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  • Yes, I've been super busy. DH has had to take on an additional job at our church in the past few months so we haven't had much free time--including scrapbook time for me! But they just hired someone to take over one of those roles, so we'll get out lives back in June! :sohappy: I'll be around more after that!
    Hey, thanks! I was just thinking that I haven't seen you around much lately! :wave:

    Been busy? I can't wait for summer! Although it's already filling up, I love the warm weather and at least the idea of being lazy! :D
    My husband is the same way. I don't know why really. He's a very confident guy... :shrug: Most of my ifriends on here are girls anyways. I talked to him about doing a meet-up on our last trip to WDW. He was okay with it, since it would have been a female... but still thought it was weird. I don't think it would have been the same if it was a guy though.
    Glad to know I'm not alone!
    That is too funny Jenn!
    So...what do ya say...wanna go grab a bite to eat...? ;)
    Look at us having a conversation. Man, how many places do we need where we can talk to each other? :)
    Okay so I have to go to the converstation or your page to reply back to you. Otherwise it just posts on my page.
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