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News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World


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I found actual high res art and cropped out the new restaurant:


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Maybe it is an actual tower that has ridiculous internet power connectivity which will be connected to NASA's live cameras that are actually on the Space Station.🤔

(Again) I can dream.


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Story wise, I'd assume it's to represent a Space Elevator, leading up to the restaurant. Really cool science concept that can't actually be done reasonably yet.

They could kinda represent it with a vertical spotlight? Not certain.


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Not to mention what seems like a much lower ceiling. The space feels a lot less grand in this new concept art than it did in the original.
I wonder if this is because it is 2 levels.

I hope it’s taller ceilings than this though. It seems very confining, at least in this rendition.

It also could just be a perspective thing.
Look how short the guests are seated next to the windows. Maybe this is trying to imply depth to the room?

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