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Recent photo of SSE with the work lights on during a ride through…..



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Recent photo of SSE with the work lights on during a ride through…..

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That block in the lower right sure is angry.

I wish they took pictures or a video of the decent, I wonder how much from the
Jeremy Irons ending is still there. I'm not sure how legitimate the claims are but I read that the reason the static figures were out in the open last we saw them because they were getting ready to remove them for the overhaul that was originally planned.


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Is that stairwell in the picture how you access the top of the structure (ie how Mickey got out onto the top to wave in that famous PR shot.)
There’s a scissor lift up there from what I’ve heard. All those oddly shaped plywood cutouts you see are remnants of the forced perspective moon surface that was scraped early on, not sure why they built it up so high on the right though.

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IIRC the change also had to do with it making more sense for him to be yelling out into the street rather than to us the audience who are supposed to be invisible.

The original intent regarding the paperboy -
He was originally placed near and facing the vehicles because it was supposed to feel as though he was trying to sell YOU, the riders, a paper.
This then transitioned into the next scene.

I was told back when he was moved to his current position that it was done primarily for safety of the figure.
Apparently there were increasing incidents of Guests reaching out and trying to grab at him.
It was becoming a real problem, so it was decided to move him much further away.

Personally, I wish they kept him facing the vehicles.
If they needed to move him that is fine for the preservation of the figure, but having him face what very much appears to be a wall is just….well, unfortunate.
He should still be facing the vehicles, hawking his papers.



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I am not sure if this video has been posted here but it is really cool

I've seen this video before and always wondered where this was filmed particularly around the 4 minute mark. The beginning of the video seems to be CGI of the ride, then the rest seems to be what it looked like installed in the ride, until the camera pans down and it doesn't look like the track so I'm quite confused.


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Am I correct in thinking that to ascend to the top of SSE (like Mickey in the famous commercial), one would have to take the scissor lift that sits over the elevator shaft through the black level, then shimmy up a catwalk/ladder between that and Alucobond outer shell to the top? I ask because the lift is a little ways front of center, and the hatch (or at least the one closest to the center) is just shy of the apex of the structure. For inside/outside comparison, see the screenshot from one of recent "lights on" and the construction photo with workers sitting on top. I've marked the corresponding vent in blue and the centerline from the top forward in green. The photo with the workers shows an access hatch circled in red, but that's not visible from within the structure. I'm thinking that the the hatch is only through the Alucobond, and that there must be some sort of support structure between that and the scissor lift to allow access, but that's only speculation. I've seen video of the catwalk between the outer and inner shells further down, but nothing from this high up.


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