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News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Giss Neric

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5. Hit the remaining Join/Confirm buttons on the next two pages as fast as possible without hesitating or even reading. I think this was the key tip that helped me. Just click, click, click. The cast member said not to worry about selecting group members or making sure they are correct. If someone was missed, they will be able to help you add them afterward.
I can attest to this. This was a BIG factor on how I was able to successfully book an early group multiple times (group 30 and below). Just don't mind selecting group members. I just select myself and then just approach the guest services team to add everyone in your group after.


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Not terrible 🤩😂🤩


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SUCCESS, was called at 11:15am.

Probe droid laser still working

1st canon fully functional
2nd canon not working at all
3rd canon, lights/sound only, no movement

Knock on wood, but last handful of times seems like operations has this down pat as we move briskly from preshow to preshow to ride, with little to no delays.

Makes it a much more immersive experience (which is the original intent of the attraction).

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