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Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath


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Wasn't there at one point a rumor involving Dreamfinder and Figment taking over this location? (During the Tomorrowland/Discoveryland debate) Does that sound familiar to anyone? Anyway... As for the Stitch IP specifically why wouldn't they just retool the show?

Jim Hill mentioned that there was mention of Dreamfinder & Figment would return as walk around characters in Tomorrowland. I don't think there was any mention of an attraction.

Cesar R M

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You could almost say that the concept of replacing this attraction is... "Alien" to them!!!!


I'll show myself out now...


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The best thing about this being back open is I finally get to force my parents to do it. I said "You've got to experience one of the most hated Disney attractions of all time", Them-"But we did, it was that terrible Imagination re-do", Me-"No. This is still open. It's so great it's coming back for Christmas!". They're gonna disown me.

The only time I (got stuck) did this, was back in 2007. The "countdown" was starting and by the time my friends and I got in there, me and one friend didn't have a seat. So we're standing around at the "10 second" mark and a CM goes "Why haven't you sat down yet?" to which we responded "There's no seats left". He took us out to the exit and had us wait for the next show. I said "I don't really need to do this, I'll just exit", his response was along the lines of "Oh but you need to see Stitch! It's sssooooo much fun!" with a VERY obvious wink in there. My friend had no idea about this show. Afterwards, he said it was a waste of time and the gift shop was more fun. My friends put me in charge of leading them around WDW and ranked rides on a scale of "worse/better then Stitch". We obviously weren't the target audience for this show.

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