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Steve Davison hints at 2 new projects


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I know what I'd like this mystery WDW project to be, but it's difficult for me to guess what it most likely is...very interesting, indeed...


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I see two scenarios

1. Not WDW


2. WDW, but only a redesign of existing shows to make them cheaper to continue. That Wall Street profit figure has to come from somewhere.


World of Color East or overhauled Fantasmic would certainly get people excited. I imagine it's only a matter of time before some version of WOC shows up in Florida.


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Could this have anything to do with a new daytime parade we heard about? Festival of Fantasy or whatever?

I won't get any hopes up for a Fantasmic redo, or a World of Color for WDW


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Well, Disneyland's now running on full cylinders with Davison-created nighttime entertainment, DLP has its new Dreams show, Tokyo has its new Fantasmic, and anything for Hong Kong right now seems... unlikely.

So my bets are on:

1. A new made-from-scratch daytime parade for MK, as was rumored previously.

2. And a replacement/refurbishment of Fantasmic at DHS... or maybe a similar new show for AK.

I don't know that Davison has ever done anything half-a**ed with Disney. Disney has plenty of other, less expensive minions they can turn to when they just want to rearrange MK or DHS parade floats and slap a new name on it. I'm betting this is big.


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Sounds like two entirely new projects to me. Or not.

Could they finally be doing something with Illuminations as was rumored several years ago.

They were also working on a parade for DAK that never happened but could have gotten revived somewhere else.

WoC has proven to have legs at DCA and Disney may be wanting to compete with the new water show at Universal.

Rumors have the riverboat at the MK being removed or permanently docked. Could the MK be getting a version of Fantasmic like Disneyland?

Maybe the Electric Water Parade (name escapes me) is getting overhauled.

Perhaps DHS is getting another parade from DL. :shrug:

Repurposing the Stitch stage?

Bringing back Mickey's Night Before Christmas :xmas:

I can go on forever here.... :hammer:


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It was said that Disney had filed something to restore the twinkling lights at the Main Street hub the other day. I heard something about them being color changing as well. Perhaps a new or improved castle related show (maybe even that Disney Dreams show that was supposedly scrapped).


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If it is for WDW, I am sure its not a coincidence that these are being approved right before the Fantasyland expansion. So my guesses would be a new castle show and a new daytime parade for 2014 (which I heard had already been internally approved...but okay..).

If my guesses are right, I will be thrilled with the additions, but won't help but be sad that Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom will yet again being neglected....


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Based on Lee's "not exactly" to the "re-purpose of a show to make it cheaper"...

My first guess is one of the successful pitches was to re-do Fantasmic at DHS into DCA's World of Color. The water and water screens are already there, so you'd be looking at removing the stage, increasing the size of the pool, adding the water jets (and of course eleventy-billion other things).

My other wild stab-in-the-dark guess? An approved Animal Kingdom nighttime show. Keeping guests longer inside DAK (even though the animals go away at sunset) makes sense business-wise.

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