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Jul 23, 2005
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    1. wdisney9000
      Good to see a fellow ATL-ien here. we are in cobb county. All my family is from Boston except my younger brother and I. I love your mathematical break downs. Please do more!!! I use them to debate with my family. Mostly my sister who is a bit of a pxie dust junkie. Keep up the good work.
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    2. Genie of the Lamp
      Genie of the Lamp
      Did you take the kids to UNI? And how was the progress on Transformers and WWOHP 2.0? Gosh, I wish I were in your shoes. The next O-TOWN trip I make I am definietly going to UNI and checking all the new and cool stuff. The only time I went to the UNI parks USF and IOA was back in 2006.
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      2. ParentsOf4
        The exterior of Transformers (except the entrance) is complete. The store is open and my DW got really excited to see a couple of CMs in Transformers costumes, posing for photos. Very cool, they were on stilts with arm extenders and really did look like Transformers. We are looking forward to riding it on our next visit in July.

        Universal is WAY better than it was in 2006.
        Mar 21, 2013
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    3. alphac2005
      I just had to write a message to you as I've been thoroughly enjoying your posts and what made me really laugh is seeing that you're in ATL originally from Hartford. So, am I! Ha! My track went Hartford-JAX-ATL-ORL-ATL.
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