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Space Mountain Refurb Brainstorming


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Really? When I went on it in December 2017 they were still there and I remembered playing them.
They were taken out just after the Disney Play app launched. The same thing happened at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


They were taken out just after the Disney Play app launched. The same thing happened at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
Oh thank GOD! Those queue games could also cause problems. If a kid wanted to play them it would clog the line and drive the wait time up the you-know-what.


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I hate the queue games. What happened to the good old days of no queue games and no fast passes and an hour plus long wait and the anticipation while having to actually connect with those in your party.

Surely I'm alone on this one
I blame the "Me, Me, Me" society and the now near-constant need for stimulation 24/7.

Nobody knows how to just enjoy the QUIET anymore. They need to have a screen in front of their face or blaring earbuds shoved in their canals.

Here's an interesting write-up from Forbes, "Are You a Stimulation Addict?" It's got one rather passage I found more than a little chilling:
Published in the July 2014 edition of Science, the premise of the research was to have students stow away all of their belongings, including their smartphones, and spend between 6 and 15 minutes alone in a room with nothing to do but think. Afterwards, the researchers asked them how much they enjoyed the experience. Almost half of the participants reported not to enjoy it, with most people claiming that they found it difficult to concentrate.



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I think it was $300M for the original TT.
Exactly. Just for the original one. But in all fairness, much of the huge pricetag was due to unexpected problems and cost overruns. It wasn't planned to be that much, and is why its so eyepoppingly overpriced. In comparison, Expidition Everest was $100M, and a major new coaster at a regional amusement park will usually run the park $20-30M at most. The most expensive non-themed coaster was Steel Dragon 2000 at $50M, and that was just because of Morgan needing to have extra reinforced supports due to the Earthquakes in Japan. If it had been in a normal part of the world without earthquakes it would have been $25M.

But I think that in now Disney spends about $100-150M for a major new attraction.

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Just rode Space Mountain yesterday. So much fun and really wasn’t that bad. It could benefit from a little work but there’s other attractions at WDW that desperately need TLC. Like dinosaur and BTMRR (which was shaky and a little loud)


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They should turn on low friction (RCT3 Reference).
No, if anything Space Mountain needs friction. They should turn on the "Extra Magical Friction" for Space Mountain. The problem is that its hitting the turns way too fast. Its all relative. While the coaster doesn't go fast, its extremely compact and small. So when you hit some of these turns, even 20 MPH can be unexpected and uncomfortable.

I think that SM would be better with wide swooping turns that take up most of the building that go parallel to each other. Kind of like the elements that you see in EE. Trying to fit both tracks neatly onto their side with a wild mouse design just doesn't make sense... especially in the dark.


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Anyone else love the rickety nature of the current version? It makes it more exciting to me feeling like we’re about to derail at any moment.
My 11yo daughter and I enjoy the ride as it is. But I would describe it as buffeting not "rickety". Rickety is defined as "poorly made and likely to collapse". The ride is structurally safe and the buffeting may be intentional to simulate real space flight.
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