bus and then I had to carry him back to the room and that killed my back and I longer for a stroller. We also went in Feb so it wasn't hot and muggy and the lines weren't too long. If we went in summer and the hours were longer and the lines were longer and it was hotter, I wouldn't hesitate to get a stroller.

But regardless of what you do, it's your vacation and it's your child. You worked hard to earn your vacation and you work hard to raise your child every day, so don't let either of those things be ruined by what someone may or may not think or say. Do what's best for you, your child and your vacation.


I hate to admit it, but I allowed my 8 year old to ride in the stroller one day last year. His 4 year old brother was in a double and he begged him to share after a couple of days of walking. One of the actors/fake cops in Hollywood Studios stopped us and actually measured him in the street. He got out his booklet like he was going to give him a ticket, and my child nearly freaked. If the two boys ever argue in line or start to push, my husband always tells them that we will get thrown out of the park if they can't behave. That usually scares them into behaving, but it actually backfired on him during this episode. My child was so afraid that he was going to be kicked out of the park. We laugh about it now, but I don't think I could ever talk him into getting into another stroller again, even if he coudl fit.


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My DD was only just 4 when we went last year, we worried about whether she would need a stroller and agreed that if things were bad we would get one from Walmart, but because DS (7) walked everwhere so did she and not one moan did we hear from either. Because they didn't have the choice they accepted walking as the norm.It was great not having to park the stroller, find the stroller and walk at ramming speed down Main Street:lol:


You know your son best. And if it worked once for your family well, they go ahead and do it again. I don't think you're spoiling him by getting a stroller, but just making a more enjoyable family vacation by doing so. You can either rent from different stroller locations online, but since they are also quite expensive, I'd look into buying a stroller that would be sturdy enough for your child, but also has a shoulder strap to make lugging it easier. We found a few at Babies R Us that would work quite well, but in the end, decided we're going to bring our big travel system stroller. You could also check out ebay or craigs list to see if there is anything on there that would fit what you need and possibly save a few bucks! Have fun!


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Typically I like to stay in the park until closing time to see Wishes, Illuminations or Fantasmic. If that means I have to conserve my kids' energy so they'll last until then, I'll push them in strollers, carry them on my shoulders, shade them from the sun while standing in lines, or whatever it takes. Fortunately they're past that age now. But I was still carrying them on my shoulders quite a bit when they were 6 or 7.


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Just my two cents...but if it made your trip more enjoyable, get your kid a stroller for a week. Who cares what other people think, and who cares what their opinions are. When they have kids, they can do what they please.

Next, this thread went much better than i expected!:) I was ready to break the popcorn out


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Ya I agree with those saying just do it... on the other hand, we tend to tone down our days so that the pace doesn't warrant a stroller for our older ones. That too is a nice approach. It's amazing just how enjoyable the trip can be when you plan to do only half as much. Plus, it's reason to plan another trip to do the other half. As if any of us need help doing that. :D
We went to MK in March (09) with our then 6, 5, and 1 year olds. We brought the big kids' old double. The baby stayed in it most of the day and the big kids walked. I also had my sling which I put him in and the big kids rode if they where both tired. I can tell you I was so glad we had that stroller during the mass exodus at the end of the night!!! We had the baby in the sling and the big kids in the stroller, my mom and f-I-L took turns pushing them to the monorail while my husband and I entertained the little one, it was great to not have to worry about the kids getting trampled. We are going to AK and EPCOT in Nov. and are only bringing the single jogger. only because the kids walked through EPCOT in April of 2008 with no problem.

Sorry to ramble, basically it depends on your kid, the park and time of year!! Hope this helps!!!


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Anyone else use the stroller as an anti-kid fatigue weapon?
Strollers, not so much. But I was still carrying my kids around on my shoulders a lot when they were 6 and 7, for the same reason you mention. We could get more done and stay in the parks later.

Taking them to WDW so often might be spoiling them. But conserving their energy so we could get more from our $4000 vacation investment wasn't spoiling them. It didn't make them fat or whiny or lazy.

Now that they're 10 and 11, they walk around all day like we do at WDW without much complaining.

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