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Someone had recently asked me about the current scenes in SSE...the computer room and the garage scene...and what was there before.

Since this is not another SSE bashing thread...I thought this would be an informative post to anyone who would like to know where things used to be in this area of the ride.

So let's journey back....25 years......I'll descibe the scenes that used to be there...and then it will be your turn to decipher them. :lol:

The current living room of 1969....which makes me think alot of the carousel of progress' original living room of course much bigger than it was.

While the wall that has the radio tower giving off a signal is still there....notice now that the couch and AA's are not as close to the wall...there is a sizeable gap....which now has mousetrap behind the couch.

The area where all the TV's used and the hardwear that had them is now knocked out...and there is a nook in the wall where all of this would have been.

Now our vehicles are curving along the track and we see the windows, patio, and the city where the family's apartment is....this area.....along the curve was where from 1982-1994 a boy's bedroom and he was working on a PC....hell yeah floppy disks!!! From 1994-2007 this area was where the boy's bedroom set was.

As our vehicles curve a little bit more we are just about to reach "give or take a few feet" on our left hand side...the wall for the computer room. This area....the cityscape....was where a woman was working in an office building (1982-1994). From 1994-2007 this is where the boy and videophone would have been.

Now on the other side....our right a space that hadn't been used since 1994. The scene where the african american woman is in the computer room was originally a woman working in a network control center from 1982-1994....however...where you could look and see the family watching all the TVs in their living could also see the woman on your right...however this has been obscured by a wall as of 2007.

From 1994-2007 this area was covered up.

Now that we are in the computer room...where the man is on our left...this was (1994-2007) where the fiber optic signal was..and the beginning of the asian girls area. From 1982-1994 this was where a man and woman were working in a network operations center.

As our vehicles head up further...we would have encountered the girl on the videophone and her house...where we enter the garage scene is just about where the globe would have been.

Where the car is parked in the garage is just about the ending area of the network operations center that lasted from 1982-1994. When we enter the garage is the area from 1982-1994 that has some lights and what-not on a wall and then we entered the neon tunnel...which is now the matrix tunnel. a nut-shell.....the 1969 living room occupies some its original space...while now taking up the boys bedroom area from 1982-1994. The void that is the cityscape and wall of the computer room is just about where the woman working in an office was from 1982-1994. The computer room side that has the man on it...was the network operations center from 1982-1994. The other side had a woman in a control or communications center.

The driveway was the end area of the network operations center...and the garage itself was a series of green or white lit walls then took us into the neon tunnel, which is now the matrix tunnel.

Complex yes, but for anyone who can imagine this in their head I hope it helped. :lol: :wave:


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What used to be where the touch-screens now are?

*Runs away*

Indeed... it has been so long now that I cannot remember whatever was there before... so I must assume that the touch-screens were an improvement. I mean, Disney always plus their attractions when they refurb them, don't they?

I can only assume the same for Stitch, MLF, Test Track, Mission:SPACE, and JIYI with Figment. :lookaroun


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Has anyone noticed that the older gentleman working in the computer room now has thick dark hair? Before he looked like the grandfather in COP, but no his age has been drastically reduced.


Thick dark hair?




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Let me try to turn this thread back for Expo (I was bound to chip in eventually!)

This is an educated guess at what is where, to illustrate Expos description. Note I won`t be riding SSE until summer, so forgive any inaccuracies since all comparisons are based on track layout from current video and previous versions `official` documentation. If anyone wants to offer wide angle flash pics of the new garage computer scene I won`t tell you off :D


A was and still is the radio booth
B is the cinema; the 3 green lines were the original separate screens, the orange one the new single screen
C Was the 1982-2007 TV lounge
D Is the new TV lounge (the letter D is the 1994 bedroom)
E Was the 1994 boy
F Was the 1994 girl
G Is the new mainframe room, on both sides of the track
H Was the 1994 globe
I is the new garage computer


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Here is the same diagram, but with the 1982-1994 layout

J was the home computer (boys bedroom)
K was office
L was the High Tech Communications Center
M was (AT&T) Network Control
N was the transition portal

Sorry they are a bit messy; I`ll get round to doing some proper versions soon.


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Um, no thick dark hair here:


This is from Friday, January 25th. It's not a great shot but it wasn't supposed to be one of just the guy's hair. (I cropped the picture my friend took just to get a closer view.)

This was the first time I've ridden it since renovation so I don't know anything about changes, but I thought I'd throw this out there since it's so recent.

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