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News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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@marni1971 Any insight as to why Marvel is part of the copyright for this Space Elevator concept art, is it IP related (Guardians) or just that Marvel Studios are doing the CGI???

View attachment 402762


View attachment 402763

New artwork just dropped...



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I for one am most excited about this restaurant more than most other changes in all of WDW. One of my favorite experiences ever was the Star Trek experience in Vegas. I absolutely loved the feeling of being beemed up to the enterprise in space and the sounds and vibration which really made it feel like we were no longer on solid ground. I am really hoping this experience feels the same and if so, it will instantly be my favorite in WDW. I assume the new Star Wars skyliner will also give that same feeling (I just may have to save up some more $$ for that experience)!


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I assume it will be the same experience as all the other Skyliner cabins, no need for the extra dough... ;)

JK I think you meant the Hotel? In which case I too cannot wait for it!
haha, I obviously mistyped. I meant the StarCruiser. They are not calling it a hotel. That is what I am most excited for but I know it will be a while before I am able to see it in person.

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