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Streets of America Development Watch (no longer DEMO)


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So will the giant gap between the remaining facade and the former Writers Stop be covered up and themed at all? One would hope right? @marni1971 @Magic Feather


I've been meaning to ask this question too.

Jim Buck

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The 3 black pipes were there before demolition started but they have been extended up. They are water shut offs. The other 6 pipes are drains on a grid pattern but your guess is as good as mine as to what they're doing.

Perhaps a new bathroom? Some new galactic toilets perhaps?

Next Big Thing

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Perhaps a new bathroom? Some new galactic toilets perhaps?
Not a bad guess.

Technically there's bathrooms not far away with the Gonzo ones, but those will be bhind a wall in Muppet Courtyard. This street will see the most traffic of any area in the park so bathroom right before entering SWL is not a bad idea.


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I did just find this pic, so they're clearly doing something in the area.

View attachment 199595
makes my heart feel heavy, all the times ive used that passage way behind the facade to go to the sci fi break room, or just cut across to get to pixar place and of course working on streets of america during the osbourne lights, I will always cherish all of those memories.

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