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News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

corran horn

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Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Even interior rooms can usually accommodate 4 adults with bunk beds, although perhaps not in ideal comfort. (My 6-4 husband has slept on a cruise bunk bed.)

I think what is going to disappoint some people about the starcruiser is the boutique nature of it. It's going to be a small hotel/cruise experience. It's going to be (wildly) expensive. Disney is not designing this for a mass market or the average American family. They know that not everyone will enjoy this experience AND they know that they are pricing out a large segment of the American market. I'm sure the business case process for this was intense, and I'm not sure they've done anything quite like this before.
But what if I want to smoke? (ducks)

I jokingly thought there'd be a brig and indeed there's a brig.


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You do it by the pool.

No really, I see a courtyard, there may be an accommodation in there
It looks like the courtyard is an indoor space still. I see walls, but the roof looks different. I wonder if it really will be an outdoor courtyard or if there's some special effects type roof that's still coming.

The pictures in the last 2 tweets show that area well.

Maybe some type of star viewing area with a projection type ceiling?


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Maybe some type of star viewing area with a projection type ceiling?
On the right track. If it needs to be story immersive from "bus to room door". thus, expect a lot of projection in the entire place. Space battles come to mind as well as (rushed boarding as they say ;) ). Obviously, they have been working on projection tech for quite some time. Mind that it hides the natural landscape is a plus. So a atrium/cover makes complete sense.


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...But where is the POOL and the RAMP?

You can't be Disney without pool




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#Lightsaber announced yesterday by @joshdamaro @DisneyParks is probably the one #Disney filed a patent for back in 2017. Most likely for the Dojo experience at the #GalacticStarcruiser at #GalaxysEdge #Batuu East. Might be for stunt performers as well.

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6 hashtags, but no link to the patent? Figures

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