News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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I sort of see this BG thing as basically just the modern way of doing “soft” openings. Now they’re soft openings that everyone knows about.


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And this is why they use it as an incentive to book rooms. This is not debatable
And your boring argument fails to acknowledge that disney doesnt have to give resort guests everything for the on property incentive to still be intact. Do onsite resort guests get to break the normal FP limit? Do they get to book multiple parks? Do they not have to wait in lines?

Most of the time... resort guests are on similar ground. They get perks... they arent gods. Here they arent getting a perk you think they should get... that disagreement doesnt make the on property advantage any less than it was before. come to terms with that fact.


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We’re all arguing about things we have zero control over, at a place that’s supposed to be fun and happy no less :/


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With FP's I'm at home, in my pj's, and sometimes in bed, while booking. I can go back to sleep knowing that there's a certain guarantee in riding our chosen rides on a pre selected day and time.

What I don't like about the BG system currently used for RotR, is that you and your party, have to be inside the park at insane hours (for me, at least), while on vacation. Even then, something could go wrong with the app or whatnot.

What if I get a BG for a time when I already had FP's, an ADR or other plans?

We have plans to visit next May and see if we can ride RotR, since we couldn't, this December due to Disney not posting accurate opening park hours on their official website. Who knows what Disney is going to come up with, at that time? Sigh. 🤷‍♀️


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Just a random question that I’m sure has been asked and answered. When the clock hits 7:00 when I’m there, should I already be in the app or should I close the app and wait til 7:00 to open it?
Based on the experience of several repeat riders on Touring Plans, you should already be logged on the latest version of the app (update it if you’re not sure) and have it open ready before the opening time.

From the MDE home page, click on “Find out More” under RotR. Sit on this page ready.

There are two buttons at the bottom of the page. “My Status” and “Join Boarding Group”.

Crucially, click on “My Status” which refreshes faster, and then follow the steps to add your group to a BG.


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The BG system is not better for resort guests. As a resort guest, you could book a FP 60 days out and not have to get up at 5am and be guaranteed a ride. It's better for non resort guests. Worse for resort guests.
The problem with using FP+ for RotR is one of ride capacity.

Flights of Passage (FOP) has been open for years and yet still is a difficult FP+ to get, even for onsite Guests.

For example, I was unable to get any FOP FP+ for the first 3 days of my most recent onsite stay. Despite checking for FP+ at 60 days, the best I found was a 5:30 pm FOP FP+ for the 4th day.

IMO, it's much better for onsite Guests, particularly those with shorter stays, to plan on one early morning to get a RotR BG.

Presumably, Disney will continue to maintain tiered attractions at DHS for the foreseeable future. Onsite Guests will be able to use their single Tier 1 selection for Slinky Dog Dash or (eventually) Smugglers Run.

If RofR remained a "Boarding Groups only" attraction, then onsite Guests would be able to experience two Tier 1 attractions at DHS without long waits in Standby lines.
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Oh I don’t think they should stop the BGs, never said that. I just don’t understand where people get these ludicrous wait times I keep seeing on here. Not saying it’s impossible, I just don’t understand what those numbers are based on.
When I used to work at Epcot, there was definitely times when the wait time for Soarin would be posted at five hours on the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. This was beforetthey added the 3rd theater and before Frozen Ever After opened, and before Fastpass+. I am not sure if it ever actually had a wait that long. But I know that all the fastpasses would be gone as soon as it was physically possible to distribute them, and that the standby line would extend out to the backstage alleyway between The Land and Imagination.

Likewise, wasn't the demand for Frozen Ever After so high when it opened (and it's reliability so low) that it's standby line was routinely closed because it was so long? Or am I misremembering this?

Opening summer for Gringotts routinely had waits over four hours, with opening day lines of seven hours. And that didn't have Fastpass to inflate standby wait times.

I have no particular dog in whatever this particular disagreement is about. But waits of greater than 240 minutes definitely can occur.


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Only thing is, will anyone pick MMRR over ROTR? I certainly wouldn't
Yes, we would! We will be in Disney in a few weeks and I’ve been following this thread for my husband. He will be going into GE while me and my two girls (9 & 4) do the Frozen sing a long and Little Mermaid show. He will definitely be doing single rider for Smugglers Run and if we can get him a boarding pass for Rise then obviously he’ll do that as well. My girls and I will not be riding either. My girls know nothing about Star Wars and honestly, they’d be scared by the rides and characters. If the Mickey ride was open, we would 100% FP that over the Star Wars rides :)


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People keep talking about 5, 6, 7 hour lines. When has this ever happened? The longest I've ever seen is 3 hours, and that is on the peak busy days.
The Frozen M&G in Magic Kingdom had 5+ hour waits when it first opened. I snagged Fastpasses for a few days after opening, and if looks could kill, we'd have been murdered by hundreds of Standby guests as we walked into the FP+ line.


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Under the Entitled Resort Guest doctrine that some are promoting,
Foreign Resort Guests should get ROTR priority over regular Resort Guest and everyone else since they "spend the most money" and the cost of missing ROTR and having to come back to Orlando again is the greatest.
Works for me! 😉😉😉😉😉

Although I do actually think that once the ride reliability is established that some advantage will be offered to resort guests on some days, whether that’s running the ride through evening EMH or some other option.

Until they inevitably do add FP+ for the ride.

Personally, I think they may look at changing things by the end of February. I don’t see them using a virtual queue for two rides at once in the same park. But who knows? 🤷‍♀️


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The BG system is not better for resort guests. As a resort guest, you could book a FP 60 days out and not have to get up at 5am and be guaranteed a ride. It's better for non resort guests. Worse for resort guests.
You obviously have little experience using the 60 day FP+ window. At 7am 60 days before your trip you have to get online and book. Otherwise all the FP+ reservations are taken for new rides. In fact, if you have a short 2-3 night stay you still may not get a FP+ reservation for the most popular rides. That just means you booked at an onsite hotel and got an extra 60 days to book FP+ on ToT, Star Tours, and other rides that are available day-of. Seems to me that BG's are more advantageous and give on-site guests a better shot at riding new rides.
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