Space mountain fun facts


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That's debatable because it has the biggest fanbase of those coasters. Also Seven Dwarf's Mine Train? Hello?

Seven Dwarfs Mine train didn’t beat me like a half insane Amber Heard wielding a champagne bottle.

Space’s track has been due for an overhaul for the past 20 years, and it still hasn’t happened.

Entire thing needs to be ripped out and replaced.


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If your arms are long enough, when you are in the strobe tunnel before the lift hill, you can reach up, touch the tunnel and get a nice static shock (happened to me once, won't do it again).


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Not a fact, but I have a conspiracy theory that in the queue where all those silver balls are underneath the stairs as you walk in is just a bunch of leftover McDonald's "ball-pit" balls that were painted silver.


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Huge space mountain fan here. I was just wondering if you guys know any nice fun facts / details of this ride. Much much love for SM!
Space mountain had seatbelts originally. 5 people use to be able to ride at once. The last seat was built for 2 people. This is going back years. The ride use to have a red strip on the side of rocket.


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Years ago there was a drive-thru McDonald's booth going up the first hill where you could buy a snack.
Umm. I don't believe it was a McDonald's because in the early 2000's Mcdonald's only had a French fri stand located near splash mountain. Disney had a contract with McDonald's only for the French fries. There was a little restaurant area up the hill that sold snacks, hot dogs, etc.

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