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Spaceship in Spaceship Earth


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So I had a couple thoughts. I know WDI used to constantly reuse the AA face molds to save money (hence why a bunch of presidents are doing double duty in SSE). Throughout this thread there are several other AAs that were pointed out to look just like the woman in the space station. Does anyone else think there's a strong possibility that these AA figures all shared the same mold? I wouldn't be surprised if that girl from the old skype call /auto translation scene was even the same mold just used on a static figure. Does Disney even keep documentation on that sort of stuff?

Second, I'm trying to figure out why the AA was left inside the closed up space station piece. Surely Disney could have recycled the AA elsewhere (generic Asianish woman is about as recylceable as you could ask for) or at least scrapped it for parts. Do you suppose there's no way to get her out except going through the open top of the set piece? I imagine it would have been fairly easy to lower her in there during construction but now there's no real way to get the necessary equipment in there to hoist her back up.
I've been reading this thread for the last few days and honestly it's quite amazing. Hopefully they give 180 top, the space station and the girl in the window some proper TLC during the next big Epcot change. It's pretty errie that she's still sitting up there minus her coverings and not being used for anything else.
Lets just add this thread started TWELVE years ago.
WOW, what a thread!! It took me a couple of weeks to get through the whole thing and I feel like I just completed an epic journey. My first visit to Epcot was in 1989 (The Making of Me was my favorite attraction...I was 3 :hilarious:) so I have memories of late 80s and early 90s Epcot Center, but they're all pretty fuzzy. This thread really helped me to untangle those memories and gave me so many fun flashback moments (particular shoutout to @marni1971 and his incomparable videos!!). Just...the best :happy:

Thank you to all who contributed. Best thread on wdwmagic, hands down. I only wish I had been a part of this since 2006.


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I had the most realistic dream last night that one of you found and posted amazing quality pictures of window girl full body up close showing her both back in the day and now without her coverings. It was pretty creepy yet very intriguing. Of course that's yet to happen but I can dream about it lol


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Heck I'd bump it every week if y'all wanted me too lol. This is the best and most interesting thread on this forum guaranteed. I wonder if someone could convince a cast member to sneak up in the space station and snap some pics of her for us lol
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