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SPOILERS: Falcons & the Winter Soldier Discussion / Reactions to Most Recent Episodes


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It was good! Lots of interesting insights - I didn't realize much of the Prague scenes were initially set to be in Puerto Rico, the production designers did a really good job resettling the stories. I'd hoped they would talk about how COVID changed the storyline, but I also understand why they didn't.


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Just some more random cuteness from the cast that I thought I'd share:

The EW digital cover (scroll towards the bottom of the article):

And #ReleaseTheBuckySarahCut:


Wendy Pleakley

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This was a solid show. Marvel is very good at knowing which stories are suited to the big screen and which to the small screen.

Sam's story in Endgame was brief, because he's a supporting character. For a TV show, they took a quick story point of his hesitancy to take up the shield, and went into depth what that would mean for a black man.

Like the Mandalorian, the action scenes are smaller scale than what we'd see in a movie, but still feel epic and big budget for a TV show.

I liked the John Walker character because instead of just making him a Captain America impersonator for the audience to hate, he had some complexity. He was a guy trying to do the right thing, and didn't really turn all bad until later on.

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